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Do You Need Website Design In Henderson?

If you are here, then you may be looking to hire a professional digital agency for your website.

If this is the case, you are certainly not alone.

As a matter of fact, over the course of the last few years, domain name registrations have increased, and it seems that more and more people are interested in updating the look and feel of their websites.

The question when hiring a website designer is, what benefits do you get from it?

You might have already said to yourself, “Well, I need web design in Henderson, but I’m not sure what advantages this offers.”

Knowing what bang you get for your buck is important when choosing a new design service.

This is why we have compiled a list of five advantages that a professional website designer brings to your business!

Before we jump into the advantages that can transform your website and bring it to a whole new level, let us quickly look at another common question people have when looking for the right web design agency.

The Big Question

The question we hear most often is, “Do I really need web design services, or should I create a website myself?”

If this is where you are at, our view is that the answer depends on what stage your business is in. If you are, for example, looking for proof of concept, then Wix or another drag-and-drop site builder might be a good start for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to scale your business and are looking to find customers, we would definitely suggest finding a professional website designer to work with.

A professional agency can help make your site more attractive and convert the right type of leads!

Side note: If you have already decided that you need a website designer, give us a call anytime at 702-268-9000 and see how our team can help you build the perfect website for your company.

You can also find out more about our web design process by checking out our video on the subject.

Professional Website Designer

Advantage #1: A Professional Website Designer or Developer is Going to Build You A Custom Website

Now that we have introduced the subject, let us look at the first advantage of working with a professional digital agencygetting a custom site!

What does this entail?

A truly customized website is one that has unique features and is designed from scratch first. Only then is it later built inside of WordPress or Shopify.

The thing is, an experienced web design company has the resources and the team necessary to create a one-of-a-kind solution for you, which is why customized design work helps your business stand out.

To truly make your business website perform well, a digital agency should be able to empower your vision, create beautiful design options that match your message, clarify what functions you want your site to have, and more.

Our personal approach is design first and develop second. This is how we make your site both functional and attractive.

Something To Keep In Mind

We just want to give you a heads up that sometimes, if you work with an inexperienced web design company, they may purchase themes from a repository like ThemeForest and use them on your site rather than customize your platform from top to bottom.

What can happen is they look for a template that is suitable, change the photos and the text, and then present the template and website to you as a unique work.

This is not web design, in our opinion.

So, when making your choice (there are a number of local Henderson website designers), we recommend letting the designer know that you are aware of the difference between doing custom work and using themes.

We also recommend outlining your goals to the designer with a checklist.

Perhaps you want your site to be centered around a strong call to action or have a site that easily allows customers to interact with you. Or perhaps you just want a website that has the essential ingredients in place for WordPress to work properly.

Review Their Portfolio of Websites

To make sure you find a knowledgeable designer who can build truly customized websites, we recommend looking over portfolios and seeing who can make a website that looks good and functions well on both desktop and mobile.

Someone who is experienced should be able to provide 10 to 20 examples.

Good Web Designers Are Willing To Adapt

The right site designer will be more than happy to accommodate your questions, use your project checklist, make suggestions, and provide progress benchmarks. They will also (importantly) adapt to changes that you may want later down the road.

Advantage #2: Web Designers Take All of the Weight Off of Your Shoulders

The second advantage of using a professional website designer is that they let you focus on other things.

Let us face it. Running a business takes a lot of work. Whether it is working with customers or handling employee concerns, it is pretty apparent that most business owners do not have the time to devote to designing a premier website.

This is why we say, “Focus on your business and let us focus on your website.”

Not only is building a site time-consuming, but it is also fairly difficultor sometimes extremely difficult depending on what is needed.

This is why we recommend finding the right team to do the job.

The Advantages of Website Design In Henderson

Advantage #3: A Professional Web Development Team Has the Right Resources in Place To Give You A Competitive Advantage

A local Henderson website designer who knows their stuff will have access to the latest technology to give you a competitive edge, which is the third advantage.

Personally, we at Sage Digital Agency use front and backend development tools and a slate of web technologies, platforms, and products to push your project to the next level.

We also offer development in multiple programming languages, such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Detour: How To Pick The Right Web Designer

Before we move on to the fourth advantage, we want to provide you with a few tips to follow when picking a web designer, as well as what to expect when you do.

Tip One – Do market research to get an idea of cost

Before hiring anyone, we definitely recommend finding out what current industry rates are.

It is also a good idea to get quotes from several sources and see if you are comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges (there are different levels of web design).

Tip two – Set your budget from the beginning

Once you have done market research and gotten a good idea of what the website will cost, we recommend setting your budget and presenting it to the designer from the beginning, clarifying any points as needed.

For example, do you want a one-time project, or are you interested in setting the ground floor for future enhancements?

Tip three – Either meet the website design company in person or talk with them on the phone

When looking for the right designer, we recommend setting up a Zoom Chat, meeting them in person, or going to their office to make sure you or comfortable with their vibe.

In our experience, getting to know the personality of the person you are working with is a huge part of project success.

Some Things To Expect

Here Is What A Quality Web Design Company Is Going To Ask You When Getting Started:

  • Do you have an existing website? If so, what is it?
  • What goals do you have for your website?
  • What are your business goals overall?
  • What is the budget that you have allocated to this particular project?
  • Who are your competitors?

Keep in mind that these questions are just the baseline. As you go deeper into the discovery process with any web design agency, they will want to know more.

During your conversation, we recommend that you ask them questions as well. Some good questions for your web design company are:

  • What industries have you worked with?
  • Have you worked with my direct competitors?
  • What is your average turnaround time for a website?
  • What are your timelines for site maintenance and revisions?
  • Am I going to receive wireframes and mockups of my site, or are you going to build it directly?
  • What is your preferred method of communication?
  • Do you use a project management tool? Is it email exclusively? Is it phone calls?

A Web Designer Working to Find the Right Solution

One More Detour: Sage Digital Agency Web Design Services And Web Design In Henderson

If you have searched on Google for a website design company that can actually complete a project for you, you have certainly found it in Sage Digital Agency.

We have over a decade of experience creating websites and digital marketing strategies that deliver for our clients.

If you have an existing website that you think is adequate and just needs upkeep, or if you want to redesign your existing website but keep the current content and some of the layout and structure, we can help.

We have designed hundreds of websites for happy customers, so we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you and see if we can accommodate your needs.

You can contact us via our contact form or give us a call at 702-268-9000 to speak with one of our web developers.

We will help you find out if Sage Digital Agency is the best Las Vegas website designer for you.

The Advantages of Website Design In Henderson

Advantage #4: A Knowledgeable Henderson Website Design Company Will Give Your Business A Good First Impression

When it comes to your business, first impressions are a big deal. How customers see your brand is everything.

Knowing this, an experienced web design company will go the extra mile to make your company’s website appealing and highly functional.

Our belief is that appeal and functionality go hand in hand. Navigation menus are a great example of this.

A Brief Look At Menus As An Example

A well-built navigation menu is essential to how your website functions.

Some questions we would ask about your navigation menu to ensure functionality and appeal are:

How well does it work?

Is it easy to find, or is it tucked off to the side somewhere, making it difficult for people to find?

Is it clear and concise, or are the navigation options obscure and misleading?

Does your menu style match your site as a whole? For instance, sticky menus that stay with readers while they scroll down the page are amazing for sites with longer pages.

These questions and many more are essential to strengthening different parts of your website so that, ultimately, you can leave customers with a positive impression.

Responsive Design Also Leaves A Good Impression

Another way to impress customers is with responsive website design.

It is quite common for designers and developers to build websites on their desktops while completely forgetting about the mobile experience.

That is right.

Many designers and developers do not make their client websites responsive for all screens – iPhones, Samsung, iPads, etc.

The ultimate result is that the mobile side of their work suffers.

This is a big deal since, more often than not (unless you are in a business-to-business industry), anywhere from 70% to 80% of your overall site traffic is going to come from mobile devices.

This is why we at Sage Digital Agency believe in the importance of the mobile site. We NEVER treat it like a by-product. Instead, we integrate it into the whole.

In fact, we take the stance of “mobile first and desktop second,” unless you instruct otherwise.

If anything drives home the importance of mobile design, it is the fact that Google does “mobile indexing” first.

This means that Google looks at your mobile site before they look at the desktop version!

Advantage #5: An Experienced Web Design Company in Henderson Can Put You In Contact With Helpful Resources

For those local to Las Vegas, an experienced web design company in Henderson should be able to put you in contact with resources that will help you build effective collaborative content.

This is important because collaborative content is one of the best ways to build ethical backlinks, and high-quality backlinks are how you get traffic to your site!

We work with a mix of client types, which means we can put you in contact with site owners from various walks of life who are looking for guest bloggers, podcasters, and more.

Getting plugged into a supportive network is important for anyone wanting effective website design in Henderson.

Further Reading: Pricing, Marketing, and More

We hope the five advantages we covered gave you an idea of what to expect when hiring a digital agency.

If you still want more information about finding the right Henderson web design company, the following sections may be worth reading.

Don’t Be The Learning Curve

During your search for a digital agency, we recommend that you avoid being someone’s learning curve.

What does this mean?

Basically, you do not want someone else experimenting on your site as a means of figuring new stuff out. Experiments should be performed on a dummy website instead.

Although hiring a new agency to create your site can sometimes be a good thing, it is also a risk.

We have seen situations where newer agencies lose money or break even on projects just so they can get their hands dirty, make something they have never tried before, and have example work to show.

Sometimes this goes very well for the client, especially if they find a talented design team that simply needs a chance to prove themselves. Other times, this gamble can lead to a lot of problems.

Sage Digital Agency has spoken to people who have spent thousands of dollars on websites that were not what they wanted.

Long story short, most of these people ended up paying the same price again to fix their new website’s design problems.

To sum up, extremely low prices and no portfolio = a risk for your business since you may have to pay twice.

Beware of hidden or unexpected fees

We also recommend looking out for hidden fees.

Hidden fees are a common go-to tactic for designers who quote extremely low prices to win a project but really do not have a full grasp of what the project entails. So, they plan on winging it as they go.

Usually, what ends up happening is there are project requirements not originally accounted for. This leaves the agency team having to do more than they originally planned.

Since the agency does not want to lose money, suddenly, you have a bunch of extra invoices.

This is why we recommend establishing from the beginning if there will be any additional fees, as well as the stipulations for those fees.

A Good Web Design Company Knows What Converts With Your Marketing

Pricing is only one concern. Another important aspect of web design is marketing.

A good web design company will have designers and developers who know what makes users convert.

In fact, there are very simple and effective practices that can be applied from industry to industry to achieve conversation results.

When looking at your project, a web designer with experience will say something like, “Hey, I understand what you’re trying to achieve. Allow us, the developer, the creative license to follow best practices for conversion optimization while honoring your vision.”

Good website designers and developers will also establish a clear-cut roadmap with progress benchmarks.

That way, you are not wasting time, effort, and money going back and forth with revisions, dealing with a website that takes three to six months to complete.

Keep in mind that roadmaps can differ greatly depending on what you need.

If you are trying to reach a local area, it is going to be very different than if you are trying to grow a franchise or create a website for branding purposes.

A knowledgeable website developer will be able to create reasonably accurate timelines for both local campaigns and ones with a wider scope.

Social Media Marketing

For those who may be interested, we do social media marketing! Check out our Contact Us section below for information about how to get a hold of us!

Contact Us | Web Design Henderson

If you need web design services (including SEO web design), or if you want more information on SEO in general, you can reach us at 702-268-9000 or send us an email at [email protected] You can also send us a message by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of our About page.

We are located in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas.

Our Communication and Timelines

Believe it or not, we have heard of other agencies whose client websites have taken over a year to finish.

Our view is that the process should not take this long.

Our websites take a lot less time to produce and execute. On average, we spend a few weeks in the design phase, ensuring we meet all requirements, and once approved, we build in WordPress or Shopify.

We follow detailed processes to avoid developmental delays, unexpected changes, and mistakes.

The exception is if you have a very large site that is either being migrated or redone. A project like this can take up to a couple of months to finish.

We would like to emphasize our commitment to Transparency, Quality, and Impeccable Customer Service during the entire process.

In many situations, a designer, freelancer, or web design agency looking for work will agree to too much just so they can get the job. Or they will neglect to outline potential issues that could come up because they do not want to scare anybody off.

When we take on a new client, we are always transparent.

During our consultation, our conversation will be something like, “Hey, so, here’s our body of work. Here’s what you can expect from us. This is the timeline and the cost, and here are the issues that we have seen in similar situations. Lastly, here are potential points we need to hash out upfront to ensure that we have the absolute best success in the project.”

When making your project’s roadmap, we account for the time needed to bring your site to a very high design standard.

We have a strongly established process, but this is also a fluid undertaking. We are always happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns.

From day one, you will find us very easy to communicate with.

We strive to provide the best customer service for search engine optimization in all of Las Vegas, which means we always go the extra mile to meet your exact needs.

Finding a good match for your Henderson website design project is not the easiest thing to do, but we are confident we can do the job.

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