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Web design can be very challenging, especially for beginners.

In fact:

Learning how to make a website from scratch is like learning a new language. It requires a lot of time and resources.

There is a difference, though, between learning a new language and learning web design, and it has to do with the rate of technological change.

While languages take decades or even centuries to undergo major transformations, internet technologies can completely change within a few years, sometimes months.

This is why the techniques that work today may not work a few months from now.

Given how complicated web design is, many companies hire digital agencies to take care of the design process for them.

If you are thinking of designing a website yourself, the question to ask is:

Do you want to learn the latest industry practices, manage a design team, and take the time to oversee the design execution?

If the answer is yes, we think that is awesome!

Web design is our passion, and we love seeing people develop their skills.

But if you would rather work with an agency, we can help!

We offer custom website design that resonates with your business and brand.

For more information about our services, you can check out our Miami web design page.

On A Scale From 1 to 10, How Hard Is Web Design?

Many people ask this question.

For custom websites, our answer is 10.

Of course, you certainly can buy a template or use a drag and drop system to design a website more easily.

But that is not web design.

Just to reiterate:

Building a unique website that represents your business identity (and actually functions as a tool for your business) requires a lot of resources and technical know-how.

So, what is the bottom line, you might ask?

We would recommend hiring a professional web designer.

Hiring a pro to do the work will cost more, but the result will be far superior to what you could create on your own…unless you are already an expert.

We believe professional web design is worth the investment.

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