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Discussing the Secrets of Effective Web Design

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, featuring a discussion with Chad Cordova.

In this episode, we explore the power of storytelling in web design, the importance of understanding the “why” behind each project, and the approach Sage Digital Agency (SDA) takes to ensure client success.

Join us as we delve into the nuances of effective web design, the value of clear communication, and the benefits of a collaborative design process.

Whether you’re a business owner or a fellow designer, this episode is packed with insights that can elevate your approach to web design and digital marketing.

From Non-Profit Sites to Competitive Business Solutions

During the discussion, Alex and Chad revisit their journey, which began half a decade ago, working on non-profit websites.

They discuss their experiences with clients like Miracle Flights and delve into the art of telling a compelling story through web design to motivate user action.

Uncovering the “Why” Behind Every Project

Moreover, Alex emphasizes the importance of addressing the business need before starting a web design project, even if it means turning down potential clients when the justification isn’t strong enough.

At Sage Digital Agency, we don’t just create designs in Figma; we have a lasting impact on businesses by ensuring every project begins with a clear understanding of the “why.”

Chad highlights the role of a good webmaster in directing resources effectively, and both agree on the significance of emotional decision-making in design.

Navigating the Challenges of Small Business Web Design

The discussion also covers the challenges small business owners face and the benefits of working with a team like Sage Digital Agency, which offers transparent pricing and a holistic approach to web design.

Alex shares insights from his extensive experience, stressing the importance of honesty, clear communication, and maintaining a genuine business personality.

The Importance of Passion and Expertise in Web Design

Chad and Alex continue by exploring the value of passion projects and the importance of choosing projects that align with their skills and values.

They also discuss the advantages of using WordPress, despite its complexities, and the role of professional expertise in managing successful websites.

Collaborative Design Tools and Client Satisfaction

The episode wraps up with a focus on collaborative design tools like Figma and the importance of listening to clients to ensure their satisfaction.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the deeper aspects of web design, the importance of asking “why,” and the value of clear, client-focused communication.

Alex Jariv

Written by the Sage Digital Agency team.