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43 Best Church Websites

Church websites are an important tool congregations can use to keep up with the times. They help church members stay connected, inform them about upcoming events, and provide a resource for quick access to scriptural and spiritual guidance.

A great church website is a virtual front door that invites visitors to explore, connect, and ultimately be inspired by the power of faith.

The question is, what web design for your church is the most effective at conveying your message? We’ve created a list of the top 43 best church websites today to bring you the answer.

1. iTown Church

Best features: Minimalist design, excellent hero video, easy navigation, full-width hero images, and good font choices.

2. Passion City Church

Best features: Full-screen video background, high-quality video, crisp and compelling font, and excellent use of white space.

3. Mariners Church

Best features: Soothing color scheme, real and authentic photos, effective navigation menu, asynchronous loading (lazy loading) elements, and superb layout.

4. Orthodox Churches of Estonia

Best features: Spherical panoramas with aerial views of the churches, stunning photos of church interiors, and beautiful photo gallery of church buildings.


5. New Life Rehoboth Church

Best features: Energetic web design with a lot of personality (see the lime green), gorgeous use of font and text, streamlined layout, well-organized footer, and live chat integration.

6. Mosaic Church

Best features: Creative fonts, color scheme, and background textures, effective use of pop-ups, beautiful logo, clean header, crisp text that serves its purpose, and a spacious design.

7. NewSpring Church

Best features: High-resolution images, authentic hero video, good use of white space, strategic CTAs, content cards, testimonial section, off-canvas navigation menu, and a clean color scheme.

8. The Village Church

Best features: Good use of graphics, navigation cards, strategic video placements, effective use of texts, and an appealing color scheme.

9. 3Circle Church

Best features: Full-width images, simple looping animation, a “watch live” count down to Sunday, sticky banner with a simple CTA, and Facebook messaging integration.

10. Bayside Church (Granite Bay, CA)

Best features: Stylistic design with a somewhat “industrial” feel, strategic video integration, minimalist approach, and a helpful events section.


11. Highpoint Church

Best features: Great color scheme, creative font, creative logo, strategic CTA, collapsible navigation menu, and full-width images.

12. Cornerstone Community Church

Best features: Phenomenal logo and header, creative use of colors, skillful use of white space, expandable navigation menu, app CTA with a clipped image, and a detailed footer with helpful information.

13. Summit Church

Best features: Fixed header, seamless donation integration, timely use of pop-ups, location map integration, high-quality video, and a comprehensive navigation menu.

14. Elevation Church

Best features: Side sliding menu, authentic photos, detailed footer with several navigation options, good logo, and a clean color scheme.

15. Fairhaven Church

Best features: Dynamic gradient background, strong use of font choices, animated icons, hero video in the Who We Are section, text and graphic combination, and creative background elements.

16. Journey Church

Best features: Compelling home page with video and CTAs, navigation cards, full-width photos, Google Play and Apple App Store integration, clean design, and an attractive logo.


17. Church on the Move

Best features: Dynamic photography, navigation menu with submenus, seamless video integration, and “watch live” integration for YouTube and Facebook.

18. Brentwood Baptist

Best features: Good logo, well-organized navigation, image cards, lots of high-quality photos, and helpful Podcast page with Apple Podcasts, Shopify, and YouTube integrations.

19. Faith Community Church

Best features: Background with a torn edge effect, beautiful use of fonts and text, wonderful candid photos, and creative use of the color lime.

20. Cascade Hills Church

Best features: Relaxing color scheme, clever use of photo cards, creative font choices and text, and high-quality videos.

21. Radiant Church

Best features: High-resolution images, clean header, detailed footer, comprehensive navigation menu, and a black & white color scheme integrated with various colorful elements.

22. The Oaks Fellowship

Best features: Clean black and white color scheme, beautiful hero video, high-quality images with typographic overlay, YouTube and social media integrations, clipped images, and textured backgrounds.

23. Austin Ridge Bible Church

Best features: Scrolling hero with full-width images, dual navigation menus, creative font use, video integration, use of color gradients, and an appealing color scheme.

24. One Church

Best features: Parallax video and image sections, minimal design approach, useful Locations navigation item, easy Newsletter sign-up, and a simple, effective Contact page.


25. Calvary

Best features: Clearly defined visual hierarchy, well-placed CTAs, social media integrations, and large images.

26. Grace Church

Best features: Composite hero image, navigation icons (as opposed to text navigation), additional color-coordinated navigation menu, simple & beautiful logo, and a bright and varied color scheme.

27. New Vintage Church

Best features: User-friendly design, creative navigation cards, well-positioned mailing list CTA, focused branding, and straightforward color scheme.

28. Woodmen Valley Chapel

Best features: Beautiful landscape photos, nice icon and text logo, effective use of videos, and an overall clean and inviting look and feel.

29. Bayhope.Church

Best features: Modern, user-focused design, lots of photos with plenty of contrast and pop, hand-drawn elements, creative fonts and text, fun and creative CTAs, and message integration.

30. Lancaster County Bible Church

Best features: Large images, simple navigation, creative fonts, color, and drawings, and an overall energetic vibe.

31. St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

Best features: Huge hero video showcasing the church and its congregation, artistic section icons, chat integration, beautiful image cards, detailed sacraments section, and gorgeous icon and text logo.

32. City Church Christ Church

Best features: Simple, inviting feel, authentic photos, animated side navigation menu, cool location map, and fixed positioning for non-scrolling elements.


33. Elevation Church

Best features: Effective use of video footage, compelling testimonials, quick access to sermons in the hero, strategic CTAs, and large authentic photos.

34. The Orchard

Best features: Beautiful logo, locations tab with all The Orchard locations, plenty of photos to show what the church and its branches are like, and a simple navigation menu.

35. Crossroads Community Church

Best features: Effective design hierarchy, live chat feature, centered logo, useful search function, video page navigation in the header, hero image collage, photo mosaic, informational icons, clipped images, and high-quality videos.

36. Aloma Church

Best features: Friendly design with an inviting homepage video background, beautiful use of colors, Vimeo video integration, CTA cards with simple graphics, Google Maps integration on the Location and Directions page, useful infographic, and lots of quality photos.

37. Bayview Church San Diego

Best features: Compelling photos, mixed media hero slider, mixed content grid, excellent text message CTA, fast and easy newsletter sign up, and numerous infographics and informational cards.

38. Hill City Church

Best features: Energetic design with lots of fun themes, collapsible header, black and white color scheme punctuated with other colors, strong font choices, and superb photos.


39. ADA Bible Church

Best features: Unique design feel, easy-to-find live video, photo with text overlay, diverse photos, comprehensive ministry pages, and strong use of fonts.

40. CenterPoint Church

Best features: Large and spacious design feel, big and easy-to-read font, clearly listed campus locations, custom text and graphic overlay, inviting colors, and a detailed footer.

41. Menlo Church (California)

Best features: Simple and memorable logo, easy navigation menu, beautiful info cards, beautiful photos, spacious design with lots of white space, detailed ministries pages, and compelling videos.

42. Knox Toronto

Best features: Professional logo, full-width photo on home page with an illustration overlay, beautifully arranged pages with plenty of room to breathe, and an appealing white, gray, and blue color scheme.

43. Apostolic Church

Best features: High-quality hero video, well-placed “watch live” CTA, spare and effective use of text, lots of white space, and an overall focused design.


Designing and building church websites takes a lot of work, but hopefully, you found inspiration for your project with this list of the top 43 best church websites today.

These outstanding examples showcase the power of excellent design, user-friendly navigation, and engaging content in connecting congregations and spreading faith.

To take the next step and get a church website with us, call us at 702-268-9000 or schedule a free consultation on our Project page. Our team of skilled designers and developers is eager to work with you!