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Paid Media

When your audiences, are searching, paid media is critical.

Increase the visibility of your content so your audiences see – and hear – what you have to say.

Paid search engine marketing is one of the fastest ways to raise the ranking of a website in search results. This advertising model involves selecting and bidding on keywords related to the ads that display near the top of every results page. The conditions in which each pay per click ad gets served to customers may be automated or manually refined.

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Thinking about increasing traffic to your website via paid search campaigns?

Pay per click ads are the most prevalent form of search engine advertising. Business and website owners allot a monthly budget for bidding on keywords for ads displayed based on the content of search queries and the parameters of a PPC campaign. Advertisers have the option to automate many elements of these campaigns, but a business that relies on skilled advertisers to build a PPC campaign from the ground up is likely to get better results in less time.

Effective campaigns focus on the products, services, location and other identifying aspects of a business that prospective customers are likely to enter in searches. Business owners with limited experience in web advertising tend to pick less effective keywords than professionals who have backgrounds in running PPC campaigns. These campaigns also call for web development skills for making landing pages that lead directly to conversions.

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The Purpose of Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing is a relatively fast and easy way for a business or website to show up near the top of the first page of search results. Getting a page ranked near the top of the results for any search query requires the use of techniques referred to as “organic” methods of search engine optimization.

Organic SEO involves strategically improving the design and content of a website and creating links and backlinks that increase the level of trust search engine algorithms place in a domain. These measures make a website more accessible for search engine indexing and should also enhance the user experience. SEO measures take much longer to raise the rank of a website and draw more clicks than paying to have a site appear in the portion of results pages on major search engines dedicated to displaying paid advertisements.

While automation makes it easier for business owners to launch and run PPC ad campaigns, digital marketing specialists have the expertise and tools necessary to maximize business and website owners’ return on investment. Learn how PPC advertising works and find out what the right digital marketing agency can bring to these campaigns.

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Google Adwords is a very powerful tool, able to connect you to your target audience instantaneously, and be seen by those interested in making a purchase decision.

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Make the the most out of your marketing dollars by remarketing to your web visitors, and prospecting to highly-relevant Facebook and Instagram users to lead them into your funnel.

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Leveraging lower click costs on Bing, we can direct highly-relevant traffic to your website. Working with us will place you in a position of strength, leveraging your marketing dollars to direct relevant search traffic to your website.

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Why To Rely On PPC Advertising Experts

Although most major search engines provide tools that can enable business owners to start and run pay per click advertising campaigns, experts bring experience and specialized skill sets to the table. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing PPC campaigns to a digital marketing agency:

  • A/B testing
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Conversion optimization
  • Detailed reporting

Digital marketing pros do split tests to ensure that ads perform at an optimal level. In addition to changing the wording of PPC advertisements, testing may also be helpful for determining the most effective ad placement locations across the Google Display Network and other major search engine channels or platforms.

Selecting keywords that apply to a business, website and any relevant products or services is not as simple as it seems. The most effective keyword-driven SEO and PPC campaigns anticipate how the prospective customers who are most likely to make purchases phrase search queries.

Picking the right keywords is only one aspect of conversion optimization. Businesses who also want to outsource web development are likely to appreciate the ways that professionals trained in pay per click campaigns approach landing page design. It may be possible to increase sales by eliminating sources of friction from the customer experience.

The difference trained PPC professionals can make is evident in the analytics generated by these campaigns. Most major search engines that support this type of advertising provide built-in data tracking tools. The amount of data available to trained professionals far exceeds the limited information displayed by some of the same tools when used in automated mode.

Most amateur advertisers don’t know the tricks of the trade or have the time to ensure that ads and landing pages are designed for maximum ROI. While automation can go a long way toward making it possible for more business owners to launch and refine search engine advertising campaigns, these systems lack the personal touch of a dedicated PPC specialist.

How PPC Marketing Works

The basic principle of pay per click marketing is that the business or website displaying an ad only pays when a search engine user clicks on the link provided. No cost is associated with displaying the advertisement otherwise. As a result, it is possible to run a campaign that underperforms by failing to attract clicks as well as campaigns that draw clicks that do not lead to conversions.

It is important to ensure that every aspect of a PPC advertising campaign maximizes visibility to the most likely leads while minimizing unnecessary marketing expenditures. Most search engine advertising platforms require a monthly budget for campaigns. In automated mode, this budget is used to maximum effect as determined by the Google Ads system. Manual controls make it possible for expert advertisers to fine tune how and when PPC ads get served.

Reporting Pay Per Click Performance 

One of the major benefits of relying on a digital marketing service is the level of detail and synthesis in campaign reporting. Rather than just having access to the analytics generated by a search engine advertising system, a business or website owner can get more information about the contexts in which ads currently appear along with actionable ideas to increase ROI.

For the best results, a business or website should rely on a digital agency for PPC, SEO and web development services. All of these areas of internet marketing are related. Pay per click campaigns may perform better if the owner of a website is also pursuing on-site and off-site optimization measures. Analytics and reports from these initiatives can also provide a clearer picture of the current web presence of a client and a combination of organic and paid ways to increase clicks conversions.

Show Up On the FIrst Search Results Page

Business and website owners who want to show up on the first page of search results for relevant queries should consult with a digital marketing agency about PPC advertising. A pay per click campaign that focuses on the most cost-effective and competitive keywords can drive up clicks and conversions. Schedule a consultation with a digital marketing agency in Las Vegas to identify the best keywords to bid on and the most effective search-based advertising strategy.