Do You Need Website Design Henderson?

Here are five simple and easy steps to finding a professional designer near you. If you’re finding yourself saying, “I need web design Henderson,” you are certainly not alone. As a matter of fact, over the course of the last few years, domain name registrations have increased, and it seems that more and more people are interested in updating the look and feel of their websites.

There are many reasons why you may need a website designer, “A Website Designer Checklist – What You Need To Know” but how do you go about finding the right person to fit your specific requirements? We’ve compiled the list of five simple and easy steps that you can take to find the absolute best professional website designer for your business and make sure that your site is attractive and it converts the right type of leads.

Also, you should be asking yourself, “Do I really need Henderson web design services? Should I create the website myself?” We think that answer is really subjective to the point that depends on what point of business you’re at. If you’re looking for proof of concept, if you’re looking for some situation like that, maybe a Wix or some drag and drop function might be good for you.

If you’re a business or any kind looking to scale and looking for the right kind of customers, We’d suggest you find a professional website designer to work with you. So you’re here for a reason, right? You need a website designer now, give us a call, reach out to Sage Digital Agency, and see how our team of web developers can help you build the perfect website for your company. If you want to learn more about us and how we go about our web design process, please continue on.

So here are three reasons why you must have a website designer. Just getting straight to the point, you’ve probably asked yourself in the past:

  • do I really need one?
  • Can’t I just do it myself.
  • Maybe I can just use some website builder to do it.

Professional Website Designer

A Professional Website Developer is Going to Build You A Custom Website

What does custom site mean? Oftentimes when you go to a web design company, they may just go and purchase a theme from a repository area like ThemeForest. They Look for a template that is suitable and makes sense for your particular needs. Change the photos, change the text, and provide you with a website. That is not web design in our perspective.

A custom website is one that has custom features, and is designed from scratch first, THEN built in WordPress or Shopify. One built by an experienced web design company that has the resources and the team members to create a one of a kind solution for you. This isn’t just taking a drag and drop theme and editing some pictures. We’re understanding, what is the correct design inspiration? What direction do you want to go? And we design first and develop second.

So when you hire a Henderson website designer, make sure you understand what it is that they do, and that it’s an apples to apples comparison. When you’re looking for a professional web designer in Henderson, work with them to understand the very specifics of what it is that you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve, whether it be the calls to action, how customers interact with you on the site and other things that are just needed as part of the WordPress or other platform environment.

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When you hire the right web designer, you can make all the requests that you need, and they’ll have the resources and skillset in order to build a website that you specifically need. From there the right way is to build out wireframes and mockups of the home page. Make sure that you’re on board with the design. Make any changes that are necessary. And then continue with all of the internal site pages, so that everything is on brand and cohesive, and you envision a wonderful final product before it’s ever built.


Web Designers Take All of the Weight Off of Your Shoulders

Let’s face it, you’re running a business. We always like to say, “Focus on your business and let us focus on your website.” Likely you don’t have the experience necessary in order to build a real website, nor the time. Considering the fact that things change very rapidly in the web development industry, we strongly suggest make the investment, hire the right team, and get it done right the first time.

Your time is the most valuable asset that you have and appropriating resources to get the right site done, in our opinion is wise. These websites take a long time to build right. It requires research, planning, execution of that plan, quality assurance, testing. There are many features and many segments involved.


A Professional Web Development Team Has the Right Resources in Place

So given the fact now that you do have to hire a Henderson website designer, make sure you choose one that has access to all of the latest technology and that they’re building websites in the correct manner. It’s not just about having the tools, having the skillset of how to use those tools and the latest web design technology.

So when you’re looking to hire a web designer, follow these steps. You’ve already made the decision to hire a company, you’ve got choose the right company in order to proceed, and you’re not really sure how to?

Follow these steps to find the right professional website designer.

Understand your wants and your needs.

First off, start out by determining what those wants and needs are. This will help you understand what the goals are and where you’re trying to get to. Understand what your budget is for this project. It’s certainly easy for things to get out of hand when you don’t have the right budget in place upfront. Look for examples of other well done websites that you can appreciate and you like their designs. That can be a wonderful first step in showing your web development team what you like and what you’re looking for.

Do market research.

When you’re about to hire a professional web designer, make sure you’re doing your research upfront and determining what a good cost is in the market. Don’t get a quote from just one place. Don’t think it’s a waste of time. It’s a good idea to get quotes from several sources and understand if you are comparing apples to apples. Take note of what various website design companies are charging and let it be a part of your overall thinking about this project.

Set your budget.

So once you’ve done market research, you’ve established reasonable cost associated with the website project, set that budget and move forward. Understand, can you get all of the things you’re looking for as part of this particular budget, or is this more of a phase one project that will be increased as time goes on? Is that enough to have the effective site that you need, regardless it’s ineffective and very important step in the entire process.

Make sure you either meet the Henderson website design company in person or at least on the phone.

Trying to conduct business via messaging system can only get you so far. Set up a Zoom Chat, meet in person, go to their office, and make sure you or comfortable with the team that you are potentially hiring in order to create your website. You get to know their personality. You get to understand who they are, where they work, and make sure that you can be the right fit together.

So, here’s a few points that a quality web design company is going to ask you when you get started.

  • They’re going to want to see your existing website.
  • They want to understand what goals do you have with your website?
  • What are your business goals overall?
  • What is the budget that you’ve allocated to this particular project?
  • Who are your competitors?

And that should just be the baseline. As you begin to the discovery process with any web design agency, they should be asking you a lot of questions and understanding the direction that they need to be taking your projects. Work with people that take an interest in you and your brand and the business. So here’s some questions that you should be asking your web design company.

  • Ask them about industries they’ve worked with?
  • Ask them if they work with direct competitors of yours?
  • How about times that it takes them for website turnarounds, right?
  • Make sure you understand what their timelines are.
  • Ask specifically, are you going to receive wireframes and mockups of your site, or are they going to build it directly? That’s a very important difference.
  • And ask how they prefer to communicate.
  • Do they use a project management tool? Is it email exclusively? Is it phone calls?

Make sure you ask all of these questions upfront.

Make the right decision in your website company and sign an agreement. After you’ve gone through the process of establishing a budget, doing market research, speaking to some competition, make a decision and move forward. Remember the person that you choose is going to have a significant impact on the way that your customers find you online. It’s a very important decision.

A Web Designer Working to Find the Right Solution


So, Do You Need Henderson Web Design Services?

Look, if you’re searching on Google for a website design company that can actually complete a project for you, you’ve certainly found it in Sage Digital Agency. We have over a decade have experience in creating websites and digital marketing strategies that deliver for our clients. We have deep experience in a variety of industries, and we’re always willing to have a discovery call to see if we’re the right fit.

If you have an existing website that you think is adequate and just needs upkeep, maybe you want to redesign your existing website, but keep the current content and some of the layout and structure, we can help you at any point that you’re at with your business. Maybe it’s a matter of simply updating the aesthetics, talk to us and let us create a custom plan specific for you.

We’ve designed hundreds of websites for happy customers, and we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact us via our website sage.agency or give us a call 702.268.9000 to speak with one of our web developers. We’ll help you make the decision whether Sage Digital Agency is the best las vegas website designer for you. And we’ll talk about all of the needs and wants that you have.


It’s Tough Finding Web Design in Henderson!

One of the hardest things about finding a web design company or an agency to work with is that there’s a lot riding on the actual website itself. There are so many design companies out there. There are bargain marketplaces with web designers that are starting off at $99. You can alternatively design a site yourself with one of those drag-and-drop builders. In many ways, web design is now commoditized as other options have opened.


What to look for in a Henderson Website Design Company

The website is still their backbone. It’s their first impression to many of their prospective customers and clients. And it’s really important when choosing a web design company, you know what to look for. You can spend a lot of time, effort, and money, and end up with either something really good, something middle of the road, or worst-case, something absolutely awful.

When looking, find a firm that listens to their clients. Firms should come into a situation and try to understand what the real purpose is for the website. What are we trying to achieve? We’re not just throwing something together. It’s a much more holistic view.

We’re not just creating some images on a page with some content. At the end of the day, this is the foundation of your entire company. This is what the potential customer is looking at. This is a starting point for a business.


Responsive Design

So often, designers and developers are building a website on a desktop without taking to consideration the mobile experience. Many times, the look and the feel of the mobile site is often a by-product because they’re designing it on a computer, but it’s actually for a phone.

More often than not, anywhere from 70% to 80% of your overall site traffic is going to come from mobile devices. Now, if you’re in a business-to-business industry, there’s a possibility that you’ll get more desktop traffic, but it’s the exception rather than the rule.

And many designers and developers don’t make a website responsive for all screens — an iPhone, a Samsung, an iPad, etc. It’s crucial that the website can scale with whatever device that your customer’s on.

We personally take the stance of “mobile first and desktop second.” That’s where we are in today’s environment, and we should always confirm that mobile will be at the forefront of the mind of the designer.

And if anything is going to drive that point home, it’s the fact that Google has what’s called “mobile indexing” first. That means Google looks at your mobile site before they look at your desktop site.


Review Their Portfolio of Websites

When looking for a designer, you’re certainly going to want to make sure you can look at their portfolio and see how their websites look and function on mobile. Because if their clients’ sites aren’t good, you can guess that your site’s not going to be any good either.

If you can’t go and look at it 10 to 20 recent projects of whoever you’re going to hire, we think something isn’t right.


They Need to Know What Converts With Your Marketing

A web designer should say, “Hey, I understand what you’re trying to achieve. Allow us the developer the creative license in order to do something that is in line with best practices for conversion optimization.”

A good web design company is going to have designers and developers that know what makes users convert. There are very simple practices that can be applied from industry to industry. Even though some variables depend on the goals of the site and exactly the market it’s trying to reach, the principles remain the same.

A good designer or developer is going to do the research. They’re going to have a very clear understanding of the planning phase before it gets built. They will have open communication with you, so you’ll have a good roadmap of what’s going to be built. That way, you’re not wasting time, effort, and money going back and forth with revisions, having a website take three to six months.


Communication and Timeline

Unfortunately, we’ve seen other website projects that have taken over a year. There’s no reason at all for this. With good communication and proper planning, it does not need to take more than a few weeks.

It could take up to a couple of months tops if you have a very large site that’s either being migrated or redone.

When we go into a meeting with a potential customer, we make it a point to be very clear on deliverables. 

In many situations, a designer, freelancer, or web design agency who is looking for business will agree to too much. Or they won’t outline potential issues that could come along the way because they don’t want to scare anybody off.

When we take on a new client, we say, “Hey, here’s our body of work. Here’s what you can expect from us. Here’s a timeline, here’s the cost, etc. And here are the issues that we have seen in similar situations. And here are potential points we need to hash out upfront to ensure that we have the absolute best success in our project.”


A Web Design Company in Henderson With A Variety of Client Types

We think a good mix of client types is important for a person seeking out help with website design Henderson. Having local businesses, as well as larger, national brands can show you that the Henderson web design company you are working with has the relevant experience and know how to complete your project. It shows that a firm has a reputation. It shows that they have certain credentials and it shows that they will deliver on what they say they’re going to do.

You do not want to be the learning curve. “Cheap man pays twice,” as we like to say. In some conversations, people will say, “Oh, I spent $1,000 creating this website.” It’s not what we wanted, rather than it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t fill a need and help us in our sales process. And unfortunately, that person will pay twice, more than likely, or we wouldn’t be having the conversation.

And the more audiences that the designers and the developers know and have worked with in the past, I think that will greatly improve the ability for the client’s website to be able to reach their business goals. Certainly, a firm that can think big and small, who has experience with local campaigns and local markets and how to position a website design. If you’re trying to serve as a local area, it’s going to be very different than if you’re trying to grow a franchise or trying to create a web presence for branding purposes and to take market share.


Price is only one consideration

This conversation should be had early on to make sure that there’s no miscommunication. If not, then that same pattern is certainly going to continue throughout the relationship. There’s going to be additional fees here. There’s going to be deliverables that weren’t really accounted for there, and then all of a sudden, you’re going to have extra invoices to redo or add this in or add that in. You get what you pay for, for the most part.

But I do think that when someone says that they’re going to make you a custom website, and they say it’s going to be $2,000 or $5,000, the key is to understand what exactly are you getting for your money. If a custom website means they’re going to swap out a logo on some template that’s a cookie-cutter website, then it’s probably not worth $2,000. However, if it’s going to be structured and built, and it’s going to meet the needs of the requirements, then sure, it could be worth $5,000 or much more. In fact, it would probably be worth a lot more to your business.

Ensure that you do the research, know what you want, and get clear answers, and don’t allow yourself not to get the right answers and the proper answers upfront, so that there is no miscommunication later on.

Finding a good match for your Henderson website design project to build a web presence for your business is not the easiest of jobs or the simplest of tasks to complete. However, once you find a person that you’re comfortable with and have a clear dialogue together, it is going to make the whole process much simpler.