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2021 Shopify Website Redesign

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We redesigned and developed a custom Shopify website for Miracle Noodle.

Miracle Noodle is an incredible company offering healthy low-carb food options. Founded in 2006 by Jonathan Carp, MD, the company set out on a mission to change the game by providing body-conscious food choices. With a host of competitors seeking market share and a tough market to navigate, Miracle Noodle needed a top-quality website that expressed its purpose, satisfied its commercial needs, and really made it stand out. We are happy to have partnered with Miracle Noodle to achieve these objectives, creating a world-class Shopify website that is at once professional and personal. With our full suite of design options, we have created an easy-to-navigate virtual store built to thrive in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.


  • Custom UX DesignCustom UX Design
  • FigmaFigma
  • ShopifyShopify

Building custom Shopify websites can be complicated! we were so happy to work with the Miracle Noodle team to create a new and improved user experience. With our five-step process, our bespoke designs were specifically tailored to the company’s every need. We provided fresh ideas and new perspectives while upholding Miracle Noodle’s vision with the highest care.






Custom Shopify Development

We customized the entire website, including product description pages, to work seamlessly with several existing Shopify apps. Our goal was simple, to attract customers with simple and functional design, ensuring conversion rates increase. 

The Key Ingredients

One of the key ingredients to a successful website is exceptional design, and following a defined process. With Figma: the collaborative interface design tool, we offered Miracle Noodle visual design meant to impress, and perfected the design prior to building in the Shopify environment. Working closely with Miracle Noodle, we crafted new solutions and are very happy to work with their team into the future. 

Mobile Design

For more information about our Shopify website design process, please contact us.

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