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There is a lot of content out there about web design, but not all of it is good.

If you’re tired of sifting through piles of useless information to find helpful web design resources, look no further! ⬇️

We’ve compiled a list of 22 info-packed web design articles to improve your design.

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Web Design Article Sources… from beginner to intermediate


What Is Web Design? A Comprehensive Guide – This article from Wix is a helpful starter for how to design a website. It goes over the fundamental principles of web design that every designer should know. It also provides helpful design terms that will advance your knowledge.

How to Build a Website From Scratch in 10 Simple Steps – This article provides 10 easy steps for how to build a website from scratch. The language is easy to understand and gives you a clear overview of the web design process. This is a good starter.

What Makes a Good Website Structure? Everything You Need to Know – Your website’s structure plays a fundamental role in how it interacts with Google and other search engines. This article offers valuable information to improve the structure of your website in an easy-to-digest way.

25 Website Typography Examples to Draw Inspiration From – For an amazing web design, you need amazing fonts. This article provides a superb list of 25 fonts to inspire your next project.

The Essentials of Mobile Navigation Design – This article discusses popular mobile navigation patterns and how you can make them friendly for your users. Read this if you want to enhance your website’s mobile navigation.

Asymmetrical Balance vs. Symmetrical Balance in Web Design – If you want to get creative and try an asymmetrical design, this helpful article is a good starting place.


12 Brilliant Examples of Web Design to Inspire You in 2023 – There are many web design example articles, but the examples on this list are top-notch. The article itself is also gorgeous and very well put together. It’s worth a look.


Website Terminology Glossary: Website Design, Vol. 1 – To be an effective web designer, you need to know the language of the craft. This article provides a list of commonly used web design terms.

Website Terminology Glossary: Web Design, Vol. 2 – This is the second web design glossary of terms article in the series. It provides additional relevant design terms.

Responsive web design tutorial: step-by-step – This article provides valuable insight and information about how to achieve a responsive web design in WordPress.

90 Essential Tools for WordPress Web Designers and Developers – Web designers who are looking for tools will love this article. It is a WordPress web design gold mine.

The Best TLDs for Web Designers & Developers – Trying to decide what type of domain you want to use before beginning your web design project? This resource is what you need.

Webdesigner Depot

Architecture vs. Web Design – This is a rather odd article that adds a unique perspective on web design. It’s worth reading if you want to better conceptualize what web design is and how it manifests in the world.

What’s the Difference Between Good UI and Good UX? – Every web designer should understand the difference between User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI). To understand how these two differ, read this article.


20 Best Web Design Courses Online in 2023 (Free and Paid) – This article offers excellent resources if you’re looking to take a web design course.


Building An Immersive Creative Website From Scratch Without Frameworks – Web designers who want to create a website from the ground up without using JavaScript frameworks should check this course out.


HTML Responsive Web Design – This brilliant design page provides a simple overview of how to create web pages that are responsive. A responsive web design will automatically adjust to fit different devices, including mobile.

Responsive W3.CSS Templates – If you want to take advantage of responsive W3.CSS website templates that you can modify, save, share, and use, go here.

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Supplementary Reading


25+ Web Design Statistics that Are Essential to Know in 2022 – While we’re now in 2023, many of the stats on this list are still relevant today. Web designers who want to understand the industry should probably know these.


9 Best CRM Software For Designers in 2022 – This is a helpful list of CRM software that is still relevant today.

Smashing Magazine

10 Principles Of Good Web Design – This is an excellent article with timeless web design principles that every designer and digital agency will benefit from.


9 Skills Every Successful Web Designer Needs — And How To Learn Them – This article provides an overview of the fundamental knowledge that every web designer needs to know.

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