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Local SEO Services

Improving local SEO search visibility

Local SEO services all geared towards increasing traffic to your website.

Local search engine optimization differs from methods that are effective on the wider web. The owners and operators of businesses with brick-and-mortar locations or regional service areas can benefit the most from using local SEO services. Whereas broader, internet-based SEO methods focus primarily on the organic or paid use of search keywords, local methods are proximity-based to make sure customers see nearby businesses in search results or advertisements.

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Local SEO Management

The relative ease or difficulty of starting a local campaign that gets results depends on the regional market. Businesses that offer common services in dense, large markets are likely to encounter more competition. There are several benefits of having a Las Vegas-based SEO firm run local campaigns:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Detailed regional market research
  • Results-driven SEO services

An SEO company native to a challenging SEO market can offer tried-and-true strategies to businesses located anywhere. A local SEO campaign should make the most of the digital marketing budget of a business to make any operation stand out from close competition.

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Customize a Local SEO Services Plan

SEO professionals work with business owners to customize a local service plan. Depending on how a business operates, this may include on-page optimization and broader internet-based SEO in addition to local services. Most local plans extend to creating and verifying the accuracy and consistency of off-site directory, search engine or map-based listings.

Business owners may want to designate a portion of a digital marketing budget for geographical targeting. Operations with a physical location or service area may get more return on investment by dedicating a substantial portion of this budget to location-based strategies. People who search for relevant topics nearby are more likely to become customers.

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Strategies for Local SEO 

Local directory listings and backlinks from trusted regional websites can both raise the rank of a business in local searches. Providing consistent information about a business online and making sure listings are managed and updated can significantly increase the visibility of a business.

Some of the most important local SEO measures are so obvious that they are often overlooked by busy business owners and employees. The street address of a brick-and-mortar location and accurate business hours are essential for attracting customers through searches. A business should also appear at the accurate location on online maps.

Reputation Management Tools

Prospective customers use reviews to compare nearby businesses. The reputation of a business can make or break digital marketing efforts. Digital agencies that do local SEO often offer reputation management services across multiple platforms with tools such as real-time review notifications, templates and response options. An SEO service can also help clients develop campaigns to increase the number of reviews of a business.

Operations that have physical locations or service areas can benefit most from attracting more search traffic based on proximity. These are some of the major local SEO methods for businesses and franchises. Ranking in the top three organic results for relevant local search queries or paying to display ads based on proximity are among the best ways to get clicks and conversions from local searches.