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Bing search engine (BSE) is the second largest search engine by market share in the United States and one of the 50 most visited sites on the Internet. According to Alexa rankings, the second-largest search engine by market share in the U.S. and one of the 50 most visited sites on the Internet. (This is an analytics site owned by Amazon, not a voice assistant created by Amazon.) I wonder how much difference it makes when a different set of algorithms decides what kind of content you should see. The World Wide Web is a window to the world; the search engine distorts and shades it.

BSE is one of the most popular search engines in the world, but are you using it to its fullest potential? As with most search engines, Bing has ways to perform advanced searches to drastically reduce results and display the answers you are looking for.

Below are various advanced search tips you may not have known about that you can use in BSE.

BSE is not the only search engine that supports advanced keywords and other time-saving features. For example, advanced Google search commands are available if you prefer Google.

1.  Reverse image search in Bing

Bing image matching is an easy way to find images similar to another image. You do this without using text as you would with a regular search, but instead by providing the search engine with the image you want to use as a link.

Click the image button on the home page to find the image on your computer or provide its URL.

By searching using the image, you can find others similar to yours, similar searches, websites using that image, and more.

2.  Advanced video search options

When you search for videos in BSE, there are several advanced search options. They are stored in a hidden toolbar that only appears after you select a filter.

You can use these search options to quickly refine your results to videos that are less than five minutes long, between 5 and 20 minutes long, or longer than 20 minutes.

There’s also a date filter, so you’ll only see items published in the last 24 hours or videos from the previous week, month, or year.

Filters by resolution, source, and price are available when searching for videos in BSE. This means you can only find, for example, longer YouTube videos with a resolution of at least 1080p.

3.  Up-to-date news about BSE

In a similar way to video search options, feel free to find the latest news on any topic using advanced news search filters. By sorting by the most recent news and even filtering out anything older than the last hour, you can ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date news.

Symbols for optimizing search

These search modifiers are other ways to get better results when searching for things:

Advanced Search Options

Search symbols

All search engines have search symbols that help refine search results. BSE uses several search symbols, such as:

+ symbol

When you use the + symbol between two words, they appear together. Let’s say you want to find articles related to VPN apps on Fossbytes. Just type VPN apps+Fossbytes, and you’ll get all the articles on the site’s pages.

– symbol

Minus does the exact opposite of the symbol above. It ensures that a particular keyword is not included in the search results. For example, the Jaguar -car will only display results for the Jaguar animal instead of the Jaguar car.

” ” symbol

Use quotation marks above a specific string of words or sentences to search web pages. This is handy when trying to find the exact source of some paragraphs.

OR symbol

This symbol finds web pages containing any of the terms. Make sure that you write OR in capital letters. For example, Mercedes OR Audi.

Symbol  Example  What it does
+ +fish +recepie Finds web pages that contain all terms with a + in front of them.
” “ “single shoulder backpack” Finds the exact words in the phrase.
() website: -(ocean) Finds or excludes web pages containing a group of words
AND ALSO, & sofa AND sale Finds web pages that contain all terms or phrases (this is how normal search works by default, and this is an example of a logical search).
NOT, – toys for boy -car Excludes web pages containing a term or phrase.
OR, | car OR bike Finds web pages that contain terms or phrases.


Bing’s NOT and OR operators must be capitalized so that the search engine can understand them as they are explained in the table above.

4.  BSE Advanced Search Operators

Below are other search tips you can use to narrow down your search results:

Advanced Search Terms

Search for documents, PDF, PPT, MP3, video, ZIP, etc.

With the filetype: command, you can search for files that are specified with the operator. For example, if you want to search for .ppt files by computer networking, just type filetype:ppt computer networking.

This Bing search operator will display URLs that contain a ppt file related to that topic. You can do the same for other file types. You will also find a “Web View” option next to the URL on the results page. By clicking on it, you can directly open the PPT, PDF, or doc files in your browser.

Finding web pages on the site that contain certain files

Use the contains: operator to search for web pages that contain online documents and multimedia files such as mp3 or videos. Suppose you want to download PDF e-book files from the Bookboon site. Type “ contains:PDF”.

In case you want to narrow your search and you only want PDF files of engineering books, type “engineering contains:PDF”.

Filter search results by title, URL, anchor, or body

To search for pages that contain specific keywords only in the title, use intitle:. Example – intitle: Indian Cricket Team

You can use inturl: to search for web pages that contain a specific keyword in the URL.

These search operators are handy, especially if you own a website or blog and need to filter certain pages from a directory.

Similarly, inanchor: or inbody: searches for keywords in the anchor or body of a web page.

Find content based on meta tags

The meta: feature allows you to filter content based on specific tags in HTML.

For example, meta:Search.os(“Windows 10”).

This will show all web pages containing Windows 10 in the meta tag.

Limit the size of images in image search

The following search trick is handy when searching for perfect images.

imagesize: sets a limit to the size of the images you get and is only valid for image searches.

For example, cats imagesize:large

  • Small – width and height less than 200 pixels.
  • Medium – width and height between 200 and 500 pixels.
  • Large – width and height over 200 pixels.
Find results based on location

loc: or location: displays search results related only to a specific country or region. You can also specify the country or region code directly, as in this example – loc: Ukraine.

Find results based on language in BSE

Language: operator provides web pages in a specific language. If you want to find soccer in French, type – football language:fr

Focus on a specific search term

prefer: highlights a search term or other operator to help the search engine focus on it. For example, football prefer:history – this will find more articles related to soccer history.

Search for specific RSS feeds

feed: can find RSS feeds for you to make it easier for you to read the news. For example, if you prefer to read technology news, you can find a list of RSS feeds in search results by entering feed:technology.

The same goes for sports, politics, and any other topics you can think of.

hasfeed: is another advanced BSE for finding RSS feeds. It allows you to find those web pages that contain an RSS or Atom feed on their site.

Narrow your search to the given root domain

site/domain: can limit the search to a specific root domain, such as .edu, .gov, .org.

Example: science site/.edu

It will display science-related sites with a .edu root domain.

Find terms at a certain distance

near: allows you to set the distance between two search terms. Suppose you want to find the keyword “orange” 5 words away from the keyword “color”. Type orange near:5 color.

We have compiled all these operators into a table for your convenience.

Keyword  Example  What it does
contains: football contains:gif Links the results to sites that have links to the file types you specify.
ext: sample lease agreement ext:docx Returns only web pages with the specified file extension.
file type: file type:pdf Returns only web pages created in the specified file type.
inanchor:, inbody:, intitle: intitle:2020 inbody:lockdown in London Returns only web pages containing the specified term in the metadata.


IP: IP: 127.441.158.80 Finds sites hosted on a specific IP address.
language: language:en_gb terry pratchett books Returns only web pages for a specific language (lang code required).
location:, location: location:Ukraine Returns only web pages from a specific country/region. To focus on two or more, use a logical OR to group them (country or region code required).
preference: football prefers:history Emphasizes a search query or other operator to focus the results.
site: montessory Returns web pages belonging to a particular website. Also works for TLDs (e.g., assite:edu).
feed: feed:golf Finds RSS or Atom channels by search query
hasfeed: hasfeed:global Finds web pages that contain an RSS or Atom feed on the website for the conditions you are looking for.
url: Checks if the domain or URL is in the Bing index.

Do not include a space after a colon in any of these extended queries.

Some features and functions described here may not be available in your country or region.

5.  Math Solver

People who don’t like math will love Bing’s new search engine trick. It can be used to solve math equations.

You just need to take a picture of the equations and click on Math Solver on the bottom menu between “Auto” and “Barcode.” You will immediately get the answer and a step-by-step explanation of it.

6.  Text Transcription

Bing Visual Search has this addition. You may recognize things via text transcription and look up equivalent ones online. To find the text printed on something, simply point your camera at it.

You may also use your phone to call a number by taking a picture. You can add the email ID to an existing contact by clicking on the image of the email ID, and you can even access a website by clicking the URL in the picture.

7.  View a preview in Video Search

If you hover your mouse over the thumbnails that appear in Bing Video Search, a short preview of the video with sound will automatically play. This allows you to see the video’s relevance without going to the site where the video is posted.

8.  Educational Carousel

This BSE prompt is for students and parents who want to make learning easier. Just type “Education on Bing” to discover notes on popular topics related to learning math, science, language, etc., for more effective concept formation. Students can also search for specific issues, such as “The Structure of the Solar System” or “The Periodic Table”.

9.  Sample answer and code compiler

The BSE can answer your programming query right on the fly. Type a programming query, and the search engine’s advanced algorithm will extract the required code snippet (if available) from any indexed material, online documentation, or forum discussion. The extracted answer or code snippets will be displayed in the search results with a link to the original article.

But the fun part isn’t over yet – BSE can be used as a code compiler. Suppose you want to know about arrays in C++. Just type C++ arrays into the search box, and right in the search results, you’ll get a code compiler with code for arrays in C++. You can modify the code, change values, and compile it on the search page!

10.      American Sign Language (ASL)

The following is a handy BSE feature designed specifically for the hearing impaired. Enter “Sign Language” to view 159 videos with words and 13-word combinations in American Sign Language that can be used by students who want to learn sign language in schools.

11.      Find NFL stats now

For all NFL fans, the BSE offers in-depth and contextualized information about every NFL game from 2000 to the present.

12.      Dictionary

To find out the meaning of a word, type the word define or definition in the search engine bar. For example, define heliocentrism.

13.      Weather forecaster

If you type in the word weather and then your current location, you can get a 5-day weather forecast right from your search. For example, the weather in Amsterdam.

14.      Currency converter

You can easily convert from one currency to another by typing the amount and currency you want to convert it to. Example: 100 USD to Euro.

15. The Bing app

Most people almost certainly don’t use Microsoft’s search engine that way, but the app has been downloaded over 10 million times in the Google Play store alone. People use it. Maybe you should try too.

16. Vehicles Market

It can take a lot of time to purchase a vehicle. It might be exhausting to choose the proper model, gain fundamental knowledge, speak with people who already own a comparable automobile, browse several websites, compare features, and haggle costs. Microsoft created the Autos Marketplace because they share the same opinion.

You can start at the Autos Marketplace main screen rather than wading through many search engine results or using multiple search engines to discover all this information. It all starts with one inquiry. Thanks to filtering, a distinct image of the vehicles you’re looking for is included in your search engine results. If the car you desire isn’t close, increase the miles you’re ready to travel because Bing’s local links to automobile inventories gather the search results based on the distance parameters you offer. This application also incorporates Maps, making it simple to locate dealership locations.

Unbiased Results from Search Engines

Microsoft created this search engine within a search engine so that all user choices and filters determine the final results. Comparing this to a dealership website where paid advertisements, current inventory requirements, or marketing incentives to increase revenue may impact search engine results is entirely different. BSE wants to make it easier for customers to select cars that suit their financial and practical needs.

Videos, Images, and More

There’s no need to check up on a vehicle’s appearance on the picture search engine. Each vehicle is covered in a ton of pictures and videos. To assess whether a listing is priced higher or lower than comparable automobiles, a pricing comparison chart displays the average price of comparable listings. Also noted is how many days the item has been on the market. This can signify a variety of things, but the longer it sits on the lot, the more likely a dealership is to reduce the price or offer additional benefits.

AutoCheck Connection

Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to understand as much as you can about a used car’s past. BSE also has this covered. Each car of interest has a link to the CARFAX Vehicle History Report when it is available. Discover the number of previous owners, any known accidents, repair history, and more. Compared to checking it out on CARFAX, this is so much simpler!

Selling a vehicle

Frequently, when you acquire an automobile, you also sell one. There is more to determining your car’s value than simply going to You can find out how much money automobiles similar to yours are selling for in the region by conducting a Bing search on Autos Marketplace. Whether you want to sell it yourself or want to maximize the value of your trade-in, this can be helpful.

17. Google Rewards

The focus of this curriculum is philanthropic giving. By conducting searches, you may easily earn points that translate into money for the charity of your choice. It’s simply too simple. Join Microsoft Rewards, select your nonprofit organization, and begin earning credits after your first search. Not even a Microsoft account is required!

Every month, donations from all Rewards searches are tallied and given to various charities. You can modify your choice of charity at any time. Many charities are human rights organizations in foreign nations. Additionally, BSE has a great FAQ section that will address all of your queries.

18. Webmaster Tools for BSE

Implementing Bing Webmaster Tools is essential if you want to improve your website’s exposure on Microsoft Bing. Like Google Search Console, this tool examines your site’s backend in greater detail and offers information to improve its stand out. This tool has many features that can help you learn more about your users, such as the keywords they used to locate your website, SEO data, configuration, crawling, and more.

IndexNow and Clarity are the two most recent additions to Bing’s collection of webmaster tools services.


When the content on a site changes, IndexNow immediately notifies search engines. When a page is either added, updated, or removed, this happens. Search engines can update their information and offer improved search engine results for each ensuing query if they are aware of the change.

IndexNow pushes the updated URL to search engines; currently, they must crawl sitemaps to see whether the content has changed. This makes IndexNow different from the way search engines currently learn about website changes.

Gaining in Popularity

One of the Webmaster Tools tools with the fastest-growing usage and upgrade rates is Microsoft’s IndexNow:

  • In addition to the opportunity for customers to install a small WordPress plugin and either manually or automatically submit web pages to BSE, IndexNow has grown from its initial offering of access to the API.
  • The integration of IndexNow with other WordPress plugins like Rank Math SEO and All in One WordPress SEO
  • IndexNow data was initially solely used by the BSE. But as of the right moment, Yandex and other search engines are sharing the data.
  • After Cloudflare and IndexNow merged, 60,000 websites activated the service.
  • IndexNow has also been linked with Duda, a web design tool for businesses and SaaS companies with over a million live websites.

Some issues remain

These new BSE features for IndexNow are lovely, but there are still several issues that prevent the tool from being as helpful as it could be.

The WordPress plugin first employs an “all or nothing” indexing strategy when choosing auto index. As a result, you can have it index all of your pages or none of them. There is no middle ground. We are all aware that many pages ought not to be indexed. For illustration:

  • PPC Blog category or author landing pages
  • those who produce 404 Not Found errors
  • Shoppable pages with duplicate content that don’t have the necessary canonical URL Login pages, and other internal or account-related pages.

With a ton more. The BSE plugin’s auto function will index them. Right now, this simply means that you’re manually entering them using the plugin rather than through BSE Webmaster Tools, which makes it not at all helpful.

Second, XML sitemaps are the answer to indexing, and we don’t need any more solutions, according to Yoast and others. XML sitemaps appear to be the most effective option for smaller websites, even though IndexNow may be more beneficial for larger ones.

Will Google accept IndexNow? Currently, it doesn’t seem promising, but if it does, some doubters will have to retract their statements.


Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a program that monitors how users interact with your website and then makes suggestions for how to increase conversions as a result? Although several tools are available for tracking user interaction, including Mouseflow and Hotjar, they can be expensive and nearly always cause your site to load more slowly. The beta version of Clarity, a BSE Webmaster Tools tool, claims to have no impact on end-user site speed and includes a version that will always be 100% free.

Options offered by Microsoft Clarity Tool

The three core Clarity feature categories are heat maps, session recordings, and insights. Although each feature contains further functionality, we’ll just briefly overview them here.

●     A heat map

Heat maps monitor user behavior on your website. This applies to actions taken on mobile, desktop, and laptop computers, such as clicks, scrolls, mouse hovers, and more. It then compiles the information and applies color to denote the “hottest” or most popular sections of a page and the less popular sections. Heat maps are an excellent tool for identifying the elements of a web page that are working and those that are not.

●     Records of sessions

A technology called “session recordings” records a particular user’s interactions with the website. It’s similar to filming each user as they navigate your website. Users might browse down, click links, hover over particular objects, answer a call to action, or simply leave.

Users’ pain points can be quickly recognized by watching session recordings. They may “anger click” when they keep clicking despite nothing happening. They can depart and then come back. They might keep scrolling up and down even if they are unsuccessful in finding what they want. Session recordings can help you enhance your website, particularly the user experience, despite taking time to evaluate.

●     Insights Into Clarity

Once you’ve been using BSE Clarity for a while, the developers at BSE leverage the strength of AI and machine learning to present a dashboard of insights. Recall the time-consuming process of listening to each session recording to identify and fix problematic user experiences. Clarity Insights takes care of that chore for you.

The dashboard offers information about rage clicks, dead clicks, excessive scrolling, JavaScript issues, and other user activity data.

●     Legal Matters

When using Bing Clarity, several TOCs are involved. Some of these must be filtered into the TOC and privacy policy of the website. Clarity is fully compatible with both the California CCPA and the European GDPR privacy standards. Thus Microsoft clearly did everything right.

The user can set up their browser or browser plugin to prevent their activity from being recorded, even though the data from specific users cannot be “banned” from being recorded on the website owner’s end. This shifts accountability to the user, but they must be made aware of this and given a practical way to prevent their data from being captured.

19. Bing Maps

3D cities

Bing Maps’ 3D cities first appeared in December of that year. Since then, additional cities and features have been introduced. In November 2021, 11 more 3D cities were added, including foreign locations, including Adelaide in Australia, Chateau De Chambord in France, Cittadella in Italy, and Christchurch in New Zealand.

To view 3D cities, you must download the Windows Maps application to your desktop. After doing so, launch the app and select the “3D cities” list from the “…” menu in the upper right. You can use the search box to look for a city you want to visit. When there, experiment with the “tilt” icon to see the city from various perspectives. Changing from one city to the next while still in the same country is a lot of fun. Despite my best efforts, I am unable to make the cities appear as hip as those in some of the stories I’ve read.


An isochrone map is a polygonal region on a map that shows the scheduled journey time between two points. It uses color coding to indicate the travel time between various points where important events might be taking place. Business owners, event planners, police enforcement, realtors, developers of geofencing programs, and many other professions that deal with journey times for many people can all benefit significantly from isochrone maps.

It is challenging to build and estimate an isochrone map while considering traffic, road, and vehicle conditions! Introducing the Maps Isochrones API. Using this API is pretty easy for the ordinary developer. However, the project and the necessary data may make things more difficult.

If interested, check out this quick and straightforward isochrone map demo and play about the basic features. It might help you consider something you could develop using an isochrone map and increase the success of your project!

20. Shopping

Search for nearby products

Bing’s Nearby Product Search is beneficial for both customers and merchants as a result of the pandemic: To inform customers of the goods and offers that are offered in local stores. Merchants should make sure that clients are aware of whatever products they currently stock and are ready to offer.

Users can look up a product they are interested in using Bing’s nearby product search and see a list of local stores that carry it. You must visit Shopping to use this feature. Search for your product by choosing the “Available Nearby” filter from the shopping menu. Voila! You can avoid the inconvenience of driving around town or making calls by looking at a list of nearby retailers that have the item in stock right now.

While you’re there, you might want to look at some of the other filters, like “fits well with that” to match an outfit or “has backup supplies” to make sure you have enough supplies for a small appliance you’re buying. Choose “related searches” instead to explore comparable products that are offered, sometimes at a significantly lesser price.

Integration with Shopify

In December 2021, BSE launched its new Shopify integration. This tool gives Shopify merchants a simple method to display information about their products through Ads and listings on the Microsoft Start Shopping tab.

Since it is controlled through their Microsoft Advertising account, the setup is equally simple. For business owners, now is a great opportunity to join this trend. Because it’s new, not many Shopify merchants have taken advantage of the chance.

These are merely a few of the most recent BSE news stories. By routinely reading one or more of Bing’s blogs, you may stay up to date on the newest features, news, and operation of the search engine. Even if you could be devoted to Google and believe it to be more your style, you might benefit from becoming familiar with some of the BSE options. After all, the odds are that if you’re not the top search engine, you’re working quite hard to become one!

Awesome Things Visual Search Can Do

The following five entertaining uses for visual search are provided:

21. Identify any plants or animals

Looking up the species of a particular bird, animal, plant, or insect is one of the more exciting applications of Visual Search. Before, you had to get in touch with your neighborhood museum or make a post to a specialist online. All left to do at this point is take a photo and upload it to Visual Search. Breeds of both cats and dogs can use this.

Although BSE isn’t as strong at this as some of its rivals, like Google Lens or the more specialized apps, it still gets you close (plus, it’s far simpler than typing out a description of the subject!).

22. Locate Landmarks

Image search can recognize well-known sites and provide extra information, much like it can identify wildlife. Use BSE to search the image if you find it online or standing in front of the landmark. You’ll get the most likely matches for the questioned landmark, along with links that can provide some context.

23. Search for the original source

Reverse image programs like Visual Search are most frequently used to determine where a photo came from.

When you use Visual Search to look for an image or screenshot, it will show you any online images comparable to the one you entered. You can use this to discover the image’s oldest source or other details that identify its original location.

This is helpful when you need to fact-check, locate a source (if you’re writing an article or project), or give credit where it is due.

24. Examine Products

You can upload an image of a product into Visual Search in order to identify like items if you see one that you like the design of, such as a piece of furniture or an article of clothing.

This is a great shopping method because it enables you to compare goods you might not have otherwise discovered. Let’s say you’re looking for white heels. Just enter “white heels” into the search bar to see what results appear!

25. Locate Unlabeled Items

You will see unlabeled (or incorrectly labeled) products if you explore Instagram, Pinterest, and other websites of a similar nature. It is annoying when you want to research a product but can’t locate the brand or product name.

BSE will display the closest relevant items it can locate when you use Visual Search just to search the image.

Although it works with other goods, this works better when the image is taken from a catalog. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll still be able to find a product that meets your needs!

26. Discover a person’s name

If you see a photo of a famous person, a public figure, or another individual and are curious about them, Visual Search can be useful. It might be a portrait of their face only or their whole body.

You only need to Visual Search the picture (or take a picture and Visual Search it) to find the name.

If you see a screenshot or meme on social media and want to know what movie it’s from or who is in the photo, you can also utilize this.

27. Spot Fake News and Profiles

Today’s social media and internet are rife with false information and con artists using fictitious profiles. The good news is that you can easily evaluate whether something or someone is authentic or phony thanks to tools like Visual Search.

For instance, you can quickly insert an image into Visual Search to find the source if you’re unsure of its origin (let’s assume it’s a contentious image with unfounded accusations).

Suspicious profiles are subject to the same rules. Visual Search can be used to check the profile display photo; if it is linked to several accounts, the account is probably fake.

28. Discover High-Resolution Backgrounds

You can post a wallpaper or background image to Visual Search to find the original, high-resolution download if you see one you’d like to utilize.

29. Discover Original Artists

You may utilize Visual Search to track down the original creators of online visuals, wallpapers, and artwork. This is especially useful when you come across artwork that is uncredited (or that has been copied without permission online).

30. Determine If Your Images Have Been Stolen

The last Visual Search suggestion is for online-posting designers and artists. Artists like photographers and graphic designers frequently create their own websites where they sell their products. Unfortunately, many people utilize this to steal the artwork and copy it illegally, either for personal use or to try to claim ownership of and sell it online.

You can find out exactly who has duplicated and uploaded your photographs using Visual Search, and you can take legal action against them.

31. Advanced Video Search Options

When using BSE to search for videos, there are some the sophisticated search possibilities. They are kept in a hidden toolbar that becomes accessible only after choosing Filter.

These search choices allow you to rapidly limit the results to videos that are less than five minutes, between five and twenty minutes, or longer than twenty minutes.

Additionally, you may use the date filter to only view posts from the previous day or videos from the previous week, month, or year.

When searching for videos on BSE, additional filter options include resolution, source, and cost. This implies that you can restrict your search to longer YouTube videos with a minimum resolution of 1080p.

How to Improve BSE’s SEO

Any discussion of content optimization for search is frequently centered on Google. Not surprisingly, Google has not only revolutionized search but also continues to be the 800-pound gorilla.

However, many individuals also use alternative search engines in place of Google. Microsoft’s Bing is one of those, and it matters. Suppose you take some measures to optimize for BSE. It also offers the chance to get traction quickly.

1.   The potential of BSE for traffic

It’s reasonable to question whether spending time and money on BSE is worthwhile. After all, Google rules the discussion of search. It is typically understood that when people refer to practicing SEO, they mean optimizing their material for Google.

It is typically understood that when people refer to practicing SEO, they mean optimizing their material for Google.

Select a Tweet.

However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that Google might not have the monopoly you think it does. Approximately 75% of all internet searches are conducted through Google, proving their dominance.

However, 75% is not 100%. Let’s talk about the remaining 25% of the market, which accounts for a sizable market share and is dominated by BSE.

First off, the well-known open-source browser Mozilla recently severed ties with Google. Yahoo has been chosen as the system’s default search engine. That Yahoo, indeed.

Why is Yahoo relevant when discussing BSE? The BSE has been used to run Yahoo searches since October 2019. Because  Webmaster Tools have taken the place of Yahoo Webmaster Tools, optimizing for BSE is much the same as optimizing for Yahoo. It is now frequently referred to as the YBN or the Yahoo/Bing Network.

Bing and Yahoo collectively represent a large portion of search activity in the US. BSE is also appealing due to its user base’s demographics; around one-third of BSE users earn $100,000 or more per year. Furthermore, since there is less competition on Google since many businesses undervalue BSE, it is simpler to rank well in search inquiries.

Lastly, how about the B2B market? BSE has enormous numbers when it comes to targeting this demographic; 57% of B2B marketers cite search as their most excellent lead source. Given how many businesses still operate in Windows environments, it makes sense. Employees are frequently necessary, and Microsoft Edge is typically the system’s default browser. Thus, BSE is used as their default search engine while they are at work.

These eight techniques will help you get better BSE results.

2.   BSE Webmaster Tools training

Utilizing and comprehending Webmaster Tools is a necessary step in BSE optimization. Make sure you get the most out of the tools provided by Google and BSE if you rely on them, which you should.

It is strong to start. A fantastic dashboard, a tech diagnostics panel, a tool for researching keywords, a controller for controlling outbound links, a reporting tool, and more are all included.

These capabilities work together to make it simple to monitor search performance overall, click-through rates from individual searches, pages that were crawled and indexed, and the most popular organic search terms. To use Webmaster Tools, you’ll need a Microsoft account, but you really must do so if you wish to rank highly on this search engine.

3. Take care of the fundamental Bing Ranking Factors

The initial steps you take to optimize for BSE are some of the same as those you must take to optimize for Google.

Submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools and include the XML site map URL. Then, if you haven’t already, make sure your website is marked and classified. BSE should locate it if robots.txt is set to enable indexing, but it doesn’t harm to submit it. When these issues are resolved, your rankings ought to start to rise.

Utilizing Places for Business to add a new listing or take control of an existing one is also beneficial. This is crucial for local search in particular.

4. Demand High-Quality Content

Similar to Google, optimizing material for BSE entails quality control. Both search engines benefit their users by giving them instant access to information that satisfies their demands and provides the answers to the queries they are posing.

It must be pertinent first. But it must also be extensive, as Google and BSE both seem to favor longer articles than in the past because they think they show more thorough investigation and comprehensiveness.

Ensure that your content is informative and beneficial to the reader. BSE still removes content from its results when it detects keyword stuffing, despite having a more traditional view of terms than Google. Use text-based images, videos, and infographics to improve the user experience and the ranking of your website on BSE.

When producing top-notch content for BSE, bear the following considerations in mind:

  • Be thorough and fulfill the search criteria.
  • Use a tone of voice that is suitable for your intended audience when writing.
  • Wherever feasible, cite the information’s sources and give the author credit.
  • Content should be formatted and presented in an understandable manner.
  • Keep sponsored material from blending in with owned content.

5. Utilize keywords properly

There are minor variances, but target keywords are just as important with BSE as they are with Google.

For instance, BSE prioritizes exact match keywords more than Google did in its early years, which is quite similar. Completeness of the topic is also important; all search engines aim to direct consumers to results that address as many queries as feasible.

Every search engine tries to direct consumers to results that provide the most comprehensive answers.

The value of semantic keywords is lower. When you try to rank on both search engines, it might be difficult because Google may consider that keyword stuffing, primarily if your material doesn’t flow smoothly or fully handle the issue.

6. Involving users

User involvement is one of the main ranking variables used by BSE. Therefore, maintaining a low bounce rate will be essential to your rankings. This means that it’s crucial to keep an eye on your BSE Webmaster tools and employ various strategies to raise user engagement.

Monitoring this is an excellent practice whether or not you’re aiming to rank for BSE. Although Google may not give a bounce rate as much weight as BSE, the two search engines have started aligning around many of the same variables. For instance, both are beginning to depend more on the artificial intelligence system RankBrain, which uses machine learning to power search results.

Backlinks are important, and this is true for all search engines. However, they do appear to be more significant on BSE than Google. The number of backlinks seems to be the most influential metric for BSE, according to Marcu Tober, CTO, and Founder of Searchmetrics.

7. Social media can be used to boost search in this engine

BSE is open about how important social media is to it. It might view this as a way to set itself apart from Google, and it’s undoubtedly an important ranking component.

BSE gives user engagement greater weight. The search engine highly values connections to social media influencers and a regular social media presence.

Make sure that your top-ranking pages are active on social media. BSE will eventually reward you with higher rankings if it notices traffic moving from social to your site, and that is then followed through with a low Bounce Rate.

8. Utilize BSE as a B2B tool

Were you shocked by the number of people that use BSE for searches? You should also consider some particular sectors where BSE is more important than Google.

BSE can be a helpful tool for B2B, particularly in the technology, banking, and retail industries. BSE has traction in several industries, maybe as a result of the prominence of websites like Yahoo Finance. And keep in mind that many businesses still mandate that their staff use Edge as their browser, even though the Windows operating system still dominates desktops in the business world. And utilizing Edge will probably result in them using BSE.

Don’t overlook BSE if you’re attempting to target a B2B audience, both naturally and through Bing Ads. This platform can be handy for smaller businesses competing with larger rivals or for startups with less funding. Similar to organic search, there is less fierce competition, which results in a lower Cost-Per-Click than when using Google Ads.

9. Attempt Bing Places

When attempting to rank in BSE, geographic targeting is valuable. Although you can target audiences in this manner by structuring your website, BSE now offers the option to specify the geography of your audience by utilizing Places.

Utilizing Bing Places is cost-free, uncomplicated, and aids in BSE search ranking optimization. The directions you need to list your company may be found in Bing Webmaster Tools, which are simple to follow. Bing Places is a crucial tool for local SEO and functions quite similarly to Google My Business.

10. How to increase traffic in BSE?

BSE favors websites with a lot of original content that is also of high quality. They favor lengthier, more exciting content significantly more than shorter stuff, and their image search outperforms other search engines. If you want your page to rank for specific search terms, you must use BSE.

That might be a stretch, though. No SEO professional believes that Google will ever lose its significance or supremacy.

But far too many businesses disregard the Bing channel. Optimizing high-quality content for BSE is obvious: reduced competition, a chance to use social media, a demographic that leans slightly older, and a B2B slant. The value of your efforts will eventually become clear if you make sure your site is Bing-ready and compare the outcomes to Google.


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