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Whether you work for an SEO content writing services company or are simply an every day writer, one of the best ways to promote your target website is by writing SEO content.

But to really stand out, you need to create a lot of high-quality material.

If writing is a struggle for you, this can seem like a daunting task.

But SEO content writing does not have to be so difficult.

There are some very simple things that, if you remember, will make the writing process a whole lot easier for you.

In fact:

The first thing to keep in mind is so simple it is almost unbelievable.

Can you guess what it is?

It is the quality of your content.

That is right. To get started on the proper track, all you have to do is make sure you are writing something good.

The big question is, what defines good content?

What Is Quality SEO Content?

Good quality content = something that provides value.

This can apply to text, video, image, infographic, and more.

The medium does not matter.

What does matter is that the content leaves the audience richer than they were before they found it.

Simple, right?

Well, yes and no.

At times, with so much content already in circulation, it can be difficult to know what provides value for your readers and what does not.

SEO Content Writing Services

What Is The Purpose of Your Content?

To find out if your content adds value, it helps to ask why you are creating it.

  1. Do you want to rank in Google or another search engine for business purposes?
  2. Are you trying to express something personal?
  3. Is it a mix of both?

Once you have pinpointed why you are making your content, you can more easily find ways to make it helpful for your readers.

During your creative process, to maximize your content’s usefulness, you’ll want to select relevant keywords.

This brings us to the second thing to keep in mind.

The keywords you are using.

SEO Content Writing Services: Article And Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important part of SEO.

Choosing the right ones not only makes your content more likely to be seen but elevates your content quality as a whole.

Finding the right keywords can be challenging, but fortunately, there are a ton of good keyword tools out there.

Our preferred tool is Ahrefs.

With it, we target what we call “sweet spot” keywords as a means of winning traffic over the long term.

For example:

The keyword phrase “henderson las vegas” has a global monthly search volume of 2.9k, a USA monthly search volume of 2.1k, and a traffic potential of 32k.

While the difficulty for this particular phrase is ranked as Hard, there are other keyword phrases that are much easier to rank for that still have substantial monthly search volumes.

Side note:

If you have difficulty using keyword tools, there are other ways to find decent keywords.

Google Suggest, Reddit, Quora, and Wikipedia are all goldmines for keywords and semantically related topics.

SEO Content Writing Services Team of Writers

Writing for SEO is similar to writing high-level prose or even poetry.

You have to follow certain rules to succeed.

As search engines become more advanced, this becomes increasingly important.

This is why:

We recommend using well-researched, semantically related keywords to strengthen your content, in addition to your main keyword.

Our recommended tool for finding semantically related keywords is PageOptimizer Pro, which helps SEO content writers craft content that Google’s algorithms want to see.

Professional recommendations are the third thing to keep in mind when writing SEO content.

Whether you end up using PageOptimizer Pro or another system, we encourage you to dig in, do your research, and find something that excites you!

Can You Repurpose What You Have Made?

If you have already written a bunch of content but now realize you need to optimize it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with reworking what you have.

Websites do it all the time, a good example being news sites.

Just make sure that your upgraded content adds value.

What Should You Write About On Your Website?

If you have a vague content strategy and do not know what to write, the best thing you can do is put yourself in your audience’s shoes.


The fourth thing to keep in mind when writing SEO content is your audience.

How will your readers respond to what you are writing?

Is your content stylized well?

These are two essential questions.

As it pertains to content stylization, we recommend the following:

Avoiding long bulky paragraphs by breaking up your content into two or three sentences max per paragraph.

SEO Content Writing Services

Takeaways For Content Writers

If there is anything you take away from these brief tips, it is to keep your content fairly straightforward.

The more readable your content is, the more likely people will be to read through it all the way, which will improve your time on page.

You’ll also want to craft a solid conclusion.

As a matter of fact, your conclusion is the fifth thing to keep in mind when creating SEO content.

Conclusions are important since people want to see their questions answered in a clear, straightforward manner.


To summarize what we have covered so far, the five things you should keep in mind when writing SEO content are:

1. The quality of your content.

2. The keywords you are using.

3. Professional recommendations.

4. Your audience.

5. Your conclusion.

At the end of the day, people want their questions answered, which is why it helps to add a great conclusion!

Content Writing Services: Professional Content Writing

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Further Reading: 6 Additional Tips For Writing SEO Content

Although the elements we’ve already mentioned are vitally important for writing SEO content, they aren’t the only things that will make your writing shine.

Here are 6 additional tips for writing SEO content that will strengthen the quality of your content.

1. Put Your Readers First, Even Before Your SEO

Putting your readers before SEO when writing your own content (or offering content writing services to a client) might not sound like actionable advice, especially since all content today needs very strong SEO to get seen.


The advice still applies.

It’s saying you shouldn’t get so lost in every little detail with your SEO that you forget the big picture or who you are writing to.

Forgetting the big picture can certainly happen when you’re writing SEO. Part of the issue is how many different SEO tools there are out there recommending different strategies and approaches. It’s easy to get sidetracked.

So, just make sure to remember what’s most important

If you are getting bogged down in the details of SEO and forgetting your audience, you aren’t going about the writing process correctly.

Remember the audience!

2. Make Your Content Highly Readable

There are three ways to make your content readable when writing your own stuff or when offering content writing services to a client.

One, you can use casual language.

Two, you can add subheadings.

Three, you can use bucket brigades.

Using Every Day Language

The first way here is fairly straightforward. You want to use language that your readers can appreciate.

We’ve seen far too cases where SEO writers utilized highly complex, even convoluted language to convey ideas.

If you’re running a business website, keep your language professional but don’t make it convoluted.

If you must use advanced vocabulary, explain what the terms mean so that your readers can follow what you mean. The only exception to this is if you are writing to an educated audience.

Adding Subheadings

The second way, adding subheadings, is an easily missed step that makes your SEO a lot better.

The more subheadings you have, the easier your content becomes to read since you provide a break for readers.

Bucket Brigades

The third way is to use bucket brigades, which are short transitionary words and phrases that help move your content along.

When using a bucket brigade, you want to use them in their own paragraph.

Words like “And,” “But,” and “Or,” are great bucket brigades.


There are many more words and phrases that you can use besides them. There are hundreds of words and phrases that you can use for your bucket brigades.

Bucket Brigade Advantages

The advantage of bucket brigades is that they increase the time your visitors spend on your website.

Readers appreciate not having to deal with giant walls of text.

This doesn’t mean you need to avoid substantial paragraphs, but keeping your paragraphs short (1 to 3 lines) and using plenty of bucket brigades along the way will help you tremendously.

3. Spice Up Your SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

To improve the quality of your SEO writing or content writing services, it’s important to focus on enhancing your SEO titles and meta descriptions.

Creating compelling SEO titles and meta descriptions (or at least ones that are passable) is a lot better than not writing a meta description or writing something that isn’t relevant.

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions Vary

You’ll want to tailor your SEO title and meta descriptions to your audience, so depending on the nature of your website, you’ll want to change how you write them.

Something we at Sage have recently been exploring is finding the balance between making our SEO titles and meta descriptions compelling while at the same time avoiding clickbait.

SEO expert Brian Dean has some interesting thoughts about how to write meta descriptions.


Mostly you just need to understand your audience, and more importantly, how to write something that grabs someone’s attention. That’s the real key when crafting SEO titles and meta descriptions.

4. Use A Grammar Checker

You’d be amazed by how many website owners don’t use grammar tools when creating SEO content.

Although running your content through a grammar tool is a simple step, it’s a necessary one for creating professional content that people will trust.

Our preferred grammar checker is Grammarly Premium.

About Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium is a solid tool.

Fair warning: It’s not perfect and does on occasion miss certain mistakes, but it’s probably the best grammar checker out there.


You don’t need perfection writing SEO content. You just need content that is solid and contains minimal mistakes.

Your readers will forgive the occasional error but will begin to lose trust in your content if it’s riddled with consistent spelling and grammar errors.

5. Get Ideas From Your Competition

There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from your competition.

You can use a variety of SEO tools (ours is Ahrefs) to see how your competitors’ posts are fairing and which ones are receiving traffic.

From there, you can create your own version of the same topics.

Of course, you DON’T want to plagiarize someone else’s material.

Our process at Sage is to see what our top 5 competitors are writing about and then create a piece that addresses those topics, written in our own flavor and style.

6. Repurpose Your Old Content

Unless you are offering content writing services to a client, one of the good things about SEO is that you don’t need to always create new material.

Repurposing your old material is valid and can be a very effective approach.

If you’ve written a post that has generated a substantial amount of traffic in the past that has now slowed down—


If you’ve written a solid piece that never got off the ground in terms of traffic but still has great potential, you can rework the piece to make it better.

The biggest benefit of repurposing old content is that you don’t need to invest quite as much effort into it as you would a brand new piece. You’ve already put the groundwork in place.

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