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Create an Impact with a Custom WordPress Website

Multiply Your ROI with Customized and Optimized WordPress Designs that Attract The Right Customers

Sage Digital Agency is an expert at building professionally designed and developed WordPress websites. We help you win over the right clients with beautiful, responsive designs that represent your brand and help you automate your digital life.

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From Web Design to Paid Media and SEO, you’ll find the information and resources you need to make informed decisions for your business.

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What Is A WordPress Web Design?

It Is A Website in WordPress—The Hassle-Free Content Management System Designed To Scale Your Business & Create Efficiency

  1. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet. In fact, a third of the websites on the internet today are built using WordPress.
  2. With WordPress, you can design and build almost any type of website. From informational business websites, portfolios, eCommerce sites to membership and directory sites.
  3. Wordpress is the top choice for millions of businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises.
  4. WordPress could be a winner for your business, as its design options are near-unlimited, it's open-source, and highly flexible. Schedule a chat with us to see if WordPress is the right fit for you.
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Why Use WordPress Website Design For Your Business?

WordPress Has Countless Design Options – Designers love to use WordPress because it offers an enormous selection of design options through themes and templates.
WordPress Is User-Friendly – Although WordPress can be intimidating for beginners, it is easy to manage an existing site or store that is well-built. With a little bit of time and practice, users find that the platform is quite intuitive.
WordPress is Customizable – Creating a website design that matches your brand’s image is possible with WordPress. 
WordPress Is Secure – WordPress is one of the most secure platforms around. It provides up-to-date security options for users to prevent hacking, which is crucial for businesses.

WordPress Websites Rank Better – If you want to be found easily online, WordPress has multiple plugins that can help your website rank higher on Google Search results.

Choose SAGE as Your WordPress Web Design Company

Sage comes highly recommended by our clients for a number of reasons. (1) We take our client engagements very seriously. (2) We are process-driven and are focused on delivering on-time and on-budget solutions for our clients. (3) We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our relationships. (4) We design and build visually stunning websites that are on-brand and built to convert.

Why Hire a Professional WordPress Website Designer?

If you want to stand out online and stay ahead of the competition, you need more than a basic WordPress website.
  A professional WordPress designer takes your website to the next level, offering you unique advantages that include:

  1. Customized design – Having a unique website is important to its success since this is how you show customers your brand. Pre-packed themes and templates can only take you so far, while expert WordPress designers take your site to a whole different level.
  2. Time saved - WordPress designers take the load off your shoulders so that you can focus on the crucial parts of your business.
  3. Cost-efficiency - A full-service WordPress web designer takes care of everything for you from start to finish, resulting in more savings in the long run.
  4. Technical Support – Good web designers provide you with ongoing technical support should you encounter any problems with your website in the future.
  5. SEO Optimization - Expert WordPress designers stay updated with the latest optimization trends and can apply them to your website.

Get A Free Strategy Session From A Leading Web Design Agency

Our free WordPress web design consultation is just one of the many reasons why we have earned our position as a top web design agency. Get a targeted, actionable list of improvements to empower your website and join the ranks of our many happy clients from around the world.

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Professional WordPress Website Design Agency - FAQs

Custom WordPress Design vs. WordPress Templates: What’s the Right Choice for Your Business?

Ready-made templates can be a great time and money saver, but they lack the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Custom websites are a great way to establish and express your brand through tailored page elements that align with the objectives you have set out for yourself.

Custom website design is more costly than templates, but it offers you a competitive edge. A custom WordPress site will be better for SEO and visitors because of its unique features like customizable colors or content types that can’t be found in built-in designs.

With custom website design packages, we can build a site that’s tailored to your needs and messages.

Are WordPress Websites Difficult to Manage?

Since we are not your average website designer, we make sure that your website will thrive in the digital space.

We provide you with the necessary support to help you manage your website. In addition, we provide training to help you get started with content management.

When you work with us, your website is bug-free and properly maintained. We will solve problems and fix issues for you right away! 

Will My WordPress Website Be Secure?

Absolutely! We ensure that all our website design projects are secured.

Do You Provide Digital Marketing Services for WordPress Websites?

Sage Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers services including:

Custom Website Design
Landing Page Creation
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
Email marketing
Social Media Management

These services are available to our clients to propel their digital marketing campaigns to achieve increased traffic to their business.

Is My WordPress Website Search Engine Optimized?

We design wordpress websites with SEO in mind. We make sure that your website is search-engine friendly, resulting in higher ranking and online visibility.

Also, your website will have clear CTAs and is easy to navigate, making the user experience streamlined for a higher conversion rate. 

We make sure that your website is not just SEO friendly but also beautifully designed. 

By combining high-quality UI, UX, and SEO, your website will have increased organic traffic and higher conversation rates.

What Is Your WordPress Website Design Process?

Step 1 – Building A Sitemap

We first go over your business and brand information. Then, we go into deep dive to understand your unique business needs – your goals, website requirements, and capabilities. 

Using your input, we design a sitemap for your website. The sitemap is the blueprint of your web design project and is crucial to its success.

Step 2 – Visual Design Phase

During this phase, we create visuals using Figma.

You will see the initial mockup for your website. Our expert wordpress web designers will make sure that each page is unique, on-brand, and matches your expectations.


Step 3 – Web Development Phase

The web development phase, also called the coding stage, is where we built your website using the sitemaps and approved designs in Figma.

Our team of developers is experts at building websites that are easy to navigate and mobile adaptive.


Step 4 – Pre-launch Phase

During the pre-launch phase, we test your websites through checklists.

We set up security software and optimize your pages to be SEO-friendly. We also set up Google Analytics so you can gather data to improve your customer engagement and website functionalities.


Step 5 – Going Live!

After publishing your website, we provide all our clients will ongoing support to ensure that your website runs smoothly. 

How Long Does WordPress Web Development Take?

The timeline for custom WordPress website development depends on many factors, such as the number of pages and the functionalities and plugins your want to add.

On average, website design and development on WordPress would take up to six months to complete. Therefore, you need to keep this timeline in mind when deciding when you start your project.

How Much Does WordPress Design and Redesign Cost?

We’re glad you asked this question as this is very important! We believe that discussions about the budget must be transparent and straightforward.

As much as we’d like to work with many design projects, unfortunately, we are not for everyone. 

We take pride in our high-quality custom designs, and we do not compromise on the quality we deliver.

Schedule a free WordPress web design consultation today to get the most accurate pricing.

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