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Designing websites that align with your non-profit organization's mission and values

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Accelerate your nonprofit fundraising with a powerful website.

Your online fundraising mission is important. Our web design services will effectively communicate your mission to your audience in an impactful and informative manner.


Voice and Tone

Crafting your nonprofit’s voice and tone through thoughtful discussions during our design project kick-off.

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We can support your nonprofit website design project by crafting compelling marketing content for customized web pages and essential landing pages.

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"Super-responsive and very detail-oriented at every step of the design process. He helped take my vision from concept to prototype to a perfect final project. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a design studio with flair and technical know-how."

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Daniel Goodman

Marketing Director

A successful nonprofit website design empowers visitors to take action towards your cause.

Your nonprofit organization or cause needs support to make an impact. We focus on designing website themes for nonprofit organizations that make it simple for your audience to provide that support. Whether we’re redesigning your site or creating a brand new one, let’s make sure it converts.


A Call To Action

Your nonprofit’s impact is important. That’s why our website for nonprofits are designed to drive support from your audience.

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Mobile Friendly

We ensure your nonprofit organization’s website is accessible on all devices, allowing potential donors to connect with your cause wherever they are.

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Nonprofit Website Design and Dev

Rest easy knowing your website is in the right hands.

We build nonprofit websites that evolve with your organization. Our user-centric web development approach ensures all design elements are carefully considered to provide a seamless user experience that adapts to your changing needs.

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Future Planning

We’ve collaborated with numerous nonprofit organizations over the years. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we incorporate future needs into your nonprofit website build for a more effective and forward-thinking design.

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Highly-Customizable Options

Our nonprofit website designs are designed to allow easy editing, updating, and expansion over time, maximizing your organization’s ability to evolve and grow.

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Hundreds of projects delivered

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“My team is extremely satisfied with our new website. Alex and his team went above and beyond in what we asked of them, with very rapid communication and iteration throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend them to any organization looking for a website.”

-Matthew Loffredo,

Web Platforms, Services, and Industries.

Beyond nonprofit web design, we are experts in the world’s leading web platforms and serve clients in every vertical. Whether for technology startups, ecommerce, retail or SaaS companies, we’re sure to have a web design solution perfect for you!

Additional FAQs

Why is a well-designed website important for a nonprofit organization?

A well-designed website is crucial for nonprofits as it serves as a digital gateway for supporters, volunteers, and donors. It helps create a positive first impression, showcases the organization’s mission, and makes it easy for visitors to find information and get involved. A professional design enhances credibility, increases engagement, and fosters trust, ultimately supporting the nonprofit’s goals and impact.

What key features should a nonprofit website have?

A nonprofit website should include essential features like a clear and compelling mission statement, prominent call-to-action buttons, easy navigation, visually appealing visuals, and impactful storytelling. Additionally, it should have dedicated sections for volunteering, donating, and sharing information about the organization’s impact. Integrating social media links, a blog, and an email subscription option can also help in fostering community engagement and keeping supporters informed.

How can a nonprofit website be made user-friendly?

To make a nonprofit website user-friendly, it’s important to focus on intuitive navigation, clear and concise content, and responsive design that adapts to different devices. Avoid clutter and use a consistent layout throughout the site. Implement easy-to-use forms for donations or volunteer sign-ups, and optimize load times for faster access. Regularly test the website for usability and gather feedback from users to identify and address any areas that need improvement.

Should a nonprofit website accept online donations?

Yes, accepting online donations is highly recommended for nonprofit websites. It provides convenience to donors and makes the process quick and secure. Set up a secure payment gateway that supports various payment methods, and prominently display donation options throughout the website. Make sure to provide clear information on how the donations will be used and offer options for recurring donations to encourage ongoing support.

How can a nonprofit website optimize for search engines?

To optimize a nonprofit website for search engines, focus on keyword research and incorporate relevant keywords into the website’s content, headings, and meta tags. Ensure that the site’s structure is well-organized and easy to crawl for search engine bots. Create unique and compelling page titles and meta descriptions for each page. Regularly publish high-quality, keyword-rich content through a blog or news section. Build backlinks from reputable sources and ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Consider leveraging the power of local search by optimizing for location-based keywords if applicable.

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