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43 Best Manufacturing Websites

best manufacturing websites and manufacturing web design

43 Best Manufacturing Websites

Manufacturing web design is a powerful tool for fostering customer relationships and driving business growth. The best manufacturing websites achieve this by combining intuitive navigation, responsive design, and seamless functionality.

If you’d like to achieve the same for your website, take a look at our best manufacturing websites list. It contains some amazing examples of top-notch manufacturing design.

1. Lockheed Martin

Why it’s good: Lockheed Martin is a world-famous space and aeronautics manufacturer with a top-level manufacturing website. It has a compelling full-width video hero, a well-organized navigation menu, and good font choices. The site also makes excellent use of white space.


2. Trinity Rail

Why it’s good: This railcar manufacturing website has a straightforward design. There is no mistaking the purpose of the website, thanks to the brand focus. Other positive elements include a video, which plays inside a custom shaped video container (in the shape of North America) and a high-quality image carousel.


3. Aerojet Rocketdyne

Why it’s good: This rocket and propulsion manufacturing website has absolutely phenomenal photos. While they are definitely the site’s best feature and are worth looking at, another great design feature is the site’s concise, excellent navigation menu.

4. Caterpillar

Why it’s good: Caterpillar benefits from unique and focused branding, an appealing color scheme, and clearly laid out content sections.


5. DuPont

Why it’s good: DuPont’s manufacturing website is simple and gets straight to the point, which makes it compelling. We enjoy the no-fluff design, the use of simple calls to action, and the easy-to-read font.

6. General Dynamics

Why it’s good: General Dynamics is an exceptionally clean manufacturing website. The blue and white color scheme and focused grid layout work well for the genre.



7. Dedicated Computing

Why it’s good: This manufacturing website benefits from positive elements, such as the dynamic hero image, strategic CTAs, an intriguing partner showcase section, high-quality photos, illustrations, and more. This is an exceptionally polished design.

8. Raytheon Technologies

Why it’s good: Some of the video content on Raytheon’s website is eye-popping, including the one-time autoplay video on the home page. Other good design elements include decorative icons, short punchy text, and superb photography.

9. American Alloy Fabricators

Why it’s good: We love the use of clipped product images, bold blue text, and the dynamic navigation menu on this manufacturing website. There are also some slick video embeds that work well, blending seamlessly with the design.


10. Thales Group

Why it’s good: This electrical manufacturing website has an appealing wordmark logo, a tightly organized grid layout, and beautiful, graphically enhanced photos.

11. Titan Systems

Why it’s good: Titan Systems makes excellent use of digital illustrations and fonts, which come in a variety of sizes and colors.


12. Boeing

Why it’s good: Boeing has a spacious website design that allows its products to really shine. Other than the incredible product photos and videos, one of our favorite features is the expertly arranged navigation menu….It covers a lot of ground without ever getting cluttered.

13. Protolabs

Why it’s good: Protolabs is a digital manufacturing website with a wealth of product pages, videos, custom info cards, and infographics. The site’s best feature is how it arranges a lot of complex information in a digestible way.


14. Independent Machine Company

Why it’s good: IMC has a lot of good elements going for it—a great wordmark logo, intriguing photos, a clean grid layout, and video integrations.



15. SpaceX

Why it’s good: If you want an example of how to use visual spectacle for your website, take a look at SpaceX. The website is very effective in how it uses images and video.


16. Hockmeyer

Why it’s good: Hockmeyer is a manufacturing website that focuses on functionality and purpose. It has all the right pieces in place—easy navigation, good font choices, excellent product photos, and well-positioned calls to action.


17. Oshkosh Corporation

Why it’s good: Oshkosh Corporation has an appealing landing page that grabs your attention with strong taglines and a clean layout. There are several fantastic design elements on this website, especially with how they use video.

18. L3Harris

Why it’s good: L3Harris is a sleek mechanical and military manufacturing website with an American-themed color palette, well-balanced content sections, captioned images, and more. The site’s strongest feature, however, is its unique branding and authentic feel.

19. Encapsys

Why it’s good: Encapsys is a microencapsulation manufacturer with a clean and friendly website. The design does a good job of conveying the company’s scientific brand while remaining approachable for visitors.


20. MAC Instruments

Why it’s good: MAC Instruments has a simple design concept and an industrial mood. The layout and navigation are very straightforward and accomplish the company’s purpose of providing a basic overview of information for visitors.

21. Bell Performance

Why it’s good: As one of the better manufacturing websites for medium-sized businesses, Bell Performance is certainly worth emulating. The site makes good use of navigation cards, chat integration, and a handful of smartly placed calls to action.

22. Honeywell

Why it’s good: Honeywell is a large manufacturing corporation with a congenial website design. Our favorite aspect of the design is how it sorts information. The main navigation menu, which has expandable sub-menus, is quite useful. Meanwhile, the pages follow a grid layout that minimizes clutter.

23. John Deere

Why it’s good: John Deere’s website has a helpful product navigation menu that uses product photos for each item. Besides navigation, the website benefits from focused branding and stellar product pages with high-quality photos.


24. Dow Chemical Company

Why it’s good: Dow has a pragmatic web design with very little unnecessary, superfluous detail. The design gets right to the point, reflecting the company’s no-nonsense brand. Although the site contains a lot of information, it is tightly organized and well-presented.


25. Gigabyte Technology

Why it’s good:  Gigabyte Technology is a computer hardware manufacturing company with a futuristic website. While the design covers all the fundamental principles, where it stands out is its product pages. Its product pages allow you to compare up to 4 product models in any given category. The products are laid side-by-side so that you can easily compare technical specifications.

26. Siemens

Why it’s good: Siemens’s website benefits from an attractive navy blue and white color palette, spare and effective text, and graphically enhanced images with digital illustrations.



27. BASF

Why it’s good: BASF is an industrial and scientific website that fits well into its genre. The design relies heavily on text, infographics, and video integrations, which it skillfully utilizes.

28. Procter & Gamble

Why it’s good: Proctor & Gamble is one of the top consumer goods manufacturing websites. It employs a wealth of character illustrations that make the design more creative and features a lot of circular design elements, for instance, with its navigation cards.

29. Cisco

Why it’s good: Cisco’s network manufacturing website stands as a great example of what top-notch web design can achieve. It neatly reflects the company’s modern, tech-friendly brand and elegantly blends detailed product information, customer support features, and thought leadership resources.


30. Glauber Equipment – Stark Tech

Why it’s good: This manufacturing website emphasizes functionality and ease of use. It has clean pages with few embellishments, other than some well-placed 3D product models, digital illustrations, and detail drawings.


31. Beechcraft by Textron Aviation

Why it’s good: One of the best manufacturing websites today for airplanes is Beechcraft, and can we say, “Wow.” The photos are truly something else. If you want ideas for how to use product photos on a website, Beechcraft is definitely worth exploring. This website covers all the basics of web design, but it truly excels in how it uses product photos.


32. Mitsubishi Electric

Why it’s good: Mitsubishi Electric’s manufacturing website benefits from full-width photos, a comprehensive navigation menu with a helpful Locations page, and many other features. But what makes this website so interesting is how diverse the pages are. The “Our Stories” page, for instance, features custom-shaped navigation cards and cartoon illustrated elements, which are different from what you find on the Products & Solutions pages.


33. Fairlawn Tool, Inc.

Why it’s good: If you’re looking for design pointers from a contract manufacturing website, Fairlawn Tool Inc. is a good study. It covers all the main needs of web design while maintaining a unique brand feel.



34. UVify

Why it’s good: UVify grabs your attention with an intriguing video hero and high-quality clipped product images. This website’s organization is exceptional. It also benefits from various helpful touches, such as chat integration.


35. PR Hoffman

Why it’s good: PR Hoffman’s website has a neat parallax scrolling effect that differentiates it from other manufacturing websites on this list. It also has a hamburger menu with a simple vertical list of navigation items.

36. Northrop Grumman

Why it’s good: Northrop Grumman’s website utilizes a gorgeous full-width photo layout with some compelling company and product imagery. The site’s design is rather expansive and primarily relies on photos to tell a story and convey information.


37. Tesla

Why it’s good: Similar to SpaceX, Tesla’s website uses powerful imagery to intrigue its audience. The pages lean heavily on high-quality, full-width videos and photos to show off the company’s products and provide information. The approach works. This site is gorgeous and loaded with design elements that are worth emulating.


38. JCB

Why it’s good: This equipment manufacturing website has a strong brand focus and memorable color scheme. Additionally, it strikes a good balance between rich, detailed pages and pages that have enough room to breathe. The Products tab is a good example of what we mean. They are nutrient-dense in terms of content but manage to remain navigable.

39. Medtronic

Why it’s good: Medtronic’s website provides a comprehensive overview of their company, presented in a user-friendly layout. The site is exceptionally clean and utilizes a variety of helpful design techniques, from data visualizations to FAQ accordions.

40. Mercedes-Benz Group

Why it’s good: The Mercedes-Benz Group website is the definition of class, branding, and healthy design structure. The site starts off strong by showing off its best products with a large image carousel on the home page, backed by a black background. It then goes into a lot of detail about the company on other pages, using photo collages, video integrations, and more.


41. GoPro

Why it’s good: GoPro’s website boasts a vibrant, engaging design that emphasizes visual storytelling with high-resolution imagery. It has a creative layout, and many of its content sections contain different features. These include graphically enhanced calls to action, navigation cards with authentic imagery, dual layout product cards, clipped product images, and custom blocks.

42. Cummins

Why it’s good: Cummins has a compelling engine manufacturing website, with a host of interesting features. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing its clipped product photos, videos, and 3D renderings, all of which are top-notch and bring life to the design. The design has an intuitive layout and concise text.

43. Yaham LED

Why it’s good: Yaham LED utilizes full-screen scrolling on the home page with a vertical slider. This helps showcase the company’s diverse product range in an engaging and interactive manner. Each scroll introduces a new section, allowing users to explore different LED solutions without leaving the home page. This design decision creates a streamlined, user-friendly experience.



The 43 best manufacturing websites on this list combine exceptional design with robust product photos and videos.

We find that the most compelling manufacturing websites also tell a story about the company, its mission, and values, creating a stronger connection with audiences. Hopefully, you’ve found some features and design elements that you like and want to emulate.

If you’d like something similar for your website, schedule a meeting with us today.