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If you want to know more about SEO in Las Vegas, then you have come to the right spot.

We at Sage Digital Agency are a web design and digital marketing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that has helped clients make millions of dollars in sales through web design and SEO.

If this interests you, we would love for you to keep reading.

Before we begin, let us go over what SEO is for those who may not know. If you already know about SEO, feel free to skip down to our SEO Vegas: Local SEO section.

SEO Vegas: What Is SEO, And How Does It Work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how you get your website seen by people who are searching the internet.

Think of the internet as a library and Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs (these are what pop up when you type things in) as aisles within that library. Lastly, think of your website as a book.

Getting Eyes On Your Content 

What SEO does is improve your placing within the library so that your content gets noticed.

Good SEO means that your book does not get tucked away into a back corner somewhere or placed high up on a shelf where no one will find it.

Instead, it is put at eye level where everyone can see it.

The essential thing to understand here is Good SEO = more people seeing your website when they search for something in your niche or genre.

What If You Have Bad SEO? 

Since good SEO means more people seeing your site, then, naturally, bad or no SEO means fewer people seeing your site.

The truth is, bad or no SEO is a reality for many websites…even websites with a decent amount of content.

Although having lots of content can certainly help your website, it is still very easy to get buried by competitors for the simple reason that so many people are trying to get top placements.

This is especially true in Las Vegas, which is why we provide highly concentrated, local SEO Vegas campaigns.

With one of our local SEO Vegas campaigns, we’ll help you carve a niche in your field.

The Gist 

Poorly optimized sites or sites that have no optimization whatsoever are like books that are missing out on good spots in the aisle, even if those books are otherwise fairly well-written.

Does This Sound Like You? 

If you have written a decent amount of content but are not seeing much traction, fortunately, our SEO Vegas campaigns can help.

The Good News About SEO 

During your SEO campaign, we will utilize proven techniques based on science to increase your SEO ranking since Google and other search engines use algorithms to rank and test the quality of your site rather than read your site manually.

SEO is powerful because it is math, and it is quantifiable.

Of course, things would be a whole lot different if humans with all their foibles and biases were given the task of ranking every website, but fortunately, that is not the case.

Since SEO is mathematical and quantifiable, there are certain established styles and strategies that people can use over and over again to get results.

Let us take a look at those!

SEO Vegas: The Two Main Styles of SEO

For our purposes here, let us say that there are two main “styles” of SEO. Really, there is only ONE “style” that companies should be using, but we do want to talk about both for the sake of being thorough.

The two styles are:

1. White Hat SEO

The first and really only acceptable style is the White Hat one.

This is a body of totally allowable practices that anyone can use to increase their page search results without getting penalized or de-indexed by search engines.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, de-indexed means that a website will no longer be seen on Search Engine Results Pages.

White Hat SEO Methods Include: 

  • Having high-quality content that satisfies user intent, goes into depth, or does both. 
  • Using relevant keywords for titles.
  • Appropriately using relevant keywords (including long-tail keywords) in the text.

(Note regarding keywords: A good strategy is to research your competitors with a tool like Ahrefs and see what type of keywords they are using.)

White Hat SEO Methods Continued

  • Having well-written meta tags
  • Excellent website design, e.g., using a large, easy-to-read text font, smartly placing buttons and links so that your audience will stay on your site longer, and optimizing your images.
  • Writing guest posts for blogs in your genre.
  • (There are additional White Hat methods, as well.)

2. Black Hat SEO

The next “style” of SEO and the one we strongly advise against is Black Hat.

This is a body of strategies that are banned by whatever search engine you are using.

The purpose of these methods is to take advantage of loopholes and weaknesses in search engine algorithms to boost online presence rather than add value.

These techniques might temporarily increase your search engine ranking, but they put your site at risk of getting de-indexed and banned.

Black Hat SEO Methods Include:

  • Link schemes
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Spamming guest blogs
  • Spamming comments on forums and/or blogs

Note: Writing guest blogs that are NOT in your website’s niche might not technically be spamming content, especially if you are writing genuine, high-quality stuff, but this can still be somewhat risky.

We would consider this a Gray Hat technique, although other search engines may see this as Black Hat.

We would recommend avoiding this as much as possible or being very careful in how you do this.

Black Hat SEO Methods Continued

  • Duplicating content across domains
  • Content scraping
  • Paid links
  • Negative SEO
  • Cloaking

There are additional Black Hat techniques out there, but the ones above are some of the more common methods.

The Three Main Types of SEO

Ok, so now that we have gone over the two main “styles” of SEO, let us turn our attention to the three main types of SEO.

If you are confused about the difference between styles and types, think of “styles” of SEO (White Hat and Black Hat) as approaches that are either acceptable or unacceptable to search engines….Whereas the three different types of SEO are just fields of study and activity.

A Word Picture

If you still need more clarification, maybe an example will help. Think of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO as different martial arts schools.

Within those schools, there are skills to learn, such as grappling, striking, and submission.

The three main types of SEO are similar to those martial arts skills. You can either learn them at the White Hat school or the Black Hat school.

Make sense?

SEO’s fundamental types (or skills) are:

On-Page SEO 

This is how you optimize your web pages. Basically, anything that is a part of your website or web pages, including the code, falls into this category.

The goal of on-page SEO is to improve page elements so that your pages are more likely to rank well.

Off-Page SEO

This is anything you do to improve how well your website ranks outside of your website or web pages.

Technical SEO 

This is how web owners improve their website’s design configuration and internal structure so that search engines can more easily find and index the site.

SEO Vegas: What Is An SEO Example?

All right, so we have just used some pretty interesting terms, and you might be wanting a concrete example of SEO in action so you can visualize what we are talking about.

Image Compression For SEO

We will go ahead and show you an on-page SEO example known as image compression. This is a simple but effective technique that improves your page performance.

Just a heads up: If you would like more examples of SEO in action, you can check out our article How to Improve Your SEO.

(Picture examples coming soon.)

As you can see from the pictures above, sometimes our clients will load these massive images that are 10 MB to 15 MB.

Fortunately, most sites compress images like these, but if your images are not compressed, your visitors may still encounter issues with page speed, especially if they are using mobile devices with limited or slow data.

Obviously, if your visitors lose patience with your site, they will likely just close it out and move on to something else.

Does Image Compression Reduce Quality? 

We just want to note here that image compression does NOT lower image quality, so this is not something you should worry about.

The way image compression works (in part) is that it makes the physical file size smaller by getting rid of unnecessary metadata.

There is actually a lot of metadata stored in images, such as the type of camera that was used, the shutter speed, and the geolocation.

This data usually only needs to be on the camera. Not many people will need this on their website.

Unfortunately, many people do not use available plugins to minimize the CSS or the HTML or anything technical on their website’s backend.

SEO Vegas: Local SEO

Image compression is just one super simple example of search engine optimization, but SEO methods can get very complicated quickly.

Other types of SEO that require more effort are creating target articles with silos, building ethical backlinks via guest posts and podcasts, improving sitemaps, creating a blog with a comment section, and more!

As you can imagine, these strategies are time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring the help of an agency with knowledgeable professionals who actively work with you to monitor results, provide guidance, and help you adjust as needed.

A Synergistic SEO Vegas Strategy

We would like to point out here that there is no magic bullet for perfect SEO, but instead, good SEO is the product of complementary strategies that support each other.

If you are in Las Vegas and want to work with a local digital marketing agency that will create a comprehensive strategy for your business, we can help!

Further Reading: Why Do We Use SEO?

As a web design and digital marketing agency, we stick to what is proven and quantifiable.

We do not just put out content for you at random and see what happens. Instead, we work closely with you to understand your audience and use our powerful SEO tools to establish a strong framework for your online presence to expand.

Paying for SEO is similar in many ways to paying for ads. Advertisement horror stories are all too common, so getting SEO services can feel like a risky investment.

This is why we walk with you every step of the way to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

SEO Vegas: How Can I Do My Own SEO?

You might be asking the question, “How can I do my own SEO?” If you would like to go this route, the best way to start is to get some great tools and study the basics of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Some Specific Steps To Doing Your Own SEO Are:

1. Get A Website 

If you are just starting out and you do not have a website yet, making one will be your first step. If you do not know how to design or develop websites, then you will need to hire a web designer and a web developer.

2. Get A Keyword Tool 

Our recommended keyword tool is Ahrefs. With it, you can see what type of keywords are getting volume and how difficult they are to rank for.

3. Get An On-Page SEO Tool

Our recommended on-page SEO tool is Page Optimizer Pro. With it, you can make your content stronger and increase the likelihood of it being seen.

4. Get an Analytics Tool 

Our recommended analytics tools are Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

5. Start Making Content

With your tools in place, the next step is to start making high-quality content (you may have heard this before, but it is true) and to closely analyze its performance so that you can adjust as needed.

SEO Vegas: Is SEO Really That Hard?

This is a question we have been asked before. The truth is that SEO in and of itself is not super hard to learn. Bad SEO is certainly not that hard to learn or do, as anyone can try optimizing their website.

Good SEO, on the other hand, can be very hard to achieve in a competitive market.

How difficult it is to get your website seen during your SEO Vegas campaign depends largely on what niche you are in and what you are trying to rank for.

An Example That Explains SEO Difficulty

Think of SEO as a sport.

As you know, sports have different leagues with vastly different levels of competitiveness. If you are happy with succeeding in a minor league, then SEO is fairly attainable for the average person.

If you want to win in the major leagues, then you will need to invest a lot of time and effort refining your skillset and creating powerful content.

The most difficult thing for business owners by far is the time it takes to build momentum behind their SEO efforts, as they usually have their hands full running the day-to-day operations of their business.

SEO Vegas: Is SEO Worth The Money?

If you find a committed digital marketing agency that wants to walk with you every step of the way and build a relationship to support your business’ continued growth, then we believe SEO Vegas is worth it.

Brett Farmiloe stated on Forbes that, to find what your SEO is worth, you should “Multiply keyword search volume by expected click-through rate times average conversion rate times average order value. (Keyword search volume X expected click-through rate X average conversion rate X average order value)”

What Does This Mean For You?

When working with us, we provide specific numbers and traffic targets to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

This is not the same thing as randomly putting out ads that may get lost in an online wilderness. Rather, this is a set of highly targeted solutions.

Getting Established With SEO 

Building good SEO is like maintaining a good diet, taking multi-vitamins, and working out every day. Once you establish a good habit and build momentum, things get easier.

What Is Better? SEO Or Advertisements? 

We would argue that advertisements are better for quick, short-term gains, but SEO works better over the long term. We are very happy to establish a long-term game plan with you to make your platform shine.

SEO Vegas: How Much Does An SEO Charge?

When hiring an SEO expert or agency, prices vary.

As you might imagine, SEO elements are different depending on what you want to be done. For this reason, we tailor our plan and solutions to your unique business needs and goals.

Contact Us For SEO Vegas Services

If you would like more information, feel free to call us at 702-268-9000 or send us an email at [email protected] You can also send us a message by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of our About page.

Free, No-Pressure Consultation

We offer an entirely free consultation! We are pleased to offer this to you so that you can get a taste of how we work and what we do.

We will put together a targeted list of recommended actions to bolster your online presence after reviewing your website or help you establish a plan from scratch if you do not have a website yet.

Consider Our SEO Vegas Advantage: What We Provide

As your digital marketing agency, we offer:

  • An ethical and high-quality backlink strategy that increases your reach by directing people to your site or product pages
  • Keyword research to find the best search terms to include in your content
  • On-page SEO with optimized tags, metadata, and quality content to improve the relevance of your site and rank higher in results
  • Customized SEO techniques to increase your local customer base
  • Competitive analysis of others in the industry
  • Off-page SEO methods, such as brand mentions, influencer outreach, forums, social networking, and guest authors