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Are you looking for websites that use cool pixel art in their designs? If so, check out the list below!

It covers the 5 coolest pixel art examples being used in web design today, showing why pixel art is the best thing since Bit Color for web designers, business owners, and anyone who cares about pixel-based design.

PS Do you need a website that incorporates pixel art in the design? Get a hold of our team!

1. Stardew Valley

Why it’s cool: Stardew Valley’s website is an amazing example of high-level pixel art being used in a web design. The website opens with the Stardew logo and a gently animated hero image featuring the beautiful and iconic Stardew Valley. Below the hero, the site utilizes a clever gradient blend to transition from pixel art to other visual components.

Click on the image to see the full image preview.

2. Eastward

Why it’s cool: Eastward utilizes a horizontal pixel art navigation carousel. Each navigation box contains pixel art that serves as both a visual and interactive element, enabling users to click and navigate to informational sub-pages. Very cool!

Click on the image to see the full image preview.

3. Children of Morta

Why it’s cool: Children of Morta’s website features a masterful work of pixel art below the Description section. The artwork helps establish the site’s unique mood and provides an overview of what Children of Morta is about.

Click on the image to see the full image preview.

Here’s a second photo to show how cool Children of Morta is:

4. Inmost

Why it’s cool: Inmost utilizes a haunting logo and pixel art animation in the website’s hero. The artwork does a phenomenal job of setting the overall tone of the website, as well as drawing visitors into the site. This is a great example of how pixel art can enhance a website’s browsing experience.

Click on the image to see the full image preview.


Why it’s cool: SLYNYRD’s home page opens with a salvo of three amazingly cool pixel artworks, which include a giant purplish robot, an image of a cyborg, and a woman in an enchanted land. On the website, the images rotate automatically, although you can also click on them to rotate them manually. You can visit the website to see all three images.

Click on the image to see the full image preview.

Honorable Mention: Wizard Shock

Why it’s cool: Wizard Shock’s pixel art logo and hero image create an intriguing atmosphere for the website. The design effectively uses a white, black, navy blue, and gold color palette.

Click on the image to see the full image preview.

Websites with Cool Pixel Art – Conclusion

The goal of this list is to provide you with inspiration for future web designs. Want to know more about how we can incorporate cool pixel art into your website? Contact Sage Digital Agency to speak with our team about your ideas!

Further Reading – 3 Pixel Art and Web Design Questions

Check out this section for supplementary information about pixel art in web design, where to find pixel art that you can use for your website, and how you can make cool pixel art.

Q1: Is pixel art a trend in website design?

Yes, pixel art has become a trend in website design, particularly for video game concepts or for projects looking to evoke nostalgia, creativity, and uniqueness.

Q2: Where to find cool pixel art for a website?

There are numerous resources online where you can find cool pixel art. Here are some top choices that come to mind.

  • Pixeljoint
  • OpenGameArt
  • DeviantArt
  • ArtStation

Twitter and Instagram: Many pixel artists also showcase their work on social media platforms. Use hashtags like #PixelArt, #PixelArtists, or #8bitArt to find artists.

Tumblr: This is another place to find pixel art. For example, check it these fantastic pixel artworks by Japanese illustrator Toyoi Yuuta.

Q3: How do you make cool pixel art for a website?

Here are some resources that can help you make pixel art:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
ABCya! Adobe Illustrator Clip Studio Paint
Figma Jasper Art Adobe
Affinity – Professional Creative Software Colorcinch Gamefroot (pixel art for a platform game)
Krita AI Pixel Art Maker from Fotor Aseprite
Cosmigo Pro Motion NG Gimkit Creative Lospec Pixel Editor
Blockbench Vectr Craiyon
GIMP LunaPic DeviantArt
Dinopixel Dotpict GrafX2 Everyone Draw GIMP
GraphicsGale Inkscape
Photopea Photoshop Piko Pixel
Pinterest Piskel PiskelApp
Pix2d (Microsoft Apps) Pixaki Pixel
Pixel Art Pixel Art Maker (on Google Play) Pixel It
Pixel Studio Pixelator Pixelfy
Pixelicious Pixeljoint PixelLab
PixelMe (Android and iPhone) Pixie Pixie Engine Editor
Pixilart Pixlr Pixquare (on the Apple App Store)
Pro Motion Procreate Pyxel Edit
PyxleOS Reddit Slate
Sumopixel Tile Studio Unity
Alex Jariv

Written by the Sage Digital Agency team.