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So, You Need Website Redesign Services. Now What?

Did you know that poor website design can really have a negative impact on your business?

If you’re embarrassed with the way your current website looks, or if your site doesn’t get good feedback, maybe it’s time to consider a website redesign.

We Do High-Quality Redesign

At Sage Digital Agency, we work with businesses every single day to figure out if web redesign is what they need or if there’s some other solution.

For websites needing a redo, we offer custom design rather than prepackaged templates.

Using our unique design process, we’ve helped many companies start fresh, unveil new brands, increase conversion rates, and develop platforms that they can really be proud of.

Guidelines For Whether You Need A Website Redesign

Before talking to your preferred web designer, we recommend checking to see if your site even needs to be redesigned.

Usually, redesigns are used when websites have serious design flaws that compromise their function or security.

Or their performance is lacking.

With this in mind, here are 5 things to consider before moving forward.

1: How Long Has The Current Site Been In Existence?

If your site is more than a couple of years old, it would probably be a good idea to redesign it.

Technology changes so fast that redesigns every few years are recommended for security reasons.

Some common security issues with old websites are:

Increased vulnerability to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Broken access control.

Old security settings that haven’t been updated.

Susceptibility to SQL injections.

And many more!

The older your site gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to the dozens of threats posed by hackers looking to go after easy targets.

Now, while redesigning your site won’t prevent a determined hacker from getting inside your website, it does provide a degree of protection.

Let’s face it, though. Redesigning your website every few years sounds like a hassle.

The good news is:

Once your web designer has worked on your site, future redesigns become a whole lot easier.

Also, redesigns really do go a long way in making your site function better.

2: What Feedback Are You Getting?

Here’s a big one….Have there been complaints from your employees or customers regarding your website?

If you answered yes, then it seriously may be time for a website redesign.

Slow, buggy or confusing sites are the bane of online businesses and should be fixed at all costs, especially if you have people leaving negative reviews.

If you are getting negative reviews because of your site, we recommend getting it redesigned ASAP!

3: Are You Getting Good Leads? 

New clients often come to us with old websites they hired someone else to build and say, “We aren’t getting any leads. We don’t know what to do!”

In cases like these, revamps can really help.


Well, there are three main reasons.

One: Low leads are often the result of poor website functionality.

Two: 7 times out of 10, the clients who come to us have significant issues with their websites not working properly.

Three: A professional revamp fixes those issues. ^

Even if a business has everything else in place for success, if their website fails to work properly, their conversions suffer.

This is why design functionality is so important.

Then there is audience optimization to consider.

You need both.

Having a well-oiled website that is tailor-made for your audience is probably even more important than having a visually appealing one, which is saying a lot!

We always like to say that you could have the best-looking site in the world, but if it isn’t converting or generating traffic of any kind, what does it matter how great the site looks?

Case in point, sometimes highly functional websites generate leads even if they aren’t pretty—for example, Craigslist.

Powerhouse websites that already convert don’t need to be fixed. They only need to be fine-tuned.

Websites that aren’t doing so well, on the other hand, could use a rework.

The real question is, will a redesign increase your leads or not?

To make sure we are helping your website, we look it over, analyze what pages are performing well (if any), and compare your current design to industry-standard practices.

We then make changes based on best practices and what we know from experience works.

From there, we closely monitor your site’s performance to measure the impact of our changes.

4: Do You Currently Have A Blog And The Ability To Post New Content To The Site?

At Sage Digital, we believe that one of the pillars of search engine optimization (i.e., getting your stuff seen) is:

The ongoing development of content that’s published regularly, has well-researched keywords, and speaks to your specific industry.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting and helping customers with good content.

So, if you don’t have a blog, your business is missing out on a potentially substantial traffic stream.

Starting a blog is easy. Building a blog, however, takes a ton of work and is an in-depth subject.

Fortunately, if you want to start a blog, we can help. We follow a five-step process designed to maximize efficiency and achieve results.

Once you’ve got a solid base of content from us, you can then repurpose it, which is part of keeping a regular publishing schedule.

Repurposed content can be used for emails, social media, posting on forums, and more.

The best part?

Not everything you do needs to be salesy, which takes a lot of pressure off.

Blog posts can simply be used to establish your name and showcase your expertise so that readers trust your products and services. This way, you can speak to members of your audience who are at different stages of the buying cycle.

5: Does Your Site Work Well And Look Great On Mobile Devices?

Google has made it very clear that how your site renders on mobile devices is of utmost importance.

Here’s what Google Ads Help says:

“It’s important for your website to work well on mobile devices, so if you haven’t yet invested in making your website mobile-friendly, it’s time to do so. Mobile-friendly sites show up higher in search results. Mobile searches make up more than half of searches on Google.com.”

Google is saying that mobile-friendly sites perform better than their unoptimized competitors.


Some experts have claimed that Google will not show your website results to any user on a cell phone or a tablet if your site has not been mobile optimized.

Whether Google is this extreme or not, one thing is for certain, having a site that is amazing on mobile is essential to its success.

Consider An In-Depth User Experience, Conversion, and SEO Audit By Sage Digital

If you need an audit to ensure that your website is 100% up to code and that the content, imagery, sitemap, and overall design are on point, we’d love to help.

Having come across many redesigns with errors in them (usually they are made by newer web designers with less experience), we know what it takes to bulletproof your site.

Following best industry practices, we create a uniquely tailored strategy that brings the best out of your website while honoring your vision.

During the auditing process, we also create a strong call to action for you, check your internal linking, and set up analytics.

Want More Information?

For more details on how to get started with us, you can call us or schedule an entirely free consultation here!

If you are a beginning web designer who wants to learn more about designing your own website, check out this fascinating website redesign case study.

If you are looking to increase your SEO and click-through rate (CTR) with A/B testing, check out VWO.

Further Reading: What Elements Are Key For A Website Redesign?

A great reason to redo your website is to reflect you, your values, and your mission more accurately.

Basically, this means improving your site’s branding, which is a key element for a fantastic web redesign.

The next key element, closely related to branding, is design consistency.

The truth is, keeping your colors, imagery, and tone coordinated goes a long way in legitimizing your business.

By contrast, poor, disjointed designs hurt your business.

Maybe you’ve come across poorly designed pages before. We imagine that the clashing colors, bizarre font combinations, and impossible navigation menus didn’t leave a good impression.

We help you avoid mistakes like these by maintaining a strict quality standard across the board.

Note: One thing we want to point out is that top-level websites are not separate islands where personal expression is suddenly drowned out by cold business and design objectives. So, if you are concerned about losing what makes your website unique, there’s no need to worry.

Our goal is to honor your vision while combining the professional and the personal seamlessly and effectively.

To keep your design cohesive and unique, we set up a style guide with you and go over everything you’d like to see for your site before starting your project.

We Avoid Generic Stock Photos When Redesigning Your Site

While the acceptability of stock photos really depends on what industry you’re in, we try to avoid them.

Stock images and videos may serve a purpose as placeholders, but usually, they aren’t good at showing what companies are about.

Typically, customers want to see the location, staff, company products, testimonials—essentially anything that tells a story.

We Accommodate Your Website Redesign Goals

If you do want to use stock photos and stock videos for your site, we can certainly accommodate your needs!

We have access to a wide selection of media and can provide mockups of different pages for your approval.

Website Redesign Strategy: Other Key Elements To Consider

Another key element is having a strong conversion option for all your website’s pages.

These can come in different forms, such as a pop-up, a button, a traditional form, etc.

The real important thing is that your conversion option is simple. You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve seen conversion options that require 10 steps to complete.

Other than a great conversion option, the last key element is your site’s code.

When rebuilding a website, it’s important to start with the code so that you can optimize it for Google’s search engine.

Before we launch any client website, we make sure that:

  • All images have proper headings and tags.
  • That posts have great meta descriptions and are optimized compared to top competitors.
  • Your pages are optimized for different browsers as well as screen sizes.

If you would like more information about the SEO checklist we follow, check out the attached link above.

Contact Us For Website Design Services

We really hope that you’ve found our tips and strategies helpful!

If you’d like to work with us, call us anytime, anywhere! Our number is 702-268-9000.

If you’d prefer to write us instead, our email is info@sage.agency.

Finally, you can always visit our office!

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We’ll go in-depth with you about your project plan, site performance, budget, and more through our entirely free consultation.

Our expert design team does some of the finest web design in Las Vegas today, which is a testament to our experience, as well as our commitment to clients.

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