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Helping You Get the Most out of your Shopify Store With Web Design From Our Expert Team of Designers

Is Your Business Seeking Professional Shopify Website Design? Partner With Sage Digital Agency.

Are you ready to grow your business with a Shopify online store? Make sure your website is properly designed and optimized by working with us. Sage Digital Agency specializes in building Shopify websites through our Shopify website design process, delivering exceptional product quality as a result.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform made by merchants for merchants. It is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, used by more than 600,000 online stores. Shopify is so popular because it was designed with the needs of online sellers in mind. With this platform, you can sell a variety of products and services quickly. If you are a small business owner looking for a convenient online store setup, Shopify may be for you. If you have questions, we can answer them for you. We provide a rigorous and team-focused development strategy that covers everything from site themes and typography to SEO and marketing strategies.

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From Web Design to Paid Media and SEO, you’ll find the information and resources you need to make informed decisions for your business.

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Web Design Services Geared For Exceptional Websites

  1. The first interaction potential customers have with your website is through your online platform. This first impression dramatically impacts the likelihood of a customer buying something from your website. Because of the importance of website design, you should ensure your Shopify store is well-designed, interactive, and easy to navigate. You also need a great logo, which we can provide!
  2. Designing a Shopify store that is user-friendly and optimized correctly is not easy. At Sage Digital Agency, we understand the common pitfalls owners encounter when designing their Shopify sites. Our designers have the experience and industry knowledge to custom-build a Shopify store to your exact needs.

Building A Custom Shopify Platform Requires Professional Help

Building a Shopify website is difficult and time-consuming. When you partner with us, we take care of the design and development process for you, allowing you to focus on building your business. Creating an SEO-optimized website takes years of industry experience. Hiring a professional website designer with industry experience and SEO knowledge can simplify the process of opening your online store, allowing your business to grow. We provide great website design and development services helping your online store thrive! Don't settle for less, get in touch, and see how we can help.

How Much Does Shopify Design Cost?

The cost of your Shopify website depends on many factors, including your needs and the features you want to be added to it. We are always upfront about all costs, and we ensure you understand the pricing structures before we start our design processes. After the discovery call, we will provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific needs. You will never need to worry about abrupt pricing changes that compromise your budget.

Is Sage Digital Agency The Best Choice For You?

Well, we’re biased, but here’s what makes us different: One of the reasons Sage Digital Agency stands out as a top pick when considered against other Shopify web design companies is our project management process. Everything we do is planned before we start, and we mean everything. You have a dedicated project manager who themselves are design experts to walk you through the journey of developing your new website. With their expertise, you will gain key insights into how to get the most out of your website, whether you want to scale your business, sell more online, or strengthen your organic search presence. Sound like something you’re interested in?

How Long Do We Take to Reach a Final Product?

At Sage Digital Agency, we take our product delivery deadlines seriously. We use a propriety website design and optimization process that ensures we deliver your Shopify website on time and on budget. To ensure your site is optimized correctly, the design process may take several weeks at least. We provide you with access to our project management system so you know where we are at with the process and can provide feedback. After we have completed the store design, the development process begins. Depending on your needs, we create delivery milestones and deadlines to ensure we stay on track. Times vary depending on amount of customization needed. We may be able to deliver websites on an expedited timeline if desired. During your consultation, relay your timeline needs to us. We know how important it is to get your website up and running, and we strive to provide our work promptly.

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Get a targeted, actionable list of improvements you need to make to improve your website. This free design consultation is just one of the many reasons why we have earned our position as one of the best Shopify web designers.

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Also, See More Questions and Answers About Shopify Below

How Can We Help Your Business Thrive With Shopify?

When you partner with Sage Digital Agency to build your Shopify website, a lasting relationship is created. We work with our clients throughout the design process and provide consistent support and analytics help. The online stores we create are optimized for search and provide immediate visibility for paid search advertising.

Creating a Shopify online store can help you reach more customers and expand your brand’s online presence. Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform. Business owners on Shopify have sold more than $34 billion in goods and services since the company started 10 years ago. Creating a Shopify website can increase your brand’s online presence and attract new customers.

A Platform on Shopify That Makes Your Business Stand Out

Not only are our stores well-designed and optimized, but we also bring them to life with your vision. For this reason, we are proud to say that we do more than just make an online store for you. We make your dream come true! Taking a full profile view of your goals, your target market, and your favorite Shopify themes, our devoted website designers make sure that your customer and community interactions come across exactly how you want them to and truly shine. Of course, to stand out from the crowd, your platform needs to meet market expectations. Our Shopify experts will communicate with you during the entire design process to ensure you are happy with how your message comes across, as well as the results and features.

Is Sage Digital Agency the Best Choice For Your Shopify Needs?

Sage Digital Agency is a leader in the website design industry and has worked on hundreds of projects. We have perfected our design and development process over the years, and we customize the process to align with your needs. We are an excellent choice for your Shopify website design needs. We provide customers with the following services:

  • Personalized design process
  • Dedicated account management
  • Website tailored to your branding
  • Customer experience-optimized design
  • Increased search engine optimization

We understand the Shopify design process, and we work with you from start to finish to help you reach your business goals and achieve your dream design.

How Does Shopify Work?

Shopify is a subscription-based software service that allows business owners to set up an online store to sell products. Store owners can also sell in brick-and-mortar locations using Shopify POS, a point-of-sale software system. With Shopify, businesses can develop and personalize their offerings and sell on multiple platforms, including mobile, web, social media, online marketplaces, physical stores, and pop-up shops. The service also has features to help site owners manage shipping, payments, inventory, and products.

Shopify is a cloud-based service that is hosted externally, meaning you can access it from any web-enabled device. Shopify handles the software, maintenance, and online upgrades.

Make sure to avoid the following pitfalls when working with a professional Shopify design company:

  • Not incorporating the appropriate filters into your store
  • Creating a store that does not reflect your brand identity and dream design
  • Designing a store that results in a poor user experience
  • Not incorporating SEO and optimization principles into your platform

At Sage Digital Agency, our Shopify experts will design a store for you that is properly branded. To stand out from the crowd, your store needs to be eye-catching and personalized. We communicate with you during the entire design process to ensure you are happy with the results and features.

What Shopify SEO Services Are Available?

Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of any Shopify store. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to make it rank higher in Google’s search results. When done correctly, SEO can drive traffic to your website and attract customers. Our designers can optimize your Shopify website for search using a combination of on-site and off-site methods. On-site improvements can ensure your site loads more quickly, improving the customer experience. Off-site techniques such as backlinks from high domain authority websites can help increase your rankings.

By partnering with a design expert, your online store can be optimized to attract new customers and increase your brand’s online presence.

Can You Design a Shopify Website?

If you are a non-developer and you are wondering whether or not you can design a Shopify website by yourself, the short answer is “Sort of.” The long answer is that you can certainly get started on the process, but the truth is, without professional experience, it may be very difficult to maximize your platform and get all the benefits and customization features that Shopify offers, many of which require that you follow a number of technical processes. To get the most out of Shopify, you will need designer tools that must be learned, and often, paid for. These tools are essential for achieving high-quality Shopify website designs.

As a non-developer, you can certainly start building your platform by choosing a Shopify template and adding your content. This is an option, and plenty of people go this route, as Shopify makes this process easy—for example, adding apps to help achieve site functionality and setting up basic frameworks—but in a competitive market, this won’t be enough to stand out. Website designing is an unusually tricky subject that is constantly evolving with the industry, so for exceptional results, businesses need custom designs and development from expert Shopify designers who deeply understand the field and can actively adapt to market and industry changes.

Is Shopify A Good Place To Build A Website?

The answer here all depends on what you need, as there are quite a few variables to consider when using Shopify. Do you have a brand new business that has yet to form a customer base, or have you already established a strong framework for future growth? For e-commerce retailers who are well-funded, doing a certain volume of business, and can afford ongoing development costs, Shopify offers a rock-solid checkout experience. For very small businesses just starting out, developer/designer costs may be too steep, both for the initial build and for ongoing website updates. Informational websites and static pages that aren’t selling products would also, in our opinion, be incorrect for Shopify. Something else to keep in mind is that Shopify charges transaction fees, which can be off-putting for business owners who don’t want, or can’t afford to, pay the Shopify “tax.” Finally, some Shopify features do require that you purchase plans.

How do I customize my Shopify website?

When it comes to customizing your Shopify website, there are two roads you can take:

1. Use the existing framework of Shopify templates and other integrated features by yourself. For this, Shopify offers easy drag-and-drop options, stylizations, HTML tags, animations, coding with CSS for those with coding experience, and more.

Note: Some capabilities and options depend on the level of plan you choose.

Here is some information about the different Shopify plan levels and pricing structures taken directly from the Shopify website:

“Basic Shopify – Best for new ecommerce businesses with occasional in-person sales. $29 USD per/mo”

“Shopify – Best for growing businesses selling online or in-store. $79 USD per/mo”

“Advanced Shopify – Best for scaling businesses that require advanced reporting. $299 USD per/mo”

“Shopify Plus – Enterprise-grade solutions for high volume merchants, and large businesses. Starting at $2,000 USD per month or a variable fee for higher volume businesses.”

“Shopify Lite – Add products to any website or blog and accept credit card payments for only $9 USD per month.”

As you can see, there is quite a range of differences between plans. For more information about what each plan level supports, we recommend contacting Shopify’s support team.

2. The second road is hiring the pros. This is what we’d definitely recommend. But if you have any questions, we encourage you to look over Shopify’s offerings, talk to them about what capabilities each plan provides, and see what works best for you. Then, if you’d like to work with us to take your business to the next level, we can definitely do that for you!

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