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It’s pretty obvious the world has changed.

With the pandemic and complications surrounding travel over the past couple of years, the need for SEO has gained more traction than ever before.

Which is saying a lot.

SEO has long been an important go-to tactic for businesses that want to get seen online.

Today, however:

Businesses are pushing the envelope with SEO, finding new and improved ways of reaching their target audiences, and improving their online rankings and visibility.

If this sounds like something your business needs and you have already decided that you want to work with a professional digital agency, then check out our Las Vegas SEO page for information on how to get started!

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If you want a brief overview of what SEO is, keep reading! We have put together some information for those seeking clarity on the subject.

What Exactly Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing traffic to your website through:

Technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

If you can increase your website’s traffic, you stand a chance of converting more prospects into leads by receiving an email address, a contact form submission, a phone call, or a visit to your location.

SEO experts utilize several tools and strategies to make this happen and position your business in the best way possible.

SEO can most certainly be a big undertaking.

We know this very well.

But that being said, there are things that you can do to improve your visibility and ensure your target audience has the best chance of finding you.

SEO Simplified

Although SEO can be quite complicated, the core idea is simple.

When you search for information on Google or other search engines, Google provides you with results that match your query.

Websites that rank for a target keyword “outrank” their competitors, as Google deems them more relevant to the target query.

One could consider these sites as having “better SEO” than their competitors, at least for the keyword they win.

See What We Mean?

This concept is straightforward, but we would like to note that how websites rank on search engines depends on more than just keywords.

There is a complex array of factors that determine where your website ends up, such as:

The quality of the content, off-page links (referred to as backlinks), the website’s structure, its overall build quality, the website being error-free and technically sound, and so on.

While the subject of how websites rank on search engines goes rather deep, we want to focus more on keywords since they are such an important part of getting your website seen for relevant searches.

A Keyword Example

Let us say, for example, that you type in the keyword “apple.”

What your search engine will do is try to provide relevant content that matches your intent.

A lot of work goes into this on the part of search engine providers—more than what meets the eye.

When you type in the word “apple,are you, for instance, looking for information about Apple Inc., the company, or do you want to find an apple at your local grocery store?

Perhaps you want to know what the definition of an apple is instead.

Search engines consider these types of questions and hundreds more.

Whatever you are looking for, Google and other search engines go through a massive amount of information, including information personalized to you, to most accurately provide results.

The Point of SEO

The point of search engine optimization is to convince Google and other search engines that your page or blog post is relevant for a particular keyword phrase and deserves the highly coveted page 1 ranking for it.

This is why SEO is so important for businesses.

Businesses that know how to work with search engines and give them what they want by producing content that they like to see have a huge advantage over their competitors who are still struggling to rank at all.

Following tried and true methods, you can win in your particular space and achieve great rankings.

One Thing To Keep In Mind

Do not forget, though, that search engines are not readily sharing what they want in the form of a handbook that promises “follow these steps and you will win.”

However, through processes that have been proven to work over the long run and the continued iteration of your content and tracking of a page or blog post’s progress, one can get a whole lot of benefit.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, you have choices.

Take on the project yourself, or hire a professional team able to guide you through the complexities of SEO and ensure that you create a strategy that can be executed, tracked, and expanded upon over time.

Sage SEO Services

The SEO game can be challenging, especially for those who are just starting out.

This is why working with an experienced digital agency dedicated to your success is incredibly important.

What we would like to do for you is demystify SEO and establish progress benchmarks to improve your company’s online performance.

If you are interested in our SEO services, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at 702-268-9000.