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Website Management Wisdom

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast, where we explore what makes Sage Digital Agency (SDA) a leader in web design and WordPress hosting.

About The Episode

In this episode, we detail our approach, from understanding client needs to delivering top-notch web design and hosting services. Join us as we discuss the importance of asking “why” in every project, ensuring clarity of vision and purpose, and maintaining the highest standards in a competitive industry. Discover why SDA is the go-to choice for businesses looking to build, manage, and optimize their WordPress websites professionally and effectively.

With 40% of websites globally powered by WordPress, SDA addresses common misconceptions about web design, emphasizing the need for professional expertise over simplistic drag-and-drop solutions.

How We Help Clients

Our clients receive comprehensive solutions for WordPress website design, development, and hosting. We utilize tools like Figma for custom designs and offer proactive, professional management. Our clients’ websites are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and secure.

Leveraging third-party expertise when necessary and acting as a consultant ensures clients receive comprehensive support. Our managed hosting services include access to professional plugins and 24/7 support, distinguishing us from big-box hosts that offer minimal personal touch.

Through streamlined project management with ClickUp, a robust internal and client Knowledge Base, and a proven onboarding process, SDA guarantees efficiency and excellence. We prioritize client feedback, use Figma for collaborative design, and ensure every project is done right the first time.

With SDA, clients get more than just a website—they gain a reliable partner dedicated to their success.

Sage Digital Agency’s Team

We are a team of nine seasoned professionals with 100 years of cumulative experience who bring clarity and perfection to every project. We openly display our pricing and strive to align with our clients’ outcomes, treating each website as a critical part of their business. Unlike the unregulated “Wild West” of web design, SDA adheres to high standards and offers clients the benefit of a collective team effort rather than relying on solo freelancers.

Alex is the founder of Sage Digital Agency. In this episode, he shares his experience in the field, highlighting the importance of trust, clear deliverables, and open communication with clients.

Alex Jariv

Written by the Sage Digital Agency team.