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So, you have decided to include SEO services for your website as part of your marketing budget.

The next question you are likely to ask (if you have not already) is, “How much does SEO cost per month?”

We would like to give you a direct answer to this.

But the reality is that SEO pricing is impacted by many different factors.

That is why we say:

“It depends.”

Every agency local to Vegas has its own way of pricing its Las Vegas SEO services.

However, if you want to learn more about SEO pricing in general, we have broken down some information below.

SEO Price Ranges

SEO pricing is impacted by a number of variables.

Generally, we can categorize SEO prices into four tiers:

Free, cheap, mid-range, and high-end.

Free SEO

Anyone can do their own SEO, but free does not necessarily mean “zero cost.”

When doing your own SEO, instead of spending money, you spend your valuable time researching SEO tools and strategies.

Effective SEO also means signing up for various SEO analytical tools (many of which are paid).

This may be the right option if you are a small company with little capital and no marketing budget.

Cheap SEO

Cheap SEO will only cost you a little bit of money.

There is no shortage of companies out there offering these services for $500 or less.

There are also many companies offering “guarantees” of placement and instant results for such low prices.

Although we cannot assess the merits of every claim, we strongly advise that you be careful with this kind of offer.

It is quite common for extremely low-priced companies to use black hat (unscrupulous) techniques to boost results.

This may give you short-term gains, but your site is also at risk of getting blacklisted on search engines for this.

The crazy thing is that second-hand backlisting is real.


Through no fault of your own (other than hiring a black hat agency), your pages get de-indexed and can no longer be seen on Google.

If an agency says they only use white hat methods for $500 or less, we would be skeptical.

While we do not want to say that every low-priced agency promising big results is being dishonest, we definitely recommend ensuring you are clear on deliverables prior to signing an agreement.

Mid-Range SEO

Mid-range SEO is perfect for businesses with capital and an established marketing budget.

This type of SEO includes:

Essential tools for tracking, a defined audit, and a content strategy with optimized content.

Mid-range SEO costs between $2,000-$10,000 depending on services included and the number of deliverables.

High-End SEO

High-end SEO costs than $10,000 monthly.

This kind of service is perfect for businesses that expect broad visibility, have multiple locations and need results quickly.

Get Started With Your SEO Campaign

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If you are considering an SEO campaign for your business, we can help you. You can contact us at 702-268-9000 or book a free consultation online, and we will help you get up to speed.

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