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We are your partners in Digital Marketing. If you are interested in improving your visibility in organic search, you’ve reached the right place. We will set you up with a tailored plan, designed to increase local search traffic, and get your phone ringing.

SEO is all about being found locally by your potential customers, organically. No magic wand here, just tried and true methods and the utilization of best practices to get you to your objectives, more leads, and more sales.

Our proprietary SEO processes are unique and loved by our clients.

It Takes A Village

Search engine optimization is more than a one-time deal, and takes more than one person to achieve true results. When you work with Sage Digital, you will be working with a team of content creators, bloggers, web designers and developers. We come together in congruence to produce fresh, real content that search engines will love.

We are driven by results that are true, measurable and accountable.

What is SEO? How Does Google Rank Websites?

Google ranks websites based upon what they consider to be the most relevant and useful content in relation to the search term. They determine which websites are the most useful via complex algorithms which take into account a large number of factors.

Although Google does not share with the public what these factors are, through a combination of research and experience, a professional SEO team knows what the most important factors are.

Google strives to be relevant, and offer the best answers to your questions.

Therefore, one must ask, what are the keywords that my target audience search for frequently within my area, and does my website provide the answers to these questions?

Additionally, Google loves new, fresh content. When you work with Sage Digital, we will craft a SEO plan that will produce real results.

Keywords and Search Terms are Everything

Keywords are the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. But, what keywords are the right ones?

When we begin the process, we need to understand the target audience. We can do this by analyzing your current clients, as well as through research of what is being searched for online.

Through high-level research, we will understand who your target audience is, what they are looking for online, and we will create a plan of action to reach them via targeting marketing channels.
We are driven by results that are true, measurable and accountable.

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