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How can professional web design improve your sales?

Here are five ways to increase sales with professional web design. It’s all about making a positive first impression with visitors to your new website. When it comes to your website, you want your visitors to take an interest in yourself, in your services, in your products and make the next step and reach out to you and potentially become a customer. If your website’s not up to par, you really are risking a negative first impression. A huge amount of first impressions come from what your website looks like at first glance. It helps set the standard for what one can expect from you.

  • Do you update it regularly?
  • Does it look modern?
  • Is it the most up-to-date that it can be?

So, how can professional web design actually improve sales? We do want to emphasize that web design truly does have the power to increase your sales to prospective new customers.

Let’s look at a few things statistics that show the impact of web design on sales.

Professional Web Design Facts

Nearly three quarters of opinions of your website’s credibility comes directly from its look and feel.

Visitors are going to be coming in landing on your website. They’re going to be determining whether it looks outdated or not, whether it’s trustworthy and whether it’s somebody that they think they would want to work with. If all of these boxes aren’t checked in the positive, you could really significantly be missing out on potential sales for your business.

So, therefore, revamping the design can increase credibility and therefore increase conversion rates, more phone calls, and more opportunities for your business.

Fresh and clean professional web designs make your visitors feel that they have found a legitimate and good option to work with. They’re more likely to buy from your business. And at the end of the day, all of these things lead to increased opportunities for sales for your company.

Almost nine out of 10 people shop with a competitor after they have a bad user experience with a potential site. So if you’re looking to know how professional web design can possibly help you improve sales, start by looking at the user experience currently on your site and being honest with yourself.

Is your site difficult to use? Is it outdated? Is it the most relevant information today? If the answer is no to any of those things, then why would visitors use it?

All of these things could potentially result in a loss of a sale. A website that is great with respect to user experience keeps people engaged, draws them in, is visually appealing, functions well. These are all things that can significantly help you take your leads to the next level. Nearly 40% of people will not use a website if it’s unattractive. Think about that for a moment.

At the end of the day, people will simply stop engaging with you if you have a visually unappealing site. They want to be captivated, they want their attention to be there. And an outdated site simply cannot do that. When you decide to take the step and invest in a professional web design, you can drive more sales. That means more revenue for your business and more opportunities overall.

Professional Website Designer Designing Website

5 ways to improve your web design and increase sales for your company.

Start out by answering the following question. How can improving my website with professional web design actually improve my sales?

Having a responsive mobile friendly design

So, once you’ve come to terms with the fact that an improved website will significantly help your sales process, you’ll understand that the impact of a wonderfully functioning site can really, really help the audience.

Step number one, increase sales by having a responsive mobile friendly design. Google has said it very clearly, sites that are not mobile responsive may not even show up in search results from a mobile device.

Do not put yourself at that disadvantage. A responsive design is simply one that adapts to whatever device is being viewed on. If someone comes to your website from a cell phone, it should look fantastic on a smaller screen. If they’re there from a tablet, same thing. If they’re from a desktop computer, same thing.

I mean, the statistics are there. Nearly four out of 10 consumers say that if they don’t like the mobile responsiveness of a website, they’ll just click away and go to a competitor site. Do you want that happening for your business?

Boost Your Sales With Professional Web Design

#2 Web Design Agency
Have clear calls to action on your web pages

So if you’re interested in increasing your sales and your conversions based on your websites design, spend the time and focus on CTAs. Speak directly to your customer avatar. Don’t try to be all things for all people.

Do what you do very well and make sure that you have appropriate calls to action available so that they can not refuse to click on that specific call to action. If they don’t stand out, make sure you spend the time and say, “How can (How to Hire a Professional Web Design Expert) improve and make them stand out?” These are all lost opportunities if not fixed.

You want these CTAs to literally pop off the page. Give your potential customer something that they can get for free. Give them some piece of information, give them an opportunity to join your email list for discount. There are all kinds of opportunities available to you.

Make them exciting, make them interesting and make it a point to review many of the pages on your website to ensure that there are some action steps there and it’s not just text on a page. How does this help website design? How does it improve sales?

By taking the time to improve your CTAs that actually engage your audience, that they find it easy to use and actually something relevant and interesting to them. You are creating more opportunities for sales for your business.

Professional Website Photography and Videography

We want high quality visuals in everything that we do.

Visuals are critical in making sure that an audience feels that you are unique, that they are working with a real company that hasn’t just put some photos of people shaking hands and high-fiving.

Taking the time to invest in proper photography to populate your website with, whether that’s architecturally of your office space, your building, or of your staff actually working, all of these things can go a long way in improving the entire user experience.

Also, having too much text on a page can be overwhelming to a customer. Sometimes we are able to tell stories with photography or video that can really hit home and drive a point as opposed to simply many, many words on a page.

This is especially so in e-commerce. We do not want to upload low quality, blurry images for featured images for product pages.

In general, it leaves a bad impression and will not push people to buy from you. A good website experience and a design project includes quality photography and visuals that enhance the user experience and add to the overall level of design to the site.

As we’ve said, stock photos and things like that, they’re not personal. They feel generic and aren’t really the best practice for professional web design since audiences have likely seen them in different places.

Make sure that the site map is on point

So if you’re still asking how can web design improve sales? You really have to look at the site map, the website’s main navigation. It’s critical. When you spend the time and you invest in professional web design, make sure you work with a group that understands the importance of simplicity and of proper hierarchy on your site.

Focus on building an organized navigational system that’s easy to use and understand. It means that your prospective customers will find your services or your products faster and easier.

Make it as simple as possible for your audience to find the important, relevant information that they’re looking for.

For example, you could use broad categories and then organize subcategories beneath them if you have many, many options. Make sure that it is fast and it’s only a few clicks from start to finish.

Clean white space

If you want to increase sales on your website, make sure that your professional web design includes sufficient white space. Many designers or companies will pack too much in every single square inch of a website and it becomes overwhelming. It’s a distraction from the reason that the customer is actually there, to get good information, but not be overwhelmed.

We believe that white space is fundamental. It enables you to have a clean and simple functional website that gives the crucial information that your customer is looking for.

Boost Your Sales With Professional Web Design

And let’s not forget about loading speeds

Slow loading websites are a curse and a huge opportunity for customers to migrate away from your website. If your site doesn’t load quickly, it’s potentially a hosting problem.

Many times, that $15 a month option at the big-box retailers is not sufficient. Hosting in general is not apples to apples. Make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into and that you’re involved with a team that are expert web hosts and that have the tools necessary to improve load time.

Check out current load times for your website by going to Google page speed insights and various other sources.

Google will certainly make suggestions and speak to a proper web developer for tips to improve your site’s loading speed. Increase sales with professional web design from a top web design agency.

We’ve reviewed a number of options why investing in your website’s redesign will help you increase your sales for your company. We’ve gone over a number of points of how you’ll keep your audience engaged and interested and therefore have a better chance of them reaching out to you.

We understand it’s difficult to find the right people to work with. It can be a huge project to undertake when redeveloping your website. At Sage Digital Agency we have the skillset and the team ready to take on complex projects. We know that we can help you build a website that’ll be perfect for your business and that you’ll love.

The Sage Digital Advantage

Our web design and web development services are hard to beat, thanks to our commitment to your success.

To ensure we provide you with impeccable customer service, here are some of the advantages we offer:

1. A free, no-pressure consultation, during which we get to know you, your business, your goals, and your budget.

2.  A small, personalized team that works closely with you through every step of the design process.

Our approach puts us WORLDS apart from the big corporate web design firms that throw you in a queue, speed through your design to maximize their profit margins, and offer very little in the way of follow-up.

What we do is put our entire team on your project and actively coordinate with you, so as to provide you with quality products that corporate design firms can’t hope to replicate.

3. We provide 5-star client service.

We know how important it is to get your questions answered quickly, so if you ever need to hold of us, call or email us at any time.

During business hours, we always answer the phone or will call you back within 30 minutes. If you catch us outside of business hours, our normal response time is 8 hours or less.

When working with us, you’ll NEVER have to wait days to get a reply.

4. All of our designs are responsive, SEO-friendly, and CUSTOM made. We use Figma as our design tool.

5. We build websites that offer excellent UX (user experience) and a highly-polished UI (user interface).

Whether you need a simple landing page or a complex online store with various pricing structures, widgets, and calls-to-action, we work hard to make sure your website run smoothly from end to end.


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