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What Are Some eCommerce Website Examples?

The eCommerce field is massive and full of opportunities if the right steps are taken.

The pursuit is difficult but totally worth it! 

To effectively expand your business and build your brand, you need a website that stands out from the crowd.

Let us look at some of our eCommerce website examples to inspire you for 2022. 

Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodle is all about making health-conscious food choices that fit your lifestyle.

Custom-designed and developed eCommerce store built on Shopify, their site has custom search functionality for searching by shape, by flavor, and much more.

We utilized a custom-designed theme and chose apps to customize business solutions. 


Organic, natural, warm, yet elegant.

This is the design concept for the Beenoo store.

The design concept goes well together with the brand’s identity.

The store features a minimal product list designed to avoid visual clutter. As a result, customers can appreciate an array of specialized products without feeling overwhelmed. The goal was to make the shop look visually appealing and functional.

Michael Godard

If you are looking for a website that evokes energy, passion, and flair, this eCommerce website is the perfect source of inspiration. 

The product gallery displays the artists’ creations against a black background highlighting the product’s unique style. The website evokes emotion and invites visitors to experience the full portfolio of this world-renowned artist. 

Adaptive And Responsive Mobile Design

All the eCommerce websites above are designed and developed to be responsive and adaptive to mobile devices. This is an important consideration when developing an online store since many (if not most) online shoppers will visit your site from their phones. Designers have to ensure they are on top of new technology and trends, to ensure the best possible user experience. 

Seamless Check-Out Process

Our eCommerce check-out processes are designed to be convenient and efficient. Users can quickly see call to action (CTA) buttons, ushering them through the check out process.

High-Quality Visuals (Photo and Video) 

Photo and video are crucial in captivating your audience. When you visit our portfolio page, you will notice that we only use high-quality images. This goes a long way to effective and on-brand websites that speak to their audiences and evoke desired outcomes. 

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