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Benefit From Miami Web Design Services With Sage Digital Agency

Let Sage Digital Agency’s Miami Web Design Services boost your business website’s power. Benefit from the team’s services, expertise, and decades of experience.

In today’s competitive digital market, having an expertly designed website is essential to success. Not only are websites digital calling cards, but they are also windows into the core of your business. They tell the world who you are, the services or products you offer, your mission, and your role and standing in the international marketplace.

Naturally, building a high-quality website is an investment, which is why many business owners avoid hiring professional services and opt instead to venture out on their own. There is nothing wrong with this necessarily. Given enough time, research, and the proper tools, anyone can build a solid website. The big problem lies in the learning curve. Industry-standard websites require hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to learn how to build, and most business owners do not have the time to invest, what with busy client schedules, deadlines, employee concerns, and so on.

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From Web Design to Paid Media and SEO, you’ll find the information and resources you need to make informed decisions for your business.

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An Exceptional Miami Design Agency

  1. What we at Sage Digital Agency do is take the burden away from you, the business owner, by handling the web design process from end-to-end so that you can do what is most important—focus on your business. Following best industry practices, we uphold your vision with the highest care, combining the best of two worlds, the professional and personal. Our team of highly knowledgeable design experts live and breathe web design, utilizing forward-thinking development strategies and cutting-edge concepts. For the past several years, we have supported diverse clients, helping them make millions of dollars in sales.
  2. Our team of experts puts you and your business needs first so that you stand out in the fiercely competitive business world. We help your business make the best first impression on potential customers and clients. Our team’s decades of experience means you have the benefit of high-level problem-solving and project management skills, high-tech solutions and concepts, and personalized attention.

Our Services Include;

  • Creating website designs from scratch with front and backend web development tools
  • In-depth SEO strategies
  • Content writing
  • Web hosting
  • Paid media
  • Adding and/or reworking images with digital editing
  • Development in multiple programming languages, such as CSS, Javascript, HTML, and more.
  • Ongoing support, i.e., updating and improving the website through feedback, knowledge support, and content creation
  • Analytics & strategy

Great Website Service Is What Makes an Online Store Thrive!

Is Sage Digital Agency The Best Choice For You?

Well, we’re biased, but here’s what makes us different: One of the reasons Sage Digital Agency stands out as a top pick when considered against other Miami web design companies is our project management process. Everything we do is planned before we start, and we mean everything. You have a dedicated project manager who themselves are design experts to walk you through the journey of developing your new website. With their expertise, you will gain key insights into how to get the most out of your website, whether you want to scale your business, sell more online, or strengthen your organic search presence. Sound like something you’re interested in?

How We Do It

To accomplish all this, we use a slate of web technologies, platforms, and products. These include Bing, Google Partner, Microsoft Partner, ShopifyPlus, WooCommerce, WordPress, and more. Using these tools, we follow a very specific, streamlined process that not only enhances our efficiency but ensures top-quality results.

Given time constraints, it is a common error for business owners to leap ahead and “just throw something together” and see what happens. Unfortunately, an outdated, poorly written, or malfunctioning website reflects badly on any business.

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Get a targeted, actionable list of improvements you need to make to improve your website. This free design consultation is just one of the many reasons why we have earned our position as one of the best Shopify web designers.

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What Exactly Does A Web Designer Or Development Consultant Do?

A robust website with strong sales may sound good, but you are probably still wondering what exactly a web designer or web development consultant really does. Essentially, a web development consultant’s job is to either walk you through the technical side of building a website or handle it for you directly. We take the latter approach, doing everything hands-on and not outsourcing to third parties, which is why we call ourselves an end-to-end web developer or a full-suite web design agency.

Our Process

Here is a brief look at our process, which has five phases.

Step One. Discovery When you choose to collaborate with Sage Digital Agency, we schedule a kickoff meeting where we discuss your website, the scope of your project, as well as learn more about your business, its needs, your competitors, and your current website’s limitations (if you have one). If you do not have a website, we can help you build one from the ground up.

Step Two. Onboarding – We learn even more about your business style, goals, and the clients or customers you want to attract. We also determine your website’s areas of improvement. 

Step Three. Planning & Implementation – We apply our expertise, experience, resources, and tools to the information gathered in steps one and two, and from there, craft a strategic plan with the design and development elements that suit your unique business needs and goals. 

Step Four. Interface Development – We create wireframes and mockups to bring our strategic plan to life. We also start sketching out your website’s layout and creating fresh, SEO-driven content that helps your website improve its search engine ranking.

Step Five. Front & Backend Development – We create your website’s initial drafts and detail every project task and milestone using clean code and our robust project management tool.

Achieving Your Final Web Design

To perfect your website design, we establish an ongoing dialogue with you, taking your feedback, offering suggestions, and adjusting accordingly so that we achieve your vision. Not only do we actively work with you every step of the way, but we also provide follow-up services, so you will never be left hanging if you want additional changes made to your site!

Why Do You Need A Web Design Agency?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, websites are necessary today, and poorly made sites reflect badly on any business. Hiring a professional design agency helps you avoid mistakes that are easy to make if you have not invested serious time into learning the field.

Some Common Web Design Mistakes

Poor Call To Action – Your website’s CTA is one of its most important aspects. Having a strong call to action helps to greatly increase your website’s conversion rate. 

Examples of weak CTAs would be:

  • One that is buried beneath distracting content.
  • One that is unclear.
  • One that requires excessive effort to follow up on (filling out a long, complicated form).
  • One that does not target your audience appropriately. 

Hard To Read Or Busy Pages – We have all come across websites that are cluttered and difficult to read or that use multiple font types. Or perhaps the font size is simply too big or too small. Whatever the case, there are numerous potential page errors that can impact your site’s performance.

Difficult Navigation – Poorly designed navigation is disastrous for websites. Ultra-long menus with multiple items, vague navigation menus, or navigation menus with generic labels can all overwhelm your audience, ultimately lowering your conversion rate. Similarly, the content layout of your pages can be misleading, distracting, or otherwise distasteful to viewers unless you follow certain important design principles.

Photo Problems – Using generic stock photos may not be a good idea. While they are not always a bad idea, they can easily be misused. They are certainly not as good as using specialty photos licensed directly to and for you. Other issues that can negatively impact the images on your site are missing metadata, improperly stretched or cropped photos, or images that have not been compressed.

Weak Security Design – While web security is its own field and is separate in many ways from web design, how a website is designed still plays a huge role in how security features are integrated and implemented. Our designs put security at the forefront so that we can keep your website safe!

No Privacy Or Return Policies – If your website does not have a privacy policy or a return policy, this is a glaring indicator that your design is not complete. Inevitably, this lowers your audience’s trust and your conversion rate.

Terrible Ad Placement – We are sure you have encountered at least one website that was overflowing with misplaced ads, making the content difficult (if not impossible) to follow. Less obnoxious mistakes, such as irrelevant ads, can still lower audience trust or simply act as an annoyance.

Weak Or Buggy Search Feature – Your website’s search feature is an important aspect, especially if you are planning on running an online store or blog. Without professional integration, it is very easy for your search function to miss typos, different keywords, or basically any input that does not exactly match your content.

The Other Side Of The Coin

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, websites are necessary today, and poorly made sites reflect badly on any business. Hiring a professional design agency helps you avoid mistakes that are easy to make if you have not invested serious time into learning the field.

Top Benefits of Using A Web Design Company

Your Website Will Have Visual Appeal: You might have come across a website that looks like it came from the early 2000s or like it was copied and pasted using a cheap template. Outdated design styles lower audience trust. By contrast, a website that dazzles in every respect, or at the very least, firmly follows industry standards is going to positively impact your business.

Your Website Will Be Fast: A fast website is often a good one. Interestingly enough, building a fast website requires more than simply putting something online. There are numerous steps that can impact your site’s speed. A few examples include choosing the right hosting options, reducing server response time, and enabling image compression.

If you are interested, some other ways to increase your website’s speed are:

Using a CDN, minifying files, reducing image sizes, polishing and trimming HTML, cleaning the site’s database, testing, reducing, and changing plug-ins, and monitoring page speeds.

Your Website Will Have Strong Search Engine Optimization: Having robust SEO is critical in a competitive digital market because this is how your website gets seen. Sage Digital Agency follows several strategies to empower your website’s SEO, giving your website the best chance to stand out!

Your Website Will Have Responsive Website Design: Believe it or not, it is easy to design a website that does not work well across multiple browsers. For example, a website can easily work well in Chrome but suffer in Microsoft Edge. A professional design agency’s job is to make sure that your site overcomes this common issue. Not only should your website work across browsers but across different devices as well, adjusting automatically to any screen it is on, whether that be a smartphone or a desktop. 

Your Website Will Have A Higher Conversion Rate: We follow best industry practices proven to increase conversion rates. We also work with you to make important design decisions. For example, there is some debate about the effectiveness of hamburger navigation menus. By working closely with you, we gain a deep understanding of your audience while explaining the pros and cons of different industry options, thus coming to an optimal solution.

Your Website Will Have An Integrated Database: We can arrange your data and help streamline your services to customers and clients, whether you want to run a membership directory or simply make your online store work better.

Your Website Will Have Consistent Branding: It is a professional web design agency’s job to take your branding and really make it shine. Good online branding has to be consistent, clear, in tune with your audience, and in line with your vision. We take an inventory of your color scheme, your fonts, and other design aspects to keep your branding consistent regardless of future changes.

Your Website Will Be Up-To-Date: An extremely important part of having a website is keeping it current with the times. This cannot be overstated, especially given how rapidly technology is evolving. We at Sage Digital Agency not only design your website but also offer ongoing support to keep it up-to-date and highly relevant.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Designer To Build A Website?

We know that project timeline and costs are important to you, your team, and your company’s bottom line. As you might imagine, these elements vary from project to project. Please consider that no client or project is alike and that we tailor our plan and solutions to your unique business needs and goals. Good web design takes time, so projects generally take weeks from concept to working draft. Costs depend on the project’s scope, the recommended elements or tools, and the necessary labor and testing.


Some different factors that determine price are:


Platform – What platform you use, for example, WordPress or Shopify, will impact the overall cost. Generally speaking, Shopify websites are used for stores and have unique needs and certain functions that need to be built in, i.e., custom pricing calculators and special setups that handle shipping on the backend.


Page Count – This is a big one, and perhaps the most obvious. Bigger websites require more time and effort. 


Media Additions  – How much media are you looking to add? Photographs, videos, and page graphics will all increase the overall time spent on a project.


Design Depth – Do you want your website to be flat or have a 3D design aspect?


Extra Security – Security is a complex field with a huge range of programs and capacities. How much security you want to add to your site will significantly influence the overall price.


Domain Name – If you have not gotten a domain name yet, this can play a big role in your website’s total price. Some domains are cheap, but others can run for thousands of dollars or more.


Backend Services and Extras – Services such as social integration and API integration, or extra parts to your website, such as a blog, will impact the overall price.

More About Our Process

During our projects, we take a 3-Pronged approach.

  1. Thorough Planning & Research: Planning and research form the foundation of our website projects. We put time into getting to know you, your unique business needs and goals, your clients or customers, and your competitors.
  2. Expert Developers: With some of the best developers in the business on our team, we are proud to build our clients’ websites with clean code that sets any company up for success.
  3. Rigorous Testing: Testing our work from the point of view of a potential user allows us to address errors and issues before they create problems.

Our process allows us to effectively offer an entire cadre of services, from graphic design to user experience testing and search engine optimization. This has led us to build some incredible websites for clients around the world, as well as those in the Miami area.

A Top Digital Agency Providing Services To Those In Miami

If you would like to know more about our previous projects, check out our portfolio page. There are several examples of what we offer businesses in the Miami area.

Let Us Be Your Web Development Consultant

If you would like more information, we would love to hear from you. We have extensive experience building websites that have received hundreds of thousands of views. Our team of experts not only has the know-how but the desire to see you achieve your vision. For more information, you can call us at 702-268-9000 or send us an email at [email protected] You can also send us a message by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of our About page. Finally, if you still have questions, you can learn more about our 5-step design process here.

Free Consultation

Keep in mind that we offer an entirely free consultation. We are pleased to offer this to you so that you can get a taste of how we work and what we do. We can put together a targeted list of recommended actions and improvements for your online presence after reviewing your website or start from scratch to develop your dream site. This free session gives you the chance to appraise our approach and expertise and get to know our team and working style.

If you are not quite ready for a free strategy session but want to learn more about Sage Digital Agency’s team, Miami web design, and other services, we will be happy to answer any messages you send us, helping you power up your business’ online presence. Here is to boosting your business around the world for years to come