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Wondering how long does it take to design a website?

Building a custom website from scratch can be a months-long process.

We certainly recommend factoring this into your business plans if you are serious about building a website properly. Give yourself proper time in advance of your proposed launch date to do things correctly, and right the first time. A quote we often refer to, “You can do things right, or right now, not both”. 

We have found after building hundreds of websites that being prepared in advance is better than rushing last minute. Make sure to ask your web design company about their timetable before hiring them.

If you have not chosen a vendor yet and need tips on how to pick a good web designer, check out our “website designer near me” agency checklist.

The Details Of Designing A Website

Ok, so now that you know how long it takes to design a website, let us go over the steps that are involved in our process at Sage Digital Agency and how long each of them takes.

Step 1 – Building A Sitemap

The first and perhaps most important step is building your sitemap.

Having a sitemap is absolutely critical to the success of your web design project since it is the blueprint. Knowing what pages are needing to be designed, how the pages interact with one another, and where content is coming from for each page is step 1.

To develop your sitemap, we go over a lot of information with you about your brand, your business goals, and your website’s capabilities.

*Expect to create a sitemap with our preferred tool, octopus.do, in 1-2 sessions.

Step 2 – Visual Design Phase

This is the phase where we design mockups of your website, creating visuals for every page using Figma. We use Figma (as opposed to going directly to WordPress) to create mockups and approved designs with our clients. During the design phase of the project, we’re going to go through every page, and show you exactly what it’s going to look like once it’s live. From your input, we’ll tailor the design to perfectly suit your needs before we start the development process.

*Expect to see homepage mockups from us within a week of our engagement. Depending on the difficulty, amount of pages and scope of your project, this phase could last as little as a week or two, or as long as weeks to several months. This is heavily dependent on the sitemap, and on the clients responsiveness during the process.

Step 3 – Development Phase

The development phase, also called the coding stage, is where we develop your website using the approved sitemap and approved designs in Figma.

Our team of of developers are experts at what they do, and you will quickly see your approved Figma designs come to life on our development platform. Once the initial development is complete, we go through our internal processes for quality assurance to make sure that everything meets the standards required for an exceptional website.

*Expect to spend a few weeks in the development phase, again, heavily dependent on scope, sitemap, and several other factors.

Step 4 – Pre-launch Phase

We run your website through a rigorous checklist to make sure that it’s ready to go live. This includes tasks like setting up security software, making sure it’s optimized for SEO, and setting up Google Analytics so that you know what visitors are doing on your website.

*Expect to spend a couple of weeks in this phase.

Step 5 – Going Live!

After everything is done, we publish your website and provide follow-up and ongoing support as needed!

Final Notes On Web Design

Although it may take a few months to build a website, the length of time really depends on what you need, your responsiveness throughout the project, and other factors as well. Each project is unique, and its best to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Believe it or not, we have completed rush projects in just one week, and have also spent many months developing projects as well. Lets talk and discuss your project.

We have heard many stories in our industry… Such as other web design companies whose projects start at 6-8 months, no matter the scope. We have seen a year plus! Fortunately, our projects do not take that long, and we work to meet your goals and deadlines. We will always share our timelines with you in advance, so you can make informed decisions.