Did you know that web design is an evolving process?

And that:

Designing a website and launching it is only the first step to finding success online?

Given that websites require regular updates, strategy, and much more, we have to ask…

Do you prefer learning web design and doing it yourself, or would you rather outsource your project to a professional company?

Both paths are valid.

But, if you are looking for a web design agency, we would love to help.

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What Skills Does Your Web Designer Need?

1. Knowledge Of Design Principles

With millions of websites in existence, how do you stand out?

Well, there are a lot of answers to this since web design is not just limited to design principles, typography, graphic design, color theory, and branding.

To be an expert web designer, you must also be proficient in a prototyping tool and have the development skill set to actually build your approved designs.

With that said:

If we had to boil down what your website needs to stand out, it would be visual appeal and a message the clicks with your audience.

If you do not know how to get your website to the right standard, then hiring a professional design company may not be such a bad idea.


Your design agency should have a strong eye for visual aesthetics and an expert understanding of branding and standard industry practices.

2. Technical Knowledge And Coding Skills

Web designers need to have back-end knowledge and coding skills to make the website responsive and efficient.

In WordPress, this means using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In Shopify, this means understanding the platform’s liquid environment. 

3. SEO Management Skills

Web designers equipped with SEO skills are highly sought after, as SEO is necessary for generating traffic for websites.

You could have the most beautiful site in the world, but without traffic, it will not get anywhere.

A website with no visitors is as good as a business with no customers.

So, it is a huge advantage to any client if the website designer is knowledgeable in SEO, as this person will build their site with SEO in mind.

Choosing The Right Web Designer

The skills mentioned above are key foundations for hiring the right web designer and what anyone looking for a web designer should be considering.

If your designer has all of these abilities, you have likely found a good choice!