About Sage Digital Agency

Will my site be mobile friendly / mobile responsive?

In today’s environment, it is impossible to not have a site that’s mobile friendly and responsive. The term mobile friendly simply means that your website content will be displayed in a nice format on all mobile devices. The term responsive means that as you go between different devices the website will change accordingly and display content based on the size of the screen. Our websites are absolutely made to be mobile friendly as well as responsive, and our thought process is to build “mobile first”, as in many cases mobile visits to your website will be a larger percentage than those on desktop.

What CMS/platform do you use?

Our content management system of choice is WordPress. There are a variety of reasons for this, primarily due to the fact that nearly 40% of the entire internet is WordPress built, it is open source, and we find that whether you are a small business just starting out, or a large company interested in custom development, WordPress is the right choice. We are experts at Shopify development and can assist with any of your Shopify needs as well.

Do I own the site?

Yes, you are the owner of your website. We believe strongly that when you put in time, effort, money and resources to build a website, you should be the owner of it and you should have full access to it at any time, regardless of whether you utilize our monthly managed services, or if you choose to host your website elsewhere, you will always be the owner of the website, and maintain full control of what happens to it. Beware, some web developers will not disclose their ownership upfront, and if you attempt a change in hosting, may send you an invoice you were not expecting!

Will I be able to make updates myself?

Once your website is built, it’s relatively easy to make updates on your own or have someone on your staff do so. Some of our clients prefer not to have any involvement at all with updates, while others prefer to be more hands-on and get involved with content updates and things of that nature.

WordPress is quite user friendly, being open source there is a tremendous amount of information available online, and we are certainly here to help you in any way that you need.

Our monthly managed services are meant to ensure that your core, theme and plugins are all at their most updated level to ensure the site functions as best as possible, we also have solutions for security and content updates. When you call, we will discuss all the options available to you and come up with a solution that fits your specific needs.

How long does it take to build the site?

The process of building a website can vary significantly based on your specific situation. Without knowing exactly what it is that you’re looking for, it is difficult to give an exact time. Depending on certain factors you can expect to see a draft of your website within one to three weeks. Again, depending on the type of website being built, as well as the functionality necessary, this will influence on time to completion.

We communicate well with our clients, and you will always know at what stage we are at.

What is the process?

We have our process down to a science. When you hire Sage Digital Agency, we start by having several onboarding sessions where we delve into specifics about your business and your goals. We will outline the phases and steps necessary to get your website project complete, and we will generate a list of needs. We will ask you to share with us several examples of websites from your competitors and other industries in order to get an idea of your style and what you love. We will do the research necessary in order to ensure we are developing a website that serves your interests best.

We will begin development and the creative process on our development platform so that your website will not be viewable by the public until it is ready to go live. Usually this takes between one to three weeks depending on the specifications and requirements of our clients. Once we have a draft site ready, we will share it with you and your team, and we will go through and ensure that all content and functionality meet your requirements.

We follow a strict quality control process to ensure that all links and functionality are fully operational prior to going live. With your approval, we will migrate your website to the live domain, and make any adjustments necessary once migrated.

Do you provide the content?

We do not natively provide website content. Should you require this service, we will create a solution for you to have fresh content written for your new website.

Will I have Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tracking tool used in order to understand where traffic to your website is coming from and how that traffic interacts with your website. We will install Google Analytics on your behalf, and you can opt for high-level reporting to be done by us on a monthly basis, depending on the monthly maintenance package that you choose.

How does hosting work?

Having a hosting plan that is insufficient for your needs is like putting the lowest quality fuel in a high-end vehicle. All hosting is not the same. For a full description of hosting plans and how you can succeed with them, please see our blog post by clicking here.

I have been burned before, what makes you different?

Firstly, we are sorry that you had a bad experience in the past. Unfortunately, we would estimate that more than 75% of our clients start a conversation with us by saying they’ve had a bad experience with web designers in the past. This is an unfortunate truth. There are several factors to consider as to why your experience with Sage Digital Agency will not be the same as you have had in the past. Firstly we are very small-business centric, we understand that a website is the core of how you market your services or products online, and ensuring that you have a partnership with a reputable firm is at the top of the list of importance. We care about the results our customers get, and we take very seriously putting our name on a final product. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you were completely satisfied.

Is the site custom? What are the limitations?

This is a great question! We often see Web designers making statements to the tune of, “Create your custom website today!” Let’s get very clear on what custom is. We will absolutely customize your website to your specific needs. WordPress, our preferred content management system, and the themes built upon WordPress are of the utmost importance. Making the wrong choice in both CMS and theme, will likely be a foundational issue of which you will consistently have problems. Don’t be fooled by the custom verbiage you hear across the Web. While we are not hand coding every single element of your website from scratch, which is totally unnecessary and implausible, we are experts at coding languages and we will affect change to your website in a custom format in order to display information in the way that you would like and according to best practices.

There are few limitations that we have ever run across on WordPress that we were not able to implement for a client. Of course, based on the technical requirements of a project, it may be a significant undertaking in order to accomplish, but with having the right goals in mind and everybody being on the same page, we feel confident that no matter what your use-case, we will be able to provide a solution for you that is tailor made.

Do you have references I can speak with?

Absolutely yes. We can provide you an extensive list of references.

When are you available to start?

Usually, we will request and on boarding call within the first 48 hours, and we will start your project shortly thereafter. Based on several factors, it will take between 1 week to 3 weeks for us to develop the first draft of your website.

How does maintenance and updates work?

We offer several monthly managed service options for you to choose from. We can be involved as little or as much as you feel is right for your needs. If you choose to work with us on a monthly basis, we will provide you several options with respect to managed core theme and plugin updates, hosting, security, and content updates. We also offer solutions for business listing management, reputation management, content creation, paid search management on Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

WordPress is a robust content management system. Some of our clients choose to make content updates to on their own. Based on your needs, we will set up a plan that makes sense for you, so that you have full access to your website, can make content updates, or can just be in touch with us via our ticketing system to ensure all of your needs are met right away.

How many rounds of revisions are included?

We do not cap you with a maximum round of revisions on a project. We base all our projects packages and pricing with revisions included. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are 100% satisfied, and that your web development project is a complete success.

Will my website be SEO optimized and ready for Google?

We offer several pricing packages, some which do include SEO implementation and optimization to ensure that your site is ready for Google, and that the best optimization is done from the start to ensure your listings are correct.

We can be of assistance on a monthly basis to ensure that your company information is correct across a vast number of directories, a very important part of search engine optimization.

Will I be found in Google?

Well isn’t this the million-dollar question?  Being found organically in Google depends on many factors. Firstly, if a website is just newly launched, it will take some time for Google to index your website properly and display within search results. This does not mean that your website will automatically rank on the 1st page of Google without effort, resources, time, and money.

Based on your industry and business type, we will make recommendations as to what the best way is to show your website to your target audience and direct relevant traffic.

Will I receive the files?

You are the owner of your website, no matter if you host it with us or if you find some other hosting solution. If you turn over your site to a 3rd party web developer, we cannot be held liable for what that developer does with your website and its content. We will always be available to offer you a full and complete backup of your website, and should you choose our monthly managed services such as hosting, we do off site backups on a daily basis to ensure the integrity of your website.

How many pages are included? What about extra?

Our three main development packages include a substantial number of page creations to ensure that all your content can be created according to your needs. That being said, if your specific situation requires a number of pages outside of the norm, we will mention it to you prior to the beginning of our development, and we will provide an addendum to our agreement for the building of the additional pages.

What functionality will it have?

Consider us your partners through the development process. The functionality that the website will have will inherently be based upon your specific needs. If you are selling insurance, you may want to have some kind of contact form with requests for information from the perspective customer. That functionality is far different than if you’re selling jewelry online. Once we have our initial discussion with you we will recommend features that we will include as part of the development of your project, and if any features require custom development, we will ensure that you are aware of it prior to the start of our project together.

Can I have a popup?

Yes. While popups are not always the best solution, depending on what you are trying to achieve we will recommend several options available to you and why we believe they are superior. A popup can be great for capturing an email address, delivering a lead magnet, but can also be distracting to the client and a potential reason for them to leave your website.

If I know a site or an element of a site I like, can you copy it?

One of the questions that we will ask you during onboarding is if you can show us examples either within your industry or outside of your industry of websites that you absolutely love. We do this not because we want to copy the content, but we want to get an idea of your style and taste. A website should be an amalgamation of both a creative element where we take into consideration the style and functionality that you like, but also should be done according to best practices that will improve your conversion rates.

Do you specialize in a particular vertical/industry?

We have clients in dozens of different industries. We believe that core web development solutions are relevant and can be applied to a variety of different industries and verticals.

Do you offer other services and/or can help with marketing afterwards?

Yes.  We have several monthly services that are available to you, and we absolutely can be of assistance to you with all your online marketing needs after the development of your website. We believe that it makes a lot of sense to retain our services and allow us to build robust paid search campaigns in order to direct relevant traffic to your website to achieve your online goals. Let’s schedule a discussion so we can talk about your specific use case and how we could be of help.