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30 Bad Websites

Want to see the worst websites on the internet today?

Look no further….On this list, we’ll be showing you 30 of them.

PS Some of these websites get millions of visitors a year. Imagine that!

1. Yale University School of Art

Why it’s bad: The layout is bizarre to say the least, and the font is too small. Plus, the backgrounds on each page aren’t exactly what you’d call appealing.

Yale School of Art

2. Arngren

Why it’s bad: Holy smokes, this is one of the most cluttered websites we’ve ever seen.

Bad Websites

3. Craigslist

Why it’s bad: Craigslist feels like it’s been stuck in the late 90s forever. Then again, the site does have a certain charm to it. What do you think?

Bad Websites

4. Penny Juice

Why it’s bad: We blame the website’s header for intruding on the layout. Also, the site’s font and color choices need some serious work.

Bad Websites

5. Berkshire Hathaway

Why it’s bad: This is a very simple design that lacks creative elements. It almost feels like a placeholder for a website that should replace it and become the final product.

Bad Websites

6. Suzanne Collins

Why it’s bad: We love Suzanne Collins as an author, but her website doesn’t hit the mark. The site feels like a free blog page rather than a robust portal to a world-class writer.

Bad Websites


Why it’s bad: This website looks like it was designed on acid. This is, without question, the LAST design that you would expect from a car leasing company.

Bad Websites

8. James Bond Museum

Why it’s bad: The website’s navigation is the main problem here. All of the content is packed on a single page that scrolls for what feels like forever.

Bad Websites

9. CNN

Why it’s bad: CNN’s website suffers from information overload. There is so much detail squeezed into each page that it’s difficult to process what’s going on and find a single thread to follow.

Bad Websites images

10. The Room

Why it’s bad: The design is very meat-and-potatoes and also pretty quirky. Then again, the quirkiness is undeniably appropriate. If you haven’t seen the movie, we recommend it.

Bad websites

11. Hacker News

Why it’s bad: The small font and closely packed information make reading the content difficult.

Bad websites error

12. Stephen Fry’s Website

Why it’s bad: The design is messy and somewhat confusing.

bad websites

13. Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Why it’s bad: We love the Internet Archive, but the design is outdated, and the color scheme is very bland.

wayback archive image

14. Patimex

Why it’s bad: This is a very sparse website with an out-of-place picture on its home page. The other pages contain very little information, although at least the contact page has the company’s hours of operation, address, and contact details posted.

Bad websites

15. Paul Graham

Why it’s bad: Tiny text and an overly condensed menu make this site unsightly and somewhat difficult to navigate.

Bad Websites

16. ACME Laboratories

Why it’s bad: It has an outdated design that lacks the creative spark needed to generate interest from a younger audience.

Bad Websites

17. The World’s Worst Website Ever

Why it’s bad: The design is bad on purpose, and boy, does it do its job. You have to see this for yourself.

Bad Websites

18. Chester Tourist

Why it’s bad: This website has a fairly convoluted background, in the center of which is a poorly placed navigation menu, low-resolution screenshots, and bland text.

Bad Websites

19. Donut Jerk

Why it’s bad: For some reason we like this design, although it’s objectively terrible. The design is very cartoonish, and the pages themselves aren’t very coherent. This is so bad, we almost want to order a dozen!

Bad Websites

20. Atari Best Electronics

Why it’s bad: This site is essentially a giant wall of text with pictures and random hyperlinks interspersed throughout.

Bad Websites

21. 4chan

Why it’s bad: The website has a very basic feel to it. While it’s not the worst design ever, it could use some sprucing up, especially given how popular the site is.


22. The Big Ugly Website

Why it’s bad: When a website goes out of its way to make itself ugly, you know you’ve got a real doozy on your hands. There is no shortage of sad emojis and poorly chosen fonts on this website.

Bad Websites

23. The Monk Zone

Why it’s bad: Busy backgrounds combined with long walls of text make this website difficult to read. Oh, our eyes!

Bad Websites

24. Vortex Technology

Why it’s bad: The website’s logo is probably one of the worst we’ve seen. It looks like a granulated infrared hurricane from an 80s computer screen, informed by fundamentally abysmal font.

Bad Websites

25. Toronto Cupcake

Why it’s bad: The design feels like it was cooked up using a pre-packaged template. Also, the picture on the home page is fuzzy. The products themselves look amazing! This site just needs some love.

Bad Websites

26. Exmouth View Hotel

Why it’s bad: The main problem with this design is that it doesn’t feel like a hotel website. It feels more like an obscure ad listing.

Bad Websites

27. Gates N Fences

Why it’s bad: The website’s navigation menu is a million miles long, and there is too much text on each page. This seems like a great company and service, but their site design needs to be streamlined.

Bad Websites

28. Even Balance

Why it’s bad: The design is extremely mechanical and subdued. A little bit of color to brighten up the empty gray background would do some good.

Bad Websites

29. Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc.

Why it’s bad: There is no “About” information on the website. Not to mention, the background looks like it was created while the designer was in a slight hypnotic trance.

Bad Websites

30. Interrupt Technology Corporation

Why it’s bad: This website is essentially a parking space for a company that doesn’t seek outside business.

Bad Websites

Bad Websites Conclusion

Here’s the list of 30 websites with poor designs, some of which still manage to attract millions of visitors every year.

While having a bad website design may not necessarily result in low traffic, it is still crucial for website owners to prioritize the design and usability of their website.

This is because a poorly designed website can negatively impact a user’s experience, potentially driving them away from the website and towards competitors with better designs. By prioritizing the design and usability of their website, website owners can ensure a positive user experience, drive traffic to their website, and achieve their desired goals.

Ultimately, having a well-designed website is an important aspect of maintaining a successful online presence.

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