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If you’re here, you may be wondering, “What is the easiest way to build a website?”


The answer depends on your proficiency in web design and development.

Are you skilled in design, coding, or are you a novice who has little experience in the subject?

We imagine most people who are trying to find the easiest path are novices, in which case the easiest solution is using a web builder such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, (If you don’t have the budget to hire someone).

There are other website builders besides WordPress that you can use, as well.

Keep reading to learn more about them.


You already know about web builders, in which case, you might consider checking out our “website designer near me” agency checklist, which provides tips on how to pick an amazing web designer.

Using Web Builders

If you know that using a web builder is your only option, then here are the top four to consider.

1. Wix

Wix is well-known as the easiest web builder to use, and for a good reason. It offers hundreds of free templates, which makes the web building process a breeze for beginners.

Using Wix will cost you anywhere from $13 to 39 per month for the standard plan and $23 to 500 per month for business and eCommerce plans.

2. WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used website builder and is an excellent choice for all sorts of websites.

Undisputedly the most versatile Content Management System (CMS) in the world, it is our favorite on this list.

With WordPress, you get to choose from a wide variety of widgets, extensions, and plugins and uncover nearly endless possibilities.

However, there is a significant learning curve with this platform, and you will need coding knowledge to use it effectively.

WordPress is generally free to use, however you can pay for premium plugins that can range from one time costs to monthly costs, and you will have to pay for web hosting services to publish the website to the internet.

3. Shopify

Shopify is the best website builder to use if you want an eCommerce store.

It has a solid selection of free templates and themes and provides a seamless checkout experience.

It also provides you the option to go beyond free templates and themes if you want. You can upgrade your store for only $250 to $280.

The Basic Shopify plan costs $29 USD per month, the Standard plan is $79 per month, and the Advanced plan is $299 per month.

There are also two other plans, the Shopify Lite plan, which costs $9 per month, and the Shopify Plus plan, which starts at $2,000 per month.

Keep in mind, custom development for Shopify is a significant undertaking, and should only be done by qualified web designers/developers.

4.   Squarespace

Squarespace has been dubbed the fastest way to build a website thanks to its ease of use and streamlined mechanics.

It is the preferred choice for many beginners and professionals.

The cost of using Squarespace starts at $12 per month for a personal account and goes up to $40 per month for an advanced plan.

Hiring A Web Design Agency

We hope you’ve found our recommendations for website builders helpful. As mentioned above, building your own website with one of these platforms is the easiest option IF you can’t afford to hire a professional.

If you can afford it, though, then we would strongly recommend hiring a professional agency. A term we often use is, “Cheap is the most expensive”. There is an allure to finding these inexpensive solutions and doing it yourself, however, we believe strongly that there is a significant cost associated with that decision.