Social Media Management


Starting a new social media marketing campaign? We will understand your specific business needs and develop a plan of action. Have an existing campaign? We will analyze the “what is” and develop a plan to get you “to be”.


It’s all about leveraging the power of social media drive targeted traffic to your website. We will pin-point your audience, show then relevant advertisements, and direct them through a funnel ultimately leading to a conversion. It is very easy to spend money on Social Media marketing, much more difficult to spend it wisely. Leave that up to Sage.


Getting clicks is only a part of the battle. Once we have a potential customer on your website, what then? It’s a matter of steps, and of continued progress. Refinements, with an eye on the empirical data, is the secret sauce to continued marketing success.


Managing your social media accounts can be a daunting task. Additionally, without a well thought out plan, posts can be disjointed and not in line with your brand guidelines.

Your social channels are the starting point for how new customers and your existing ones connect with you and your brand. You must ensure that you are in control of the narrative around your business, and produce regular, high quality posts that are cohesive and on brand.

Our expert staff will take control of your social accounts, create fresh and new content, and develop new relationships with clients on these platforms.

Let us manage your social media content, and advertising budget on a monthly basis. 

  • We drive customer acquisition and revenue through growth-focused campaigns across major social networks.
  • We use data and automation to optimize campaigns, maximizing budget and improving ROI.


1. Discovery

We dive into your company vision, target audience, and objectives to determine opportunities for growth.

1. Develop

We compose high level ad copy and create/source image assets.

1. Launch

We maximize ROI through A/B testing and a keen eye on data, on an ongoing basis.

“Creative without strategy is called “Art”. Creative with strategy is called “Advertising”.

Jef Richards