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Las Vegas Central Office for Alcoholics Anonymous

2020 Website Redesign

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We Created A Non-Profit Website Design For The Las Vegas Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Las Vegas Central Office for Alcoholics Anonymous offers A.A. meetings for people in Southern Nevada. Their mission is to help others recover from alcoholism and to strive to A.A.’s Responsibility Declaration. With such a big mission at hand, they needed a professional, well-organized website that communicated their message, provided user resources, and handled frequent calendar events. When they came to us initially, their website faced a huge loading speed issue, which often exceeded 10 seconds. After an in-depth examination, we realized the site needed a complete overhaul and several key integrations added. Working closely with stakeholders, we redesigned their website according to their needs, and created the right solutions.


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Non Profit Website Solutions Provider

During the Alcoholics Anonymous site redesign, we migrated more than 1,000 monthly meetings and redeveloped their event calendar, which now handles over 1,000 meetings per month without issue. We also worked with the Alcoholics Anonymous app to connect their Las Vegas meetings to the broader Alcoholics Anonymous organization calendar, helping keep events synchronized.

Image of Las Vegas as Dusk
Las Vegas Central Design Landing Page

Managed Web Services

We created an online donation page for the organization, which was previously unavailable. The page allows for one-time and recurring donations through a simple and easy-to-fill form. You can find it at Alcoholics Anonymous website.

We created and currently manage the syndication of Alcoholics Anonymous newsletter, meeting changes, and special events. In addition, we manage and send out their bi-monthly newsletter via Mailchimp. 

We host and manage their website and provide monthly analytics reporting on search traffic, offering ongoing insight and support.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Las Vegas - Make a Contribution Landing Page
Las Vegas Central Office - How do i find Meeting Landing Page Design
Las Vegas Central Office for Alcoholics Landing Page

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