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In terms of the amount of traffic received, the U.S. sets the global trend regarding the most visited websites.

Get to know the most visited websites in the world’s leading economy.

Why do you need to know the most visited websites in the U.S.?

It may help you choose a more compelling user outreach strategy. For example, knowing that 85% of YouTube.com traffic comes through desktop computers can help you plan YouTube ads according to that fact.

The same goes for Reddit, where many people go through desktop computers and Pinterest, suggesting that many searches for related products on desktop computers bring people to the app.

It requires a more personalized approach, but it could be another option, and it’s essential to see how people connect to the most visited websites like this over the Internet.

There’s no doubt that the Internet has made an enormous impact on our lives. From getting information, educating ourselves to find jobs, and researching products, the web has been a powerful tool for everyone. But what about the websites that are most popular in the U.S.? Please get to know them and find out which ones are driving traffic and struggling.

Most visited websites in the U.S. [summer 2022].

List of the Most Visited Websites in the US

Traffic rank Domain Visits Desktop share Mobile share Pages/visit Average visit duration Bounce rate
1 google.com 14.92B 33.36%4.98B 66.64% 9.95B 4.3 25:11 38.99%
2 youtube.com 7.57B 31.97%2.42B 68.03% 5.15B 3.5 27:55 48.88%
3 facebook.com 5.38B 15.63%841.70M 84.37% 4.54B 2.7 22:48 50.65%
4 amazon.com 3.04B 25.74%781.95M 74.26% 2.26B 4.6 16:44 49.31%
5 apple.com 2.37B 2.89%68.55M 97.11% 2.30B 1.8 14:38 63.35%
6 reddit.com 1.68B 42.96%723.17M 57.04% 960.24M 3.2 18:25 54.4%
7 paypal.com 1.05B 8.76%92.03M 91.24% 958.98M 2.6 13:28 52.74%
8 yahoo.com 1.02B 40.34%412.57M 59.66% 610.16M 3.2 16:36 44.23%
9 wikipedia.org 956.90M 43.62%417.43M 56.38% 539.48M 2.2 10:27 62.23%
10 instagram.com 956.24M 29.91%286.06M 70.09% 670.18M 1.9 15:25 68.62%
11 bing.com 835.35M 31.99%267.25M 68.01% 568.10M 3.1 17:18 56.63%
12 twitter.com 831.74M 24.77%206.02M 75.23% 625.72M 2.1 14:50 66.3%
13 NSFW 806.15M 16.65%134.20M 83.35% 671.95M 6.9 11:20 24.56%
14 fandom.com 680.15M 39.84%270.98M 60.16% 409.16M 3.2 11:26 49%
15 walmart.com 625.97M 16.06%100.53M 83.94% 525.44M 2.9 12:36 49.72%
16 NSFW 613.62M 11.18%68.58M 88.82% 545.04M 7.1 12:32 25.72%
17 indeed.com 610.44M 11.07%67.60M 88.93% 542.84M 7.5 12:01 25.1%
18 linkedin.com 559.38M 29.06%162.55M 70.94% 396.83M 1.8 14:04 70.03%
19 microsoftonline.com 487.84M 47.31%230.80M 52.69% 257.03M 1.6 08:04 69.27%
20 twitch.tv 427.74M 74.48%318.59M 25.52% 109.15M 2.3 26:03 56.71%
21 quora.com 417.03M 19.36%80.72M 80.64% 336.31M 1.7 09:16 62.4%
22 ebay.com 399.00M 51.77%206.56M 48.23% 192.44M 6.5 14:09 38.09%
23 tiktok.com 377.16M 25.41%95.85M 74.59% 281.31M 2.1 09:25 60.76%
24 weather.com 362.85M 20.98%76.12M 79.02% 286.73M 2.2 06:36 57.06%
25 nytimes.com 353.48M 32.42%114.61M 67.58% 238.87M 1.9 12:06 67.01%
26 redd.it 351.19M 11.76%41.30M 88.24% 309.89M 2.1 09:50 53.45%
27 etsy.com 344.27M 18.68%64.30M 81.32% 279.96M 3.3 12:10 48.7%
28 NSFW 336.43M 35.24%118.57M 64.76% 217.86M 7.8 13:41 32.27%
29 zillow.com 324.96M 27.23%88.50M 72.77% 236.46M 2.5 11:41 53.26%
30 usps.com 322.46M 20.18%65.07M 79.82% 257.39M 2.5 07:14 45.54%
31 shein.com 295.26M 5.54%16.37M 94.46% 278.89M 3.6 16:29 45.38%
32 cnn.com 291.99M 43.92%128.24M 56.08% 163.75M 2.5 12:06 47.05%
33 imdb.com 287.33M 40.96%117.68M 59.04% 169.65M 3.3 06:27 43.29%
34 duckduckgo.com 274.67M 44.89%123.29M 55.11% 151.38M 3.1 23:41 43.33%
35 microsoft.com 273.47M 52.48%143.53M 47.52% 129.94M 2.2 07:45 58.8%
36 hulu.com 266.66M 28.05%74.81M 71.95% 191.85M 2.1 04:53 46.86%
37 netflix.com 258.83M 75.46%195.32M 24.54% 63.51M 1.8 10:27 69.37%
38 NSFW 245.32M 38.21%93.73M 61.79% 151.59M 7.9 16:31 31.22%
39 office.com 244.67M 54.75%133.95M 45.25% 110.72M 1.9 13:58 66.92%
40 pinterest.com 243.84M 20.68%50.42M 79.32% 193.42M 1.7 12:58 75.82%
41 NSFW 242.06M 10.77%26.08M 89.23% 215.98M 6.7 11:21 26.46%
42 live.com 237.08M 71.91%170.48M 28.09% 66.59M 3.4 10:38 35.57%
43 target.com 229.82M 18.13%41.66M 81.87% 188.15M 2.1 08:30 62.25%
44 wikimedia.org 221.85M 0.7%1.56M 99.3% 220.29M 1.2 13:27 86.43%
45 healthline.com 208.36M 12.33%25.68M 87.67% 182.68M 2.4 04:30 51.29%
46 doordash.com 206.06M 12.27%25.29M 87.73% 180.77M 3.4 11:04 45.04%
47 affirm.com 204.36M 1.38%2.83M 98.62% 201.53M 1.7 12:01 67.18%
48 discord.com 203.88M 53.54%109.15M 46.46% 94.73M 1.8 18:29 67.59%
49 spotify.com 202.24M 28.84%58.33M 71.16% 143.91M 1.9 08:52 69.21%
50 chase.com 197.47M 44.24%87.35M 55.76% 110.12M 3.4 07:38 33.03%
51 espn.com 194.20M 49.01%95.17M 50.99% 99.03M 3.1 32:48 50.3%
52 yelp.com 187.49M 26.78%50.20M 73.22% 137.29M 2.0 06:00 59.44%
53 mcdonalds.com 184.38M 1.53%2.82M 98.47% 181.56M 1.5 05:59 68.81%
54 t-mobile.com 184.14M 7.93%14.60M 92.07% 169.54M 3.8 06:59 45.95%
55 homedepot.com 180.35M 30.48%54.97M 69.52% 125.38M 3.1 09:30 47.25%
56 craigslist.org 174.58M 34.52%60.26M 65.48% 114.32M 7.1 12:09 29.05%
57 foxnews.com 173.24M 41.7%72.24M 58.3% 101.00M 3.4 18:21 38.04%
58 onlyfans.com 161.36M 43%69.39M 57% 91.97M 2.9 21:58 67.79%
59 evergage.com 159.33M 0.02%35.91K 99.98% 159.29M 2.1 10:08 58.07%
60 ups.com 156.35M 27.49%42.98M 72.51% 113.37M 2.4 11:11 57.9%
61 tumblr.com 156.15M 27.04%42.23M 72.96% 113.92M 3.3 15:56 56.4%
62 att.com 155.23M 22.35%34.70M 77.65% 120.54M 6.6 07:24 34.1%
63 shopify.com 154.81M 10.76%16.66M 89.24% 138.15M 1.8 10:57 70.49%
64 tripadvisor.com 153.04M 20.25%30.99M 79.75% 122.04M 2.2 08:36 58.77%
65 adobe.com 152.83M 29.44%44.99M 70.56% 107.84M 1.7 08:56 73%
66 fedex.com 151.78M 25.19%38.23M 74.81% 113.55M 2.2 15:28 62.08%
67 zoom.us 150.66M 82.88%124.87M 17.12% 25.80M 2.7 12:29 44.41%
68 bestbuy.com 149.94M 25.92%38.87M 74.08% 111.07M 3.6 08:40 45.16%
69 airbnb.com 148.95M 10.95%16.32M 89.05% 132.64M 3.1 13:01 40.74%
70 instacart.com 148.15M 6.79%10.06M 93.21% 138.09M 2.7 23:46 54.3%
71 uber.com 146.83M 4.41%6.48M 95.59% 140.35M 1.7 09:08 69.19%
72 github.com 143.83M 85.72%123.29M 14.28% 20.54M 3.0 14:36 54.52%
73 force.com 143.96M 33.04%47.56M 66.96% 96.40M 2.6 10:04 58.9%
74 capitalone.com 143.20M 28.4%40.67M 71.6% 102.52M 3.6 06:13 32.89%
75 expedia.com 143.78M 16.3%23.44M 83.7% 120.34M 4.6 10:11 35.45%
76 dropbox.com 139.46M 28.13%39.24M 71.87% 100.22M 2.0 11:12 64.08%
77 ticketmaster.com 134.48M 15.29%20.56M 84.71% 113.93M 5.4 05:47 25.28%
78 wellsfargo.com 130.05M 33.95%44.15M 66.05% 85.90M 4.2 05:40 16.06%
79 cvs.com 128.59M 9.37%12.05M 90.63% 116.54M 5.0 08:29 36.56%
80 realtor.com 128.18M 29.21%37.44M 70.79% 90.74M 2.8 09:59 47.1%
81 salesforce.com 127.74M 38.52%49.21M 61.48% 78.53M 2.8 10:22 59.76%
82 imgur.com 123.80M 46.88%58.04M 53.12% 65.77M 2.1 13:21 72.47%
83 aol.com 121.93M 39.85%48.59M 60.15% 73.35M 3.3 16:55 47.72%
84 stackoverflow.com 121.33M 96.86%117.52M 3.14% 3.81M 1.3 08:58 82.13%
85 samsung.com 121.44M 12.89%15.65M 87.11% 105.79M 2.6 04:44 41.68%
86 msn.com 120.21M 46.43%55.81M 53.57% 64.40M 3.2 17:56 53.48%
87 wordpress.com 119.98M 23.42%28.10M 76.58% 91.88M 2.3 22:08 66.33%
88 xfinity.com 117.29M 45.11%52.91M 54.89% 64.37M 6.8 12:21 33.06%
89 mangago.me 119.04M 1.6%1.90M 98.4% 117.13M 13.2 37:22 25.37%
90 instructure.com 116.20M 67.23%78.12M 32.77% 38.08M 7.1 20:10 33.24%
91 intuit.com 115.48M 38.58%44.56M 61.42% 70.92M 2.9 11:12 50.85%
92 okta.com 113.35M 46.27%52.45M 53.73% 60.91M 1.9 09:45 63.85%
93 patreon.com 112.91M 41.67%47.05M 58.33% 65.87M 2.6 09:46 51.41%
94 webmd.com 112.58M 19.61%22.08M 80.39% 90.51M 1.9 05:06 62.03%
95 blogspot.com 112.23M 26.6%29.86M 73.4% 82.38M 2.7 12:32 61.06%
96 verizon.com 111.96M 20.42%22.87M 79.58% 89.09M 5.5 07:17 32.08%
97 lowes.com 111.70M 31.96%35.70M 68.04% 76.00M 3.7 07:42 37.4%
98 myshopify.com 110.98M 17.44%19.35M 82.56% 91.62M 1.8 14:00 73.72%
99 washingtonpost.com 110.40M 43.07%47.56M 56.93% 62.85M 2.5 11:13 55.2%
100 buzzfeed.com 109.42M 11.06%12.11M 88.94% 97.31M 2.7 07:37 44.37%


  1. Google

Google is number one in the ranking of most visited websites. So it’s no coincidence that we say, “Let me google it,” referring to searching for information on the Internet.

More than 63,000 searches are made every second on Google, so it’s not just the most popular search engine in the world. Google is also the most effective and convenient web service, like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Docs.

Google search is so widely in demand that it has become a marketing strategy in its own right – SEO. An effective and cheap way to get organic traffic is to plan and create content with search queries in mind.


  1. YouTube

For years, YouTube has consistently been one of the most visited websites in the U.S., and it’s easy to see why. People come to YouTube every day to watch over 5 billion videos.

Not only does YouTube allow independent content creators to realize their unique ideas and creativity, but it has also become the premier place for people to learn almost anything.

YouTube is an incredible testament to what people can do when they come together to create something big. YouTube is also a testament to the importance of entertaining content in digital marketing.


  1. Facebook

Fb is number 3 on the list of most visited websites. Although Facebook is no longer the only significant name in social networking, it is still the best known and most widely used, with an impressive 3.4 billion monthly active Internet users.

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become more than just a convenient way to spend free time or keep in touch with friends. Instead, it has become an essential tool for many people who want to find helpful information, make social connections, and more.


  1. Amazon

Like most other sites on our list of the most visited websites in America, Amazon is more than just a successful business.

It is literally the first (and sometimes even the only) site people think of when it comes to buying anything online.

Whatever you choose, from clothing to toys, from digital streaming media to food, it’s almost certainly sold on Amazon.

Amazon is also known for lightning-fast and affordable shipping, which Amazon Prime members can take advantage of.

Amazon has long gone from just being a successful company to a concept and has redefined the shopping experience as we used to know it. They are setting a new gold standard of commerce.


  1. Apple

Apple ranked fifth on the list of most visited websites. Apple has a huge impact on almost every aspect of the modern world. The company is involved in nearly everything, making it one of the most easily recognized companies. In fact, Google is paying Apple to prevent it from opening its own search engine because if it happened, it would be a disaster for Mountain View.


  1. Reddit

Reddit is not only the most visited site in America. It also boasts one of the fastest and most consistent climbs up the list, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the Internet,” and it’s not hard to see why.

Visitors of all ages and all demographic groups come to Reddit to post their ideas, debate, rate, and vote on articles, pictures, and more, making it a great place to learn and socialize. Reddit is another terrific example for marketers worldwide that a community of empowered users can be incredible when they come together to share what they know. If people feel like they’re really a part of something, there’s no limit to their loyalty.

Essentially, the site was created as an electronic bulletin board where registered users could make their own spaces, called subreddits, where they could talk about their interests and hobbies.

The site’s features, which it had been equipped with since its inception, remained the same, even after Conde Nast Publications bought it for $20 million just one year after its launch.

Reddit has more than a billion, and a half registered users, 430 million users are active monthly, and another 52 million use the site daily.


  1. PayPal

PayPal is another of the most visited websites. The company PayPal was created in 1998. This service allows online money transfers almost all over the world and is a safe and efficient payment method compared to other, more traditional methods. They initially offered their service under the brand name Confinity and reached its maximum potential when eBay acquired the business.

More than 200 million people use this payment method in their online transactions. It differs because all you need to open an account is email and basic personal information. PayPal can be used on iOS and Android, and it gives users the ability to pay bills at those establishments that have the app.


  1. Yahoo!

No wonder it is one of the most visited websites: Yahoo! is the 3rd largest desktop search engine in the world (as of June 2021), giving it a wide reach. It provides everything you need, from trends to the most important news, weather forecasts, and sporting events. In addition, Yahoo! has some useful features, such as specialized searches. So, when you search for a type of food, it will immediately offer you recipes.

Yahoo Search

  1. Wikipedia.org

The community-generated encyclopedia has more than 56 million pages in 328 languages, most of which can be edited by anyone. And yet, despite free access, it retains a surprisingly high level of accuracy. Perhaps Cunningham’s law contributes to this: “The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask the question, but to publish the wrong answer.” But what does this have to do with search engine optimization? It turns out that it does. Wikipedia, the seventh most popular site in the world, falls on the first page of search results for all types of queries, including the ones you’re probably just about to make. If you apply a little strategy and digital optimization, you can make it work with both off-site and on-site SEO tactics.

You may have noticed from your search results that Google relies on Wikipedia for excerpts about people and places. But the connection between the two Web sites goes much deeper.


  1. Instagram.com

The number of monthly Instagram users has surpassed 1 billion, which is not surprising given how the app combines the personal and the professional with each new option. If you’re wondering whether a meaningful segment of your audience spends time on the platform, the answer is likely to be in the affirmative. Instagram has always attracted more mobile users because of its user interface, which focuses on smartphones. Not surprisingly, Instagram is the second most popular platform, with 84 percent engagement.


  1. Bing.com

Bing has become one of the most visited websites due to its rewards program. When you use Bing, you accumulate points each time, which are credited to gift cards. This can undoubtedly encourage users to use Bing more often.

Bing’s advanced search and features allow users to see trending searches on various topics, as well as apply a visual search function. This can make it popular with users looking for thematic images.

Bing also offers a separate music search function. It shows a clip as a snippet, the lyrics of the song, and biographical information about the artist. This may make Bing more interesting for music lovers.

Microsoft Bing Search Engine

  1. Twitter.com

As of July 2021, Twitter was the 16th most popular social network in the world (in terms of monthly active users). Twitter accounts for 8.85% of the world’s social media users. It is estimated that more than 4.48 billion people use social media at least monthly. Twitter was first launched in the U.S. and became one of the most visited websites with the largest number of users in the U.S. Twitter is rapidly expanding into international markets. In fact, much of Twitter’s recent growth has taken place outside the United States.


  1. Fandom.com

Fandom is the world’s largest marketplace for entertainment and computer game fans. They have helped 315 million people around the globe immerse themselves in their favorite games, entertainment, and culture with unique tools, memorable experiences, original content, and commerce. As a result, they reach more fans, more fandoms, than anyone else.


  1. Walmart.com

Walmart is a brand with more than 245 million customers visiting 10,900 stores and ten active websites worldwide. That is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the retail sector. Whether it’s in-store shopping, social mentions, or any other online activity, Walmart remains one of the best retailers in the world. Walmart gets about 300,000 social media mentions every week, according to Global Customer Insights. U.S. global retail giant Walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of unstructured data from 1 million shoppers every hour. The data Walmart generates hourly is equivalent to 167 books in the Library of Congress. Walmart is improving its operational efficiency by using big data analytics.

Walmart’s systems analyze about 100 million keywords daily to optimize bids for each specific keyword. The main goal of Walmart’s use of big data is to optimize the shopping experience for customers when they are in a Walmart store, browsing the Walmart website, or surfing mobile devices when they are on the go. Walmart’s big data solutions are being designed for redesigning global websites.


  1. Indeed.com

The most visited websites include Indeed – which is one of the largest and most popular job search engines. It is a specialized site that combines ads from many sources and posts vacancies from any field and for any employment. Indeed strives to put job seekers first by giving them free access to job searches, resume postings, and company research. As a result, they connect millions of people with new opportunities every day. Two hundred fifty million visitors a month, 175 million resumes uploaded, and ten people were adding new jobs every second.

Easily search for relevant jobs by keyword, title, industry, and location. The advanced filter allows you to narrow down the results.

Ability to post jobs for all types of jobs, including internships, freelance and part-time.

Job seekers can post and store their resumes so they can apply for jobs quickly.

Daily email notification notifies candidates of new job openings relevant to their search.

Indeed is mobile-adapted and has an app, which is a benefit as job searches are increasingly done via mobile devices.

Available free and premium job posting.


  1. Linkedin.com

LinkedIn has a monthly active users percentage of more than 48%. That means that out of 830 million registered LinkedIn users, at least 48% use the platform once a month. This data means that at least 300 million users visit LinkedIn at least once a month. The percentage of active users on the platform is 16.2% per day, which corresponds to more than 100 million daily users. In 2022, the company reported a 36% year-over-year increase in revenue and a 22% year-over-year improvement in platform engagement.


  1. Microsoftonline.com

The communications platform has now gained 20 million more monthly active users than it did in July of last year. In addition, there are now more than 1.4 billion monthly active Windows 10 and Windows 11 users combined. Microsoft is trying to take Teams beyond its well-established business base by adding consumer features to this product. They had integrated a Teams chat button into the Windows 11 taskbar to attract more people to the consumer features of Teams. They also introduced a new standalone Teams Essentials SKU product for small and medium-sized companies.



  1. Twitch.tv

Twitch was launched in 2011 as an online streaming service focused on gaming and eSports. Within a year of its creation, it reached 3.2 million monthly visitors.

Three years later, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million. Today Twitch reaches 140 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Over 107,800 live Twitch broadcasts are streamed live. The U.S. has the largest share of Twitch viewers, nearly a quarter of all users.

Interestingly, 65% of Twitch users are male, and 73% of Twitch users are under the age of 35.

The Twitch app has been downloaded over 100 million times

The most watched game on Twitch is League of Legends. Broadcasts of this video game have accumulated 42.55 billion hours of viewing. Twitch’s annual revenue reaches $1.54 billion.


  1. Quora.com

Quora is a site where users can answer each other’s questions on a wide variety of topics. Quora has over 300 million monthly unique users. Today it is one of the largest social networks in the world by a number of users. They brought together students, specialists, as well as journalists, and industry leaders willing to share their knowledge. This can be considered a kind of “social” network, a unique link between social media and scientific research. According to Alexa.com, 35% of Americans use Quora. That means you have an opportunity to introduce your company, products, and services to more than a third of Americans. Quora reports that its annual revenue in 2017 exceeded $100,000, which means they are showing significant buying power for the site. In addition, Quora users are highly educated. 65% of users have a college degree, and 28% of them have a college degree. Keep this in mind as you choose content to attract this particular audience. People in the 18+ age group with incomes of $100,000 or more prefer Quora to other most visited websites like LinkedIn and the Wall Street Journal.


  1. Ebay.com

eBay, the most popular online marketplace and a leading e-commerce company, was founded in 1995 with a mission to “bring buyers and sellers together in a fair and open marketplace.” There are 159 million active users on eBay. More than 19 million sellers are registered on eBay. More than 109 million users visit the eBay site every month. And the eBay app has been downloaded more than 599 million times. The main users of eBay reside in the United States and the United Kingdom. eBay is one of the world’s leading e-commerce marketplaces and platforms. eBay has 185 million active buyers and 19 million sellers worldwide. eBay’s revenue in 2020 was $10.271 billion.

For 2021, eBay stock rose in value by more than 35%. One of the key drivers of eBay’s revenue growth was its Managed Payments solution, an in-house, end-to-end system designed to accept payments from buyers, listing fees and transfers to merchants’ bank accounts.


  1. Tiktok.com

TikTok was originally started as a short-form video sharing platform, mostly for lip-syncing and dances. Still, it has now evolved into a full-fledged video service with content available to all types of audiences. TikTok’s revenue in 2021 was approximately $4.6 billion, an increase of 142% over last year.

TikTok had 1.2 billion monthly active users in Q4 2021 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022.

The TikTok app has been installed more than three billion times. Over the past few years, TikTok has rapidly increased its revenue. In 2021, its revenue reached $4.6 billion, a 142% increase over last year.


  1. Weather.com

Not surprisingly, this is one of the most visited websites. The site provides the most detailed information about temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality. It shows the forecast for the day or for ten days. The site is translated into many languages and provides information on all countries of the world.


  1. Nytimes.com

The New York Times is one of the most visited websites. It has reached 10 million subscribers, helped in large part by the purchase of 1.2 million subscribers to sports news site The Athletic. “The New York Times is one of the most widely read newspapers in the United States. It has been an integral part of American print news for 150 years. It has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other media company in U.S. history, first for its coverage of World War I and, more recently, for its investigations of gender and racial dynamics in the United States.

In general, U.S. residents praise the publication’s credibility, and most U.S. citizens also believe its coverage is accurate. On the business side, the NYT has become one of the most successful brands in terms of transitioning from print to digital media: in the second quarter of 2022, there were 6.14 million paid subscribers to The New York Time Company’s digital-only news product.

The NY Times

  1. Etsy.com

Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. Etsy is home to a vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about making things themselves, as well as supporting and buying from independent businesses. Etsy allows people to sell handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. All vintage items must be at least 20 years old. Sellers on Etsy sell goods from a wide range of categories, including art, bags, clothing, home decor, photography, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys. Etsy focuses on selling handmade or unique items rather than mass-produced goods.

Etsy was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Etsy has 96,3 million registered users and 7,5 million active sellers. Sellers on Etsy range from big businesses to small hobbyists, and in 2021 Etsy generated $14.3 billion in total sales.

Etsy is similar to other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, but with a more specific focus. Etsy’s main purpose is to connect shoppers with one-of-a-kind goods from independent sellers around the world. They claim their mission is to “empower people to change the way the global economy works. Etsy is a great platform for creative entrepreneurs, as it provides them with a way to reach a large audience of potential customers.


  1. Zillow.com

Zillow is a real estate website and app where people can look up information on homes and see recent sale prices. It also allows users to find homes for sale and rent. The website also provides information on mortgage rates, home values, and other real estate data. Its website lists more than 110 million homes for sale and rent across the United States. More than 60 million people visit Zillow’s website each month. Users can create a free account to save their searches and receive email alerts when new listings become available.

Zillow was founded in 2004 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, former Microsoft executives and founders of the online real estate database company Expedia. Zillow operates the largest real estate and rental marketplace in the United States and now have over 160 million users. As of August 2022, Zillow has a market capitalization of $8,12 billion and employs over 4,000 people.


There are several general trends across the most visited websites by traffic.

In this summer top 100 most visited websites in the U.S. list showed a significant decrease in traffic, canceling out the previous month’s 15% spike.

More than 80% of sites were in the negative zone of attendance, and only 19 sites gained some number of visitors.

The undisputed leader in traffic (as always) is Google, but even the largest search engine showed a 9% decrease in visitors. However, this happened after the March surge of 14%, so the comparative loss was not so significant.

All of the top 100 most visited websites in the U.S. showed a sharp decline in traffic, with Uber being the leader (-8%).

In most cases, however, the picture of attendance looks like Google’s: a significant increase in spring time, which overlapped the summer losses at about the same level.

However, this came after spring 14 percent surge in visitors, so the comparative loss is not that significant.

News and media sites saw the most significant drop in traffic. Sites such as CNN showed double-digit declines.

Pinterest lost 71% of its traffic from the previous period. This may be because they had a noticeable spike in interest in October and December (the hottest shopping season), but as the shopping boom slowed, so did their traffic.

Realtor, one of the largest U.S. real estate-related Web sites, also saw a significant drop in traffic (-54%). As the economy moves into a state of uncertainty, interest in real estate seems to be cooling off as well.

As for the most visited websites with the highest traffic in April, their gains were relatively modest, so this may be a random increase in traffic that is not a pattern.

It’s not just about traffic.

While monitoring position changes through changes in traffic volume can help analyze global trends and compare your performance to your competitors, Ahrefs Traffic Analytics reports also show important metrics to keep an eye on:

  • Comparing the share of mobile and desktop traffic shows which devices people use to visit the site most often. This metric can help determine if you need to take specific steps (such as doing further mobile optimization or developing additional tactics to generate traffic for desktops) to improve your traffic strategy and stay in the game.
  • The number of pages per visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate speak to the site’s content quality. If you find that your competitors’ site is performing better, it’s a sign that you need to work on your SEO and content strategy by comparing your site’s structure, content, and page design to theirs.

Analysis of the most visited websites in the U.S. by industry.

In order to trace market patterns in more detail and provide the most helpful information, we decided to show the most visited websites by traffic in different industries: Education, Fashion Industry, Tourism, Retail, Teamwork, Social Media, Media, Food Delivery, and Streaming Services.


The education category.

The trend of traffic loss among the most visited U.S. educational sites continued in June. The decline in traffic averaged 9%. While this downward trend is significant, it is likely due to the seasonality of the educational process.

Seven of the ten most popular U.S. educational sites accounted for the decline in traffic, with Instructure (-29%) suffering the most.

The three sites that saw some positive growth in traffic were coursera.org (14.26%), udemy.com (5.5%), and edx.org (7%). This trend seems to be consistent with the seasonal factor in the market, as people use summer as a time for relaxation rather than learning.


Fashion category.

As in the retail sector, it seems that rising inflation has had little effect on fashion lovers. All major most visited websites in this area saw an increase in traffic compared to the previous month, and some saw significant growth. Overall, this category had a significant 33 percent increase in traffic, and this was due to intense traffic growth to victoriasecret.com (84%), as well as other leading networks such as Shein (69%) and Footlocker (53%), which also showed promising results.

Famous department stores such as JCPenny (4%) and Macys (6%) showed more moderate growth. Nevertheless, given inflation and declining consumer confidence, even small increases can be considered a cause for celebration.


Travel category.

Traffic to the most popular U.S. travel sites has shown faint signs of recovery over the past several months. However, June saw significant traffic growth across all websites. The average increase in traffic among the ten most popular U.S. travel sites reached 34%.

All the most visited websites on the list showed a rise in traffic. Airbnb (50%) and Southwest (47%) had the highest traffic for June. Vrbo and Hotels.com ranked third and fourth, with growth rates below 40%.

These spikes in traffic are related to the start of the vacation season, but undoubtedly this uptick is a welcome sign for the battered COVID travel industry.


Retail category.

Even though it was record inflation in June, U.S. retail traffic was surprisingly successful. Of the top 10 most visited websites, over 5 had traffic over 20% for the month, and many exceeded 40%.

As predicted, Amazon led the way, though its 14% growth could not keep up with Walmart (19%) and Target (21%) in online traffic growth.

Samsung (47%) and Apple (45%) showed the most significant gains, indicating consumer desire for tech. Another electronics retailer, Bestbuy, had only an 8% increase. Consumers seem to be going straight to the manufacturers for their purchases.

Home Depot was the only one on the leaderboard that saw a 5% decrease in traffic. While the number of home search websites on the top 100 list increased, inquiries about home maintenance and repairs are trending downward as consumers’ budgets tighten.


Teamwork category.

In June, the list of the top 10 most visited websites dedicated to collaboration software tended to be somewhat mixed. With the vacation season upon us, there was a slight decline in traffic, although individual sites saw a modest increase, keeping the overall trend at 3%.

Smartsheet.com and trello.com showed a decrease of less than 2%, but Zoom dropped significantly by 8% in June. Time will tell if this decline is due to the summer season or if the trend is due to another reason, such as companies moving employees back into the office.

At the same time, Zoho (15%) and Atlassian (17%) showed an increase in traffic that set them apart from the crowd. Because these companies are comprehensive work management systems and have many tools for working remotely, this growth indicates companies’ desire to improve the efficiency of their employees.


Social network category.

After a problematic May, the social media category showed improvement in June. Average traffic growth was about 11.5%, with 80% of sites offering positive gains.

YouTube, with a traffic gain of nearly 33%, was the leader in this group. After several tough months, June was a much-needed boost for the video-sharing platform. TikTok and Pinterest also posted gains of more than 20%. Like YouTube, this growth mitigated the pain of setbacks suffered in previous months.

While Twitter (-0.9%) showed slight losses, continuing its multi-month losing streak, imgur.com suffered the most significant blow, dropping almost 16%. This drop continued the site’s multi-month losing streak.


Media category.

Traffic to the top 10 most visited websites in the media category was relatively steady in June, up an average of 6 percent. After a tumultuous spring news cycle focused on the international situation and inflation, the decline in news viewing rates from the previous month may be a necessary pause as consumers seek to relax a bit as they approach summer.

While the same events continue to unfold, people’s interest in the news seems to have cooled. Major news sites such as the New York Times (-2%), Daily Mail (-0.4%), and New York Post (-10%) showed a decline in traffic.

Wattpad.com showed the most significant increase in traffic, 28%. This increase in traffic to the social article site may indicate a trend toward less raucous content and a much-needed respite from informational headlines.

Although the situation on the media front looks relatively stable, a break is needed before the midterm election season gathers momentum in the fall.


Food delivery category.

After a slow spring season, the beginning of summer brought a big increase in traffic to the food delivery category. On average, the category saw a 24% increase in traffic.

In June, all leading sites remained black, with Dominoes recording the most significant jump in traffic (41%). Doordash, Grubhub, Beyond Menu, Favor Delivery, and Open Dining were also up more than 20%.

Seamless (2%) and Postmates (5%) remained positive, though they lagged behind other companies. This slight increase comes after months of ups and downs for these brands, so the growth, albeit minimal, is welcome news as we look to the remaining summer months.

The streaming services category.

The top 10 most visited websites in streaming in the U.S. saw severe growth, with only a few websites on the list showing a slight decline.

However, 70% of online streaming services were on the plus side, with Stars.com (156%) and Fox.com (101%) leading the way with huge gains.

Hulu, which had a 26% increase in traffic for June, overtook Netflix to take first place. Netflix, though, despite significant summer releases such as Stranger Things, failed to make much progress, showing less than 1% growth.

While significant streaming platforms and network streamers performed well, the “losers” this month were bitchute.com (-8%) and movies.to (-9%), it suggests customers are looking for better content without the risk of malware infection associated with less secure streaming.



If we analyze the most popular Internet sites in 2022, we can conclude that people around the world prefer to use the Internet to learn about the world and communicate with each other. And when they are not using it for one of these purposes, they are most likely shopping.

As it evolves, many of these popular sites will remain at the top, although there may be some shifting of leaders. You never know what will happen when a new site comes along that catches the public’s attention. When that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can keep up with all the latest Internet news.