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What do UI/UX designers do – Key takeaways

See the 7 main takeaways from this post:

1. A UI/UX designer’s main job is to find solutions to problems and work with others to implement the solutions.

2. UI/UX designers have a broad range of responsibilities, from initial research to user testing.

3. The difference between a UI and a UX designer is the UI designer focuses on a website’s visuals, while the UX designer focuses on the overall user experience.

4. UI/UX designers bridge the gap between design, user needs, and different design departments.

5. UI/UX designers need good communication skills to collaborate with clients and team members.

6. UI/UX design can improve a website’s user experience, increase conversion rates, and reduce development costs.

7. At Sage Digital Agency, we use ClickUp, Figma, WhatsApp, and Slack to communicate with clients.

A UI/UX web designer’s main job

While UI and UX designers are different, they often work together, and some of them have cross-disciplinary training. So, let’s say, broadly speaking, here is what you can expect a UI/UX designer to do.

See the breakdown of UX/UI designer responsibilities below:

User Research – Conduct interviews and surveys
– Create personas
– Perform usability testing
Design Planning – Define user journeys through wireframes and storyboards
– Develop user flow diagrams
– Create sitemaps
Interface Design – Design visual elements like layouts and color schemes
– Create responsive design templates
– Develop prototypes
Interaction Design – Implement interactive elements like buttons and sliders
– Design transitions and animations
– Ensure intuitive accessibility
Usability Evaluation – Perform A/B testing
– Conduct accessibility audits
– Analyze user behavior with heatmaps and click tracking
Collaboration and Communication – Work with developers
– Collaborate with product managers and stakeholders
– Present designs for feedback
Iteration and Optimization – Refine designs based on feedback
– Update and optimize web pages
– Stay updated with design trends
Documentation and Delivery – Create design specifications
– Document design processes
– Prepare design assets for development handoff

UI vs UX designer: What’s the difference?

The lines between a UI and UX designer can get blurred because the two roles often go hand-in-hand—and it depends on the designer. Again, some designers have cross-training and multi-disciplinary skills.

With that said, the main difference is that UI designers focus on a website’s visuals, while UX designers concentrate on the overall user experience.

Side note:

Ultimately, a UX designer’s job is to help the project reach its goals. This includes defining what these goals are, to begin with. A UI designer’s primary focus, on the other hand, is to support the UX designer in achieving these goals.

UI and UX designers: Side-by-side comparisons

Here’s a closer look at the roles that set UI and UX designers apart:


  • UX designers: Conduct user research, analyze user behavior, and gather insights.
  • UI designers: Research visual design trends and best practices.

Design Process

  • UX designers: Create user flows, wireframes, and prototypes to test usability.
  • UI designers: Design visual elements, such as icons, buttons, and color schemes.

User Focus

  • UX designers: Prioritize user needs, preferences, and overall experience.
  • UI designers: Focus on creating visually appealing and intuitive interfaces.


  • UX designers: Work closely with developers, stakeholders, and other designers.
  • UI designers: Collaborate with UX designers and developers.


  • UX designers: Conduct usability testing and gather user feedback for iterative improvements.
  • UI designers: Test visual designs for accessibility, responsiveness, and aesthetic appeal.


  • UX designers: Aim to create products that are easy to use, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • UI designers: Strive to make interfaces visually engaging and aligned with brand guidelines.

1. How does the work of UI/UX designers contribute to the success of a website?

At the end of the day, a skilled UI/UX designer’s job is to create a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and frictionless.

With this in mind, investing in the right designer can help a website succeed by providing the following benefits:

  • A better browsing experience and overall user experience for a business’s customers.
  • Higher conversion rates, thanks to polished user interfaces that guide users towards certain actions.
  • Better relationships with customers, thanks to a better overall experience.
  • Reduced development costs (This is done via UX testing, which helps businesses avoid costly mistakes in the development process.)

2. What role do UI/UX designers play in communicating with clients during the web design process?

It depends on the company. Some organizations have project managers who handle the majority of client communications. However, in other design agencies, UI/UX designers communicate directly with clients.

Side Note: UI/UX designers also work closely with product managers, developers, and marketers. In fact, cross-functional web design teams rely on UI/UX designers to bridge the gap between design and user needs.

More specifically, UI/UX designers:

  • Speak up for users and ensure the team keeps user needs in mind.
  • Explain what users want in a way that developers can understand and build.
  • Make changes based on feedback by listening to what users have to say.
A diagram showing how UI/UX designers can better communicate with clients and team members

3. What tools do UI/UX designers use to collaborate with clients and ensure their web design needs are met?

It depends on the organization. At Sage Digital Agency, we use a combination of ClickUp, Figma, WhatsApp, and Slack.

ClickUp is our project management tool, where we update clients with project notifications. Figma, meanwhile, allows us to take design feedback from clients directly and in real-time. WhatsApp and Slack, for their part, are useful for direct messaging, and we use them flexibly as needed.

What do UI/UX designers do – Conclusion

In this article, we answered the question, “What do UI/UX designers do?” We also explored the responsibilities of UI and UX designers and discussed their differences, how they collaborate, and the benefits of UI/UX design.

For a full overview of the content covered in this article, please refer to the Key Takeaways section.

If you’re looking to enhance your website’s UI and UX, consider partnering with Sage Digital Agency. Contact our UI/UX web design experts to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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