So, you need website redesign services. Now what?

A poor website can really have a negative impact on your business beyond just it not looking good, especially when it comes to looking good for new clients and allowing you to grow and reach new heights. If you’re embarrassed just about the way your current website looks, if you are not inclined to share it with prospective customers, or you don’t get good feedback when you do, maybe it’s time to consider a Las Vegas website redesign.

At Sage Digital, we work with businesses every single day in Las Vegas, NV to figure out if it’s actually what they need or if there’s some other solution. As a premiere web design and digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, we’ve helped many, many companies start fresh, unveil a new brand, increase their conversion rates, and have a new digital presence that they can be really proud of for many years to come.

We’ve heard it many times, “We don’t get any leads from our website.” Maybe a website redesign is in your future.

Frequently, that can be an issue of conversion optimization. It can be an issue of the current site just not functioning to the highest level possible. And we’d like to ask you one simple question, do you want to get new leads or do you not?

Guidelines for whether you need a website overhaul and what the best practices are when developing a website in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Does your website even need a redesign? Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering recreating your website.

How long has this current site been in existence?

If it’s more than a couple of years, you’re likely in the market for a new website. Things change so frequently. Technology improves. Year in normal time is many years in technology, in web design. Consider it time for a website redesign at that point. Ask yourself these questions as well. How is the current site performing? If you’re considering a website redesign, something has already brought you to this point, right? Some issues need to be addressed specifically.

Have there been complaints from your employees or customers? Are you having problems updating the content yourself? Start making a list of all of the issues that potentially are there.

Is your current website generating any leads for you?

We always like to say, you could have the best site in the world, but if the thing is not converting, if it’s not generating any kind of traffic for you and any kind of conversions, any leads, why does it matter how great the site is?

Even if you don’t really love the look and feel, but it’s a high converting site, you should start asking yourself, why is that? Is it that the landing page is done perfectly, the checkout process is easy? Is there some other thing that is on the site that’s making people convert? we believe if it’s not broken, there’s really no need to fix it. From an aesthetic point of view, we get it. You want to have the most beautiful website in the world. But then again, if the thing is already working, let’s consider if that’s really necessary.

Do you currently have a blog and the ability to post new content to the site?

At Sage Digital, we believe that one of the pillars of SEO strategy and good SEO practices is the ongoing development of content that’s published regularly and that speaks to your specific industry and is filled with keyword-rich content.. If you don’t currently have a solid strategy for content, it’s always a battle. What do you write about? What is the reason behind it? Will anyone even read it? 

We believe that a blog is one of those foundational items of search engine optimization that should be taken into account and should be a part of your overall marketing budget. Additionally, you can repurpose content. It’s a really great thing, repurposing your blog content in different channels:

  • you can use it in emails.
  • You can use it on social.
  • You can do all kinds of other things with that same piece of content.

Does your site look great on mobile devices?

Google’s made it very clear. Your mobile device and how your site renders on it is of utmost importance.

If your current site is not functioning well, it’s not mobile friendly, your conversion rates are going to suffer for sure and you absolutely must make a change. It’s confirmed that Google will not show your website results to any user on a cell phone or a tablet for that matter if it’s not mobile optimized. If these statistics and these issues don’t worry you right out of the gate, well, I’m not sure what will.

Optimizing your site to cleanly load images, fonts, be super fast is extremely important. And if you are not doing this already, you are missing out on valuable traffic. And a website redesign in Las Vegas by Sage Digital Agency can certainly help you with a new look and feel and a beautiful and easily readable screen size website.

Consider an in-depth user experience, conversion, and SEO audit by Sage Digital.

We perform these audits in order to ensure that your website is 100% up to code, that the content, imagery, and overall design is on point, you have proper calls to action, you have internal linking done correctly, analytics set up so you know exactly what’s happening, and a roadmap of where to go. Here are some of our best practices for a website redesign in Las Vegas. We believe at its core that your website should be a representation of you and your brand. This is not some cookie cutter experience where you can just throw some images together and call it done.

For more tips of how to get started with a website redesign, check out our post here.

What Elements Are Key For A Website Redesign?

One seeks website redesign services in Las Vegas to reflect you, your values, your mission, and who you are completely. It’s important to be consistent with colors and imagery and tone. All of these things help legitimize your business and help your prospective customers get an understanding of who you are and what you do. Next is strong visuals. We believe that it is really important to have proper visuals throughout your website that are, again, cohesive and on-brand. We’re not saying you should just slap any images or video onto your site.

We think it really depends on what industry you’re in. But stock images and stock video, they may serve a purpose as a placeholder, we really don’t think that that really does anything in order to really showcase who you are. Customers want to see photos of your actual location, your office, your store or your staff, what products you sell, you doing your work in action. They want to hear testimonials from your previous clients. All of these things help to tell a story, and that story is why customers will buy from you.

If you need photo and video help, our team will work together with our web designers to ensure that you have on-brand content for your website redesign in Las Vegas. Another important point to make is make sure that the path to conversion is simple and straightforward. You wouldn’t believe how many times we see situations in which 15 steps are required in order for a prospective client to fill out a form or pick up the phone and call you.

Check out this Forbes article about the importance of a website redesign services Las Vegas and when you know its time to get it done.

Key Elements To Consider

All pages should have a conversion option, whether it’s giving them a get a quote option, to complete a form, a pop-up of some kind, streamlining your e-commerce process, a simple button that picks up the phone and calls directly to you. Next, we have to optimize for search engines and mobile devices. As we’ve said already, it is imperative that your website looks great on a mobile device. We build mobile first. And if we haven’t properly optimized your site for mobile and for tablet, then we really simply haven’t done our jobs properly.

It’s important to start from the foundation when you’re building and rebuilding a website that the code you create is optimized for Google search engines. Before we launch, we want to make sure that all images have proper headings and tags. We want to write proper meta descriptions, ensure all of our pages have the appropriate amount of content, optimized for different browsers as well and screen sizes. And we go through a very rigorous checklist to ensure that this is done correctly. Next, we want to develop an ongoing content strategy.

As we said, we don’t want you fighting an uphill battle and not knowing what kind of content needs to be created by your brand. Once we’ve launched your website, you should certainly start seeing an increase in the leads that you receive. But a website is a living and breathing thing. It needs updates and it needs content. The purpose behind having a content strategy is essentially that, to have purpose and that every piece of content is meant for a reason.

Again, you can share it online between your blog on social, on email newsletter, on marketing materials, et cetera. Not everything you do needs to be a salesy critical either. Blogs should be useful and informational. They should establish you as an industry leader, someone to build trust with, someone that understands specifically the issues that a customer may be having, and certainly can showcase their personality. Blog posts can also target people at different levels of the funnel, different stages of the buying cycle.

You could target someone already ready to take an action, someone just interested in learning more. You have an opportunity to make yourself an authority and someone that may be useful to this person sometime in the future. We strongly believe that a proper content strategy is an important part of the overall marketing strategy, and it helps with your ultimate purpose, which explains to your customers why you do what you do, who you are, why you should be chosen above your competitors, and it’s an integral part of the overall strategy, as we’ve said.

Are you not sure where to begin with your website redesign in Las Vegas? We are absolutely here to help you. We really hope that you find our tips and our strategies important for your website redesign. If you need an overhaul to your current strategy, we are absolutely here to help. Give us a call “702-268-9000” come visit us at our office, “2520 St Rose Pkwy, Suite 315, Henderson, NV 89074” and let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can help you.


How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

Nothing is more exciting and nerve-wracking than redesigning a website. It offers you an opportunity to reinvigorate your brand’s expression, and it is one of the first things potential clients will see. By redesigning your website, current users and potential customers will have something beautiful and functional to understand who you are and what you are about.

There are some businesses that redesign their websites a few times yearly, in an effort to find the perfect look. Oftentimes, an unfortunate reality is that solo designers are no longer available, and they are forced to start from scratch. This is not a position you want to find yourself in. Essentially, a website is a living and breathing thing, it takes effort, and consistent work to best display who you are at any given period. So, how often should a website get redesigned?

A One-Size-Fits-All Approach Can’t Work

There can never be a one-size-fits-all approach toward redesigning websites. Nonetheless, the general rule of the thumb is that websites should get redesigned every two to three years. In the digital world, a three-year-old website is outdated, old, and stodgy… It needs an overhaul! What may have been cutting-edge at that time, may look stale in comparison by today’s standards.

An additional consideration is that your website has built upon a framework, and that framework may or may not be the best solution. If the framework your website was built upon is still a viable solution, it may be possible to update to the latest version in order to take advantage of the newest features and create other relatively minor updates to affect real change to the site. Alternatively, if it is not the best available, no amount of development will make it great. Its best to drop it completely and start again fresh.

This doesn’t even touch the surface of the site’s functionality, which will undoubtedly be outdated after years without any changes. You probably remember when mobile versions of websites had different web addresses. These memories are still painful! There are countless reasons why you should regularly refresh or, better yet, redesign your website design las vegas.

Why Should You Redesign a Website?

It may come as a shock to some, but a website isn’t built to last forever. It can’t be. With technology moving at the speed that it does, there are new integrations and potentials available to you frequently. Just as it’s the case with other aspects of running a successful business, trends change. Your business model should get regularly evaluated, and so should your website. If you worked with a reputable company to develop your site, there should be a maintenance plan in place to continually make updates as they become available, this removes the sticker shock of a completely overhauled website, and also ensures your website is as up-to-date as possible on an ongoing basis.

We like to always delve into the reasoning that a potential client has for a redevelopment of their website. What are the motivations? Maybe its current performance, lack of satisfaction with the status quo, or some other variables. We will work together with your team to pinpoint your goals and needs to ensure we build upon the right foundation. Here are six signs that you need a new website.

Is your site in need of a redesign? Here are some indicators to take into consideration.

1. It Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

This is arguably the biggest reason to redesign a website. As a business, most of your web traffic comes from mobile users. In 2017, mobile users accounted for a whopping 77% of Internet usage in the US alone. The number has gone up in recent years. If you are yet to optimize your site for mobile, or you aren’t happy with the current result, you have a lot of catching up to do. And it all starts with a website redesign.

2. High Traffic but Low Conversion Rates

Is your web traffic high, but very few people take action? Does it have an abnormally high bounce rate? Do visitors spend little time on your web pages? This means that you are making it easy for users to find you. Nonetheless, your site doesn’t offer what they are looking for. Your website should accomplish a goal, whether it’s getting visitors to buy, read your posts, or make inquiries. If any of this doesn’t happen, something needs to be changed because the website isn’t converting.

3. You Don’t Get Any Traffic

If your website doesn’t attract any traffic, it has no use, and something could be off. It may be a matter of a lack of optimized content, or you are doing something that upsets Google. If you have not closely monitored the content added to your site, you are likely being penalized and don’t know it.

Whenever you do decide to redevelop your website, one thing should be kept in mind; regular maintenance is very important. Those minor improvements that you overlook in favor of significant overhauls might be the difference between the success and failure of your site. Ensuring that all aspects of the site are up to date, the WordPress version is at its newest, is a best practice that cannot be overstated. We have seen countless instances of websites left unattended for months, even years, without proper attention, and the results are never good.

As your business evolves, so should your website. All changes that you make in your operational setup and branding also need to be reflected on the website. Likewise, you should stay abreast of changes that Google makes to its algorithm and put your company on a content marketing plan that sets you up for the best possible results.

4. High Bounce Rate

If your website has a high bounce rate, it could potentially be targeting the wrong audience, or the user experience is sub-par. Maybe its your loading speeds, or paid search not targeting the right audience. There are plenty of variables to consider.

5. Site Feature/Pages Don’t Work

It’s common to find yourself on websites that have broken features or pages. If you find yourself in this situation and cannot seem to get a hold of your current designers, consider us your new web design company, and give us a call. We would love to assist.

6. Difficulties in Updating Your Content

When redesigning your website, certain areas ought to be left to designers and developers. Oftentimes, a badly developed site it stodgy, and difficult to update without causing some other functionality issues. Don’t find yourself in this position, we would love to help!

7. Your Company Mission and Identity Has Changed

To be successful a company should endeavor to adapt to changes in user needs and industry trends. If your site doesn’t align with the company vision anymore, or you’ve made significant changes to your business identity (such as an acquisition or a re-brand), a redesign most likely is needed.

8. Your Site is Outdated

This is a broad and somewhat ambiguous statement. If your website is outdated, it doesn’t necessarily warrant a replacement. Maybe a refresh is more in line. It is not possible to say without us taking a look at what is currently happening on your website, and then we can make actionable recommendations, giving you options to consider. Additionally, if you currently use connections, methods, and tools that are obsolete or outdated, you should plan to get a new website built, and you should find website redesign services in Las Vegas, NV.