How can quality content writing can give you an instant win for upcoming holidays? Let us start by understand what “quality content” actually is.

Quality content writing is something that your visitors will get value from. Is it easy obtain? No. Can you get it on one of the many online discounted “outsource” website? Most likely not.

What is quality content?

Quality content writing is any content that will give the end user some sort of value. Now it can be written form like text. It can be a video. It can be an image. It can be an infographic. It can be any form of content, but it’s something that a user is going to get something out of, that is of value to them. If they’re looking for something, it’s going to answer a question.

  • If someone is doing research, it is going to give the knowledge.
  • If it is a how-to guide, they’re going to understand how to accomplish something.
  • It is unique.
  • It is original.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • It is shareable. (They’re not going to read it and be like, “Okay, that was a waste of time.”)

What is the purpose of your content creation?

Look at it in two ways…  

  1. Create some kind of piece of content that Google will rank.
  2. Something that is interesting to an individual.

*Are the above two items synonymous or are they two different subjects? For example, is there some kind of content that might be ranked better, but is less interesting to a prospective client or are we talking one and the same?

As time progresses, we believe that it is more one and the same. In previous years you could stuff a whole bunch of keywords in and Google would see all the keywords and think, “Okay, this must be super relevant. This is going to rank higher.” Now Google can understand that if you try to put a whole bunch of keywords in white at the bottom of your page, they will know you are trying to game the system, and it will not do you any good.  Google understands how a user reads and understands content. They certainly understand if it is unique or if it’s been repurposed.

Can I Repurpose Content?

There is nothing wrong with repurposing content. News websites do it all the time. It’s the same story and told five, six different ways or 20 different ways or three different ways and syndicated out 10 times. It is really one and the same.

The days of stuffing keywords and white texts are over and it’s essentially synonymous. Quality content means something that the user will really benefit from. Google has become smart enough to understand how to ensure that that is what the results are showing to them.

If you are an eCommerce site and you are focused on holiday sales, you could certainly do some sort of buying guide. You could do product reviews. You could do product comparisons, all things that someone who is in the buying/researching mode now for the holidays, a different take on what they might be looking for. Looking for more on this subject? Check out our blog post about the true cost of local search engine optimization.

What should I write about on my website?

Just write to the user. Do not write long bulky paragraphs. Break up your content into two or three sentences max per paragraph, plenty of white space, make it easy to read, put visuals in. Those are the best practices.

For more about content writing, check out our services page dedicated to content writing.

Should I do Keyword Research? Or Just Write to My Customer Avatar?

You want to answer questions. You can look on Reddit or Quora or Google and you find what other people have written and you can expand upon it, or answer questions that have not been addressed. Oftentimes you can look on Amazon, look up for the specific products. If you are selling TVs and you’re going to write a piece of content, look in the question and answers from your biggest competitor and address those questions that people are already asking.

If these are questions that are happening on a regular basis, it is wonderful to be able to say, instead of repeating and going into a 10-minute conversation, “Hey, here’s a link to our blog posts that addresses this specific issue, which one do you like better?”

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Just keep it simple. Make it thorough. Make it easy to read. It should flow. It shouldn’t be too salesy. Nothing wrong with putting a few product links or if you are doing a comparison, comparing your own product to other things, but it should be providing value on both sides.

Putting a table of contents on the top of the blog, if you are going to have several paragraphs with the correct heading, is a great way for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

One thing you should do is to make sure you give a conclusion. We cannot tell you how many product comparisons we have read, where at the end they do not actually give you the answer. Oftentimes users will just scroll straight down to the bottom. So putting like a too long, didn’t read synopsis at the top is a great way. Then going into the details. At the end of the day, people want a question. If you have a legitimate site, they’re assuming you’ve done the research. Some people will read through it in detail, some people won’t. At the end of the day, you need to give people a clear answer.

Quality content, easy to read, easy to digest, straightforward and unique, that has the best opportunity for share-ability.